Unlock his Desire Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

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 As women, we have all been there. We break our backs bend over backward, trying to keep a man to no avail. But that could be the worst mistake that we make as women.

Naturally, when a woman starts getting emotional with a man, her first instinct is to give and give and give. That is because women are often compassionate and giving. However, you may have noticed that the more you give, the less he responds to your relationships.

You might have cooked his favorite meals and bought him a PS5 on his birthday, but still, he is distant or doesn’t reciprocate his feelings for you.

But what if, instead of following your gut, you could understand the key to every man’s hidden desire and unlock it. Wouldn’t that be the greatest gift ever?

Unlock His Desire is a product designed to unlock your man’s hidden desire and draw him to you like a magnet. It uses the insight of the super hero reflex to achieve this.

It has been scientifically proven that all men have the hero instinct, something that, when mastered by a woman, gives her all the strings to the puppet, and she can control it as she wishes.

With the help of this Unlock His Desire review, we’ll evaluate the program’s features and the lessons you’ll learn as a result of it.

What is The Superhero Reflex?

In his best-selling book, His Secret Obsession, relationship guru James Bauer coined the term hero instinct. James uncovered what he believes is the key to a happy relationship by closely observing the dynamics of his clients’ relationships and studying male psychology: stimulating the hero instinct in men.

The hero instinct is an intriguing new notion in relationship psychology that some believe holds the key to getting a man to fall in love with you and commit to a long-term commitment.

Your man needs to feel needed. He can’t help it. The physiology and behavioural journal says that the testosterone in men makes them feel protective over those they’re around.

In our societies, men are raised to be providers and heroes in their families. So it’s no wonder that they want to be the heroes in their relationships too. But this doesn’t mean your man needs to be Thor to trigger his affection for you.

The hero impulse is more about men’s biological drive to feel needed and wanted than Hollywood’s depiction of heroes.

The hero instinct says that three basic things drive all men:

  • To live a fulfilling life and to be recognized for his efforts
  • To support those he cares about, such as his family, friends, and, most importantly, his romantic partner
  • To be respected by the people around him.

If he doesn’t feel like saving a damsel in distress, he may feel undervalued and emasculated, which won’t translate well for your relationship.

Understanding this concept can open your eyes to understand how your man’s heart and mind work. Having this knowledge, you can treat him as the hero he is every day and enjoy a happy, fulfilling relationship with your partner.

Why Do You Need to Trigger this Reflex if It’s Natural to Men?

You are probably wondering if men are so inherently with the hidden desire to provide in a relationship, why do you need to learn to trigger it?

All men wish to be heroes in the lives of their women. However, not everyone goes to the extent of obsessing over it.

As a result, even if a man recognizes that he could be in a better relationship, he will leave.

Every man is unique. Some people instinctively pay attention to and appreciate their relationships, while others are more guarded about their feelings.

Natural instincts do not just mold men. All of the other things in his environment have an impact on how he acts. As a result, a good man who has not been recognized for his efforts may begin to crumble.

Unlock His Desire is your ultimate guide on how to trigger this hero instinct in your man.

Unlock his Desire Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

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Unlock His Desire Review- Can This Program Bring You Eternal Love and Devotion

In this Unlock His Desire review, we try to determine whether or not it can create life-lasting love in your relationship. The discussion is intriguing with many critics and skeptics. However, the program uses a scientific approach to understanding a man’s true desires in a relationship.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

What is Unlock His Desire?

Unlock His Desire is a one-of-a-kind audio program made for women looking to build a thriving relationship with men by unlocking their hidden desire. Using this product, you can skip all the heartbreaks, back and forth, and disappointments in a myriad of ex relationships that didn’t work out.

Unlock His Desire provide powerful, straightforward instructions on how to activate the superhero reflex in your man and make him see you in a different light. The package has many different activators customized for your specific needs, from obsession to the chase mode activator.

The author speaks in-depth on how to use these activators to invoke the hero instinct and understand what your man needs from you. The program will help you understand your man’s behavior and their survival system.

You will then use this information to stimulate deep love in him and win him over by doing the right things.

How Does Unlock His Desire Work?

Unlock His Desire is mainly geared at invoking the hero instinct in your man. Before you can effectively trigger this reflex, you have to understand your man, how he thinks and reacts to factors around him, including what you do and say.

You can then figure out the appropriate time to send that powerful text or call him and activate his desires. It is essential to understand that all this happens subconsciously, and his eyes will be opened.

Following the step-by-step instructions from the author, you can successfully control his superhero reflex and make him fall in love with you.

The author claims that the audio program guarantees result in 60 days.

The Author Jacob Felipe

The creator of Unlock His Desire is Jacob Felipe, a relationship expert that has been using his unique methods for over a decade to help women worldwide.

He came up with the solution after realizing a pattern in most of his female clients who couldn’t understand why the men in their lives were flaky despite seeing great potential in the relationships.

Jacob Felipe poured himself into research and came up with the Unlock His Desire audio program to help women find fulfillment in their romantic relationships by understanding how men think.

As a man himself, he understands the superhero reflex instinct and has experienced it first-hand.

Jacob has helped women in all types of situations, including helping

  • long-time single women to find love,
  • women to reconcile with their exes,
  • women to rekindle their failing marriage, or
  • rekindle the flame in their dormant relationship

He guarantees that with the instructions in his audio program, any woman in any category can unlock their man’s hidden desire and start enjoying loving long-term relationships.

Unlock his Desire Product

What is Included in The Unlock His Desire?

The audio program is a collection of powerful secret agents that women can change their lives and relationships. The activators tackle different situations in a relationship that a woman can salvage by triggering their man’s superhero reflex.

  • Flash Of The Future Activator: This activator gives your partner a taste of your authenticity as a person in a way that leaves him craving for more. Your man will fantasize about you in every way possible if you use this secret activator phrase. This phrase should be used in person while maintaining eye contact. After you’ve uttered this statement, he’ll only think about you and fantasize about a future with you.
  • Obsession Activator: This activator will get him addicted to you emotionally like he was on cocaine. This angelic-looking sentence can be delivered over call or text, but we think it’s best to do it in person. Brace yourself because he will feel a powerful tug to be with you forever that will overcome his thoughts as soon as you say it.
  • Secret Agent Activator: This activator will trigger his superhero reflex into overdrive. In an instant, you will be the most desirable woman on his horizon, and he will be myopic for you. The best part is you don’t have to utter a word for it to work.
  • Emotional Debt Activator: Every man’s hidden emotional thrill is to feel the emotions this activator triggers, especially towards a romantic partner. The phrase will instill in him a deep sense of trust in you, causing him to regard you as his sole ally. Get ready because he’ll begin spilling his secrets to you that even his closest friends don’t know. Things about himself that even his closest buddies aren’t aware of.
  • Lady In Danger Activator: Any man’s inner survival mechanism will be activated when he realizes he must save you. This puts a man in the spotlight, which he will undoubtedly like because it gives him a manly and dashing appearance. And it’s been established scientifically that every male wants to feel like a guy saving a damsel in distress.
  • The Intimate Paradise Activator: This activator will make you appear as “The One” in his eyes. There’s a powerful, hidden attribute that’s been scientifically proven to be the most critical factor in a man’s choice of wife. Most women possess this attribute but don’t know how to harness it to their advantage. This activator will do just that for you. A love elixir, if you will.
  • The Bullshit Detector Question: This question helps you peek inside your man’s mind and comprehend him inside and out without realizing it. This three-word question will compel him to open up to you and direct his desire and focus to you.
  • The Ex-Back Activator: This activator phrase is also a Super Hero Reflex activator, so he won’t be able to ignore you. Send these ten short words in a text message to him, or say them to him over the phone or in person, and watch how quickly he returns to your arms. With this activator, you will not only get him back but also guarantees he’ll commit.
  • Distance Killer Activator: This phrase will assist you in bridging the gap between your cerebral, physical, and emotional relationships with your man. It will assist the man get to know you better and kill the distance. It will assist you in unlocking all of his hidden desires, a place where no other woman has been before. He’ll think you’re reading his mind like an open book, and he’ll express his gratitude for you daily.
  • Breakup Antidote Activator: There are small ways to make “Emotional Down-Payments” in your relationship to strengthen and deepen your bond with your partner. This activator is a psychological nuclear bomb that penetrates men’s mental defenses. It will instill in him an emotional drive to never leave you alone.
  • Chase-Mode Activator: This eight-word statement will throw him into a Chase Mode, where you won’t have to do anything but watch as your guy pursues you because he recognizes your worth. His ultimate goal will be to see the look of awe and delight on your face when he has wowed you yet again with a sensitive gesture.
  • “Watch Your Back” Activator: In his perspective, this activator qualifies you as relationship material. After this, he won’t be able to let you go. Unlike the other activators designed to activate quickly, this one has a ripple effect that builds in strength over time. As a result, I usually only recommend this to ladies who are looking for a long-term relationship.
  • The Attention Robber Text: This SMS message will ensure that you have his complete attention at all times, ensuring that you never feel left out or lonely. He’ll check for your calls and texts no matter how busy he is because it’s the most exciting part of his day.

Who Can Use Unlock His Desire?

If you are a woman who knows her value and will not settle for less, this is the product for you.

You may have been through several relationships that failed because the men were not ready to meet your emotional needs or were too closed off and distant.

You should be 100% sure you want to spend your life with the man you plan on using this step-by-step program on because he will be there for the long haul.

This program is for women who have never experienced undivided attention and love from a man before. Those who want to build or rebuild their relationships can also benefit from it.

Unlock his Desire Author

What Are The Benefits of Unlock His Desire?

Unlock His Desire is a scientific product, not some magical thing. Therefore, there are benefits guaranteed to you and your relationship too.

First, you will learn a deep understanding of the male subconscious mind and use it to the advantage of your relationship. Since the program works subconsciously, it will happen naturally for your man without you forcing it.

Women have enjoyed more fulfilling relationships with men who wouldn’t commit before. The program allowed their men to look at them differently and desire them more every day. This is also a big confidence boost for most women.

Unlock His Desire has also helped many women overcome their fears and traumas of dating. The program has allowed them to rebuild trust in their men and restore their faith in the relationship.

Your man’s head will click, and his heart will open up to you, which will allow a deeper connection between you two.

How Much Does Unlock His Desire Cost?

Most scientifically designed products like Unlock His Desire are often expensive. But this one comes at a significant discount only for today. You can get the program online at $37 only. This is a limited-time offer, so you better hurry and get your copy only on the company website.

This product works faster and is cheaper than months of couple’s therapy with relationship consultants, which may not work for your relationship in the end.

The best part is, if you think the product has not made any difference for you, you can email the author Jacob Felipe and get your money back in 60 days. That is a guarantee.

You will also get to keep your copy regardless because it will help you if you give it a chance.

Unlock His Desire Reviews and Complaints

There are many reviews of clients backing the legitimacy of Unlock His Desire. Many women claim the product has worked for their relationships 100%. There are no negative comments and complaints so far, which is an excellent sign for you to go ahead and try the audio program.

Our Verdict

Unlock His Desire is for women who know their worth and won’t settle for anything less. Their website says that if you can trigger a man’s superhero, Reflex, his heart will undoubtedly be yours for life. He’ll go above and above for you. You’ll remember how stimulating, pleasant, and exhilarating relationships can be and soak in the goodness of a loving relationship.

No more regrets.

The reviews also speak for themselves. The product is highly rated with no complaints whatsoever.

So if you needed one last nudge to go for it, there you go.


Unlock His Desire is a scientifically researched product on how to trigger the superhero reflex in men and unlock his buried desire. It is a product for women who want to get more fulfillment from their relationships and get their men closer and desperately in love with them.

You can get the program on the company website from any location worldwide at $37 only. However, this is a limited-time offer, so hurry up and grab your copy.

Unlock his desire

Frequently Asked Questions About “Unlock his Desire”:

What is Unlock His Desire?

This program teaches women how to unlock men's hidden desires by triggering their super hero reflex. By unlocking this reflex, the men will open up to them and have more fulfilling relationships.

How does Unlock His Desire work?

The program uses the subconscious super hero reflex that men exhibit to protect those they love and care about. The program teaches women how to trigger this reflex while in relationships to.

Who created the Unlock His Desire program?

Jacob Felipe, a relationship expert, created the program. He had many female clients facing the same issues in their relationships, and after 12 years of research, he came up with Unlock His Desire program.

Who is Unlock His Desire program for?

Unlock His Desire is designed for women looking for fulfilling relationships with emotionally available men and openly loving to them.

Is the Unlock His Desire program effective?

The program uses science and has been proven effective with years of research.

What are customers saying about Unlock His Desire?

Most online reviews and comments say that the program 100% works.

What are the Pros and Cons of Unlock His Desire?

The main pro of the program is that it is easy to use and works for men of all personality traits. The biggest con is that it is only available online on the company website.


• Easy to understand statements and messages that can be easy to implement and unlock his hidden desire.
• Regardless of his personality, the program works for all men.
• The program is affordable.
• Once his super hero reflex is activated, he will have life lasting love for you.
• 60-day money-back guarantee.


• You can only find Unlock His Desire online on the company website.
• The program only works when you put in time and effort to trigger your man’s super hero reflex.
• For maximum results, you have to apply all steps without skipping any.

Summary: Unlock His Desire is a scientifically researched product on how to trigger the super hero reflex in men and unlock his buried desire. It is a product for women who want to get more fulfillment from their relationships and get their men closer and desperately in love with them.
You can get the program on the company website from any location worldwide at $37 only. However, this is a limited-time offer, so hurry up and grab your copy.


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