Attract And Keep Her Review – Should You Really Buy It?

After two years of marriage, I had to come out and write this review for Attract And Keep Her. In a nutshell, this program helped me reconcile the things I’d learned about relationships in the past, with how things work now.

For years, I was taught how to be a man according to my parent’s dating world. The problem? Well, that world doesn’t exist anymore. Girls still want a man, but what has changed?

It depends on the girl. However, there are universal and individual characteristics that you can use in your favor.

Attract And Keep Her is a bible for social skills in romantic life. Now, you won’t have to “guess” anymore and be nervous around girls. Instead, you can know exactly how to catch her attention and make her stay,

Personally, there were many things I thought were keeping me down. For example, I geek out quite easily and I’m not in the best shape. But after reading this guide, I learned how to use that in my favor, get a girl who would appreciate it that, and have a nice relationship.

Before, I thought I’d die alone and was even angry at society because of that. However, once I was done, my perspective changed, and, well, it’s been two years of a great marriage.

What is ‘Attract and Keep her’ by Jim Wolfe, M.A?

In essence, this is a deep look into the mind of a woman and it can help you discover the following:

  • Texting mistakes that immediately draw her away.
  • Top 3 mistakes men do at the beginning of courting and how to avoid them.
  • How to ask her to meet up and not get turned down.
  • Keeping up the conversation by learning proper topics and dos and don’ts of texting.
  • Effective approaches when a woman doesn’t text back.
  • How to use texting as bait; to get her chasing you, spike her attraction without end.
  • Keep the fling alive to make her interest grow even more

Yes, it looks like a lot. However, this unique dating and relationship guide has an effective progression. Its main objective is to help you build confidence through different victories in diverse social situations.

Does it sound scary? I know it did for me.

But, just think about it, what is it that a woman likes in an asshole? It’s their confidence. Even if they’re dumb AF, they exude delusional levels of confidence. However, they need to be assholes to sustain that.

Well, I got the same level of confidence, based on real things. So, instead of constantly doubting myself, I became a confident man with solid support for that confidence.

No one can beat that, and everyone loves it.

How Does Attract and Keep Her Help You Get Your Dream Woman?

In this e-book, Jim Wolfe teaches you exactly how to become that high-value and principled man that women are drawn to. Also, he shows that women are not nearly as complicated and mysterious as men think and say they are.

Personally, it seemed a little foreign at first. In a nutshell, what this book promised seemed to contradict everything I always thought about women. Regardless, I decided to give it a go, and these points were extremely useful for me:

  • The 8 principles to make her fall and stay in love with you, for as long as you want.
  • How to build your morale to become the object of their fascination and admiration.
  • Most importantly, a complete crash-course on how to maintain an actually healthy relationship.
  • Vital points to navigate complications and always make it through.

Attract and Keep her is the ultimate guide to conquer every relationship milestone.

Sometimes, we prioritize what we think things should be, instead of what really is. Then, we face issues because it’s more difficult to change things in others, than accepting them. However, you don’t have to accept things you don’t want. Instead, you can find exactly what you want and make it work.

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Does the Program Really Make You Stand Out Around Women?

In essence, yes. But there are several reasons:

  • Most men don’t take the time to improve this side of ourselves.
  • It works with people’s ego, not with false social-logic.
  • You’ll learn how to create a good relationship environment.
  • Understand social roles and which one applies to you.
  • Show your current strengths, you can later develop others.

Personally, a close look into the program helped me learn why things didn’t work out in my past relationships.  It was a huge moment of cringe. However, it was important to understand that.

Once that was done, the program addresses positive solutions so as to avoid making critical mistakes in the future. The program is hell-bent on making you learn exactly what to look for in a woman so you don’t end up settling in a regrettable relationship later. Also, you’ll discover exactly what to look for in a woman if you want to be with her long-term. Most importantly, exactly which women to avoid at all costs because they do not have what it takes to make your future blissful.

Essentially, the program makes you an expert. You will discover exactly what to do from the first moment you meet a woman until you decide whether to continue.

Final Verdict

Attract And Keep Her does not incorporate prejudice or fear as motivators to act. Instead, it teaches you the qualities that you have to develop to become a catch. With only some clicks, you can improve your whole life. First, you’ll start with the relationship side. However, everything keeps thriving from there.

Personally, it was difficult to understand that couples are less about playing a certain role, and more about compromising and negotiating. Life isn’t as simple as it used to be, in any way! I mean, maybe as it was in the 30s and 40s, and then it completely changed.

Now, I have a great marriage. My social skills greatly improved, and I’ve finally come to “understand” women and found the one. You can also do that for you. Click on the link below to get your own copy!


– Learn things that will really work
Attract and Keep Her will revolutionize the way you viewed courting and interactions before as well as help you get the outcome that you desire.

– Easy to assimilate in real-life
Unlike other programs, what you learn in this one is easy to introduce to your life and keep the benefits forever.

– The methods are easy to understand and use
The author created a step-by-step guide that, if you follow, will improve your romantic and social life.

– Understand unique approaches to win
The program will teach you about the Creation method, which will help you attract your dream woman and retain her. Also, the Inception method, that gets girls chasing after you and eventually stick with you for as long as you see fit.

– Take your relationship seriously
The program separates fact from fiction; identify the romantic flaws that make women bored with your flirting style, and develop your own original style.


– Not great for ulterior motives
Your individual interests can obscure the real intention of the program.

– It takes commitment.
Social skills take time and practice to develop. So, you’ll need to be ready to go through some awkward moments, until you finally reach a comfortable level.

– Lack of availability
This is only available as a digital product. Therefore, you need a digital device to access to it.

Summary: Attract And Keep Her is the answer for any man who hasn’t managed to make a girl stay. In essence, it’s a breakdown of the differences between what we think a relationship should be and what it really is.
Nowadays, everything we knew about romance and love has changed. Of course, the essence of it all still remains, but now it takes place in different “settings.”
With Attract And Keep Her, you’ll learn exactly what role to play, how to be a man who attracts modern women. Then, choose the one you want and make her stay.


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