The Shingles Solution Review – Should You Really Try It?

The common methods prescribed by doctors to treat shingles are quite abnormal for your skin because you have severe itching caused by itching and pain that lasts for many weeks. Such treatments drive you to complications that can increase intense pain.

Julissa Clay, a natural health practitioner, invented The Shingle Solution to save people’s life from shingles naturally. The Shingle solution heals your skin with powerful organic ingredients and relieves pain. Let’s review “the Shingle Solution” program.

What is the Shingle Solution?

Shingle is a common viral infection in people over 50 years of age. The risk of getting this viral infection increases with age. It may not be fatal, but it does cause pain. Not only is the rash itchy and painful, but it can also lead to complications if left untreated. For example, if the rash occurs near your eye, there is a possibility of it getting infected. And if you do not receive proper treatment for this, you can actually go blind.

Additionally, you are at a higher risk of contracting shingles if you share a home with unvaccinated children, touch something a person suffering from chickenpox has recently used, are pregnant, or with an impaired immune system. You also run a higher chance of getting shingles if you are on steroid medications.

According to scientific studies, there are nearly one million people affected by shingles in a year in the United States. But how to stop this infection? The best way to prevent getting shingles is still to get one of the two available vaccines against it. However, not everybody wishes to or can get this vaccine. For other people, it can be too late. The affected person knows how difficult it is to deal with it.

How can the Shingle Solution help?

The Shingle Solution is a pdf or eBook of 166 pages. This program will help you to cure shingles in 21 days. This concept is unique because the market has not offered many products that treat diseases, such as shingles.

It claims to cure shingles without any side effects, and the method is natural. Julissa Clay’s Shingle Solution also claims that it cleanses your skin’s blemishes. This is one of the minor problems of getting shingles, however, it can still be a pain to deal with. The rash that accompanies this infection tends to become tender and itchy. Even when they have scabbed over, the rashes still cause discomfort that may lead to scratching and scarring. While the scars should vanish eventually, this solution offers tips to speed up the healing.

The fact that this solution is all-natural is appealing to many as most treatments for shingles involve taking expensive antivirals that come with a long list of side effects. While there are over-the-counter remedies, most of them just address the pain and the discomfort.

The main motive of The Shingle Solution is to prevent the root cause of this problem. The eBook solution is enriched with scientific proof and research. It will help you to remove shingles permanently from your life.

The eBook ‘The Shingles Solution’ works on shingles-related illness. This 4-week program has 2 phases. By shingle solution reviews, you have to follow part by part of every section of the shingle solution eBook.

The Shingle Solution Review-The Working Method

Traditional methods aim to reduce the symptoms of shingles. When the effect of the medicine disappears, it will soon return to you, and you will go through the body pain and suffering again.

The main factors will not change, and your immune system will become very weak. Life becomes hellish. And that is the time when a cavalry calling immune process fails to provide the solution needed.

The Shingle Solution program is different. This program will help you to make a strong immune system and also build good health for the body. The post navigation of the program shows that it cleared up the recurring shingles forever.

The best thing about choosing this treatment is that it helps you to get rid of stress, pain, itching while increasing mood. In a few weeks, this natural remedy-based medicine will cure shingles and fight against shingle-related illness, unlike any other treatment available in the medical world.

Creator of the Solution, the Shingle: Julissa Clay

Julissa Clay is the maker of the program, The Shingle Solution. It is designed to help people around the world cure the disease. After some research and experiment, she found the perfect treatment for the symptoms and causes of this condition.

Her main purpose was to provide the public with a natural and safe way to cure this disease. She succeeded, and the public was happy and relieved from the pain of the disease.

She created this eBook with support from The Blue Heron News-Enterprise. This helped person around the world solve all their health problems with natural and scientifically proven solutions.

As explained on the official website of blue heron news, the term “Blue Heron” comes from Native American traditions and refers to “spiritual animal self-awareness” or the self-healing process. CEO of Blue Heron News Christian Goodman has been teaching himself about all-natural solutions and self-healing for more than a decade.

After meeting a person who shared the same ideologies, he decided to make such resources available through a press release. According to the shingle solution reviews, every part is free of side effects, and there is no false information in the shingle solution eBook.

There has been a team of highly trained professionals who have researched various fields of science. This will give you relief from knowing that you have read about the right product that works.

The Shingle Solution Reviews: Contents of the Program

We’ve already mentioned the multiple phases of the entire content. Each section has an entire instruction manual that can be implemented daily.

At the end of the program, these contents create a habit of fighting multiple diseases. So, how are these contents different from similar products? Let’s see here:

Healthy Ingredients

While there are a number of food items that you should avoid consuming while you have the shingles, there are also many things that you should eat in order to help you get better faster. The product phase contains healthy food ingredients to improve immunity and fight shingles. We all know how healthy eating habits can improve any underlying bodily issues. So the contents here are designed in a way that you get the best of the healthy portion not just to fight shingles but also to improve overall health.

Stress-Releasing Contents

The stress-reducing components inside this product can boost up the healing of your body fast. The program also encourages deep sleep to perform the healing.

Features of The Shingle Solution

The varicella-zoster virus is the biggest criminal here. This virus is the main reason why we get shingles. Our immune system protects us from many diseases. But once our immune system becomes slower, the Varicella zoster virus is reactivated!

That’s why the real problem arose there. An attack from this brutal virus causes a lot of damage to our nerves and brain. The shingle solution can also reach the liver and cause all sorts of problems. Switching to The Shingle Solution should give your immune system the boost it needs to return to its original strength.

There are lots of benefits and some exceptional features included in the shingle solution program. Let’s have a look over the features we get from the shingle solution reviews:

Features 1-4

Caring of Body

The main motive of this Shingles Solution program is to prevent you from suffering from Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN). The diet eliminates shingles and all related problems. In addition, the virus is eliminated through food and supplemental care for your body.

Remove PHN-related Nerve Pain.

There are some things that you can do in order to address the nerve pain that remains even after you’ve overcome shingles. But the solution in this eBook helps you suffer less from the effects of PHN problems, which worsen your nerves. From now on, you will not see any nerve pain at all!

Give relief from Itching Problems and Scabs

The best part of The Shingle Solution program is that it relieves itching and pain. Basically, you will not get all the symptoms of shingles that do not put you to sleep all night. The Shingle Solution will clean scabs without any scars. It dries the scab in 4-weeks and doesn’t leave any scars.

Remove Shingles Permanently

The Shingles Solution makes sure your first shingles attack is the last. While this happens rarely, it still can take place. According to studies, Recurrent shingles — that is, any occurrence of shingles that happens after the initial case — is basically another reactivation of the VZV that’s already in the body. As long as VZV is present, there’s always a chance of relapse and another episode of shingles.”

If your immune system is compromised, then you are going to be prone to suffer from relapse. The program cures all the symptoms, and it ensures that the virus will not come to you anymore. It works by strengthening your immune system so that your body can fight effectively against the virus.

Features 5-8

Simple Contents

Julissa Clay’s shingles solution is the simplest but most effective way to combat this disease. It contains a natural medicine, which is probably the only medicine against the herpes virus. That’s why the 4-week program tells you 2 phases with daily instructions on what to do and what not to do.

Day By Day Plan

Whatever plan you follow, the first week is the most important. You can see the most rigorous plan to follow to get the most out of it. The plan will help you relieve fever, pain, fatigue, and many other shingles symptoms, allowing you to relax according to your body’s needs.

More Sleep and Less Stress

Some habits encourage shingles to pull out of your body. In addition, it will be prevented in the future. The program owner has also created an in-depth Shingle Solution program to get more sleep and less stress to also boost your immune system.

As mentioned, once you have been exposed to the Varicella-Zoster virus, it can stay in your system. And it can recur when you become vulnerable. Lack of sleep will inhibit your production of cytokines. This is the protein that fights infection and inflammation. If you don’t have any extra protection, you can easily get sick. So, as part of protecting you, the Singles Solution also promotes good sleep.

All-natural Food Based

In terms of food, this is the most important thing in this program. You need to worry more about a healthier diet and recovery.

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The Shingles Solution Review-Scam or Legit?

Shingle solution eBook is a natural remedy-based product. This program helps you to prevent shingles-related illness with natural remedies, a detailed food list, and an instruction sheet.

You will get a 100% money-back guarantee from the owner of this eBook. If you are not satisfied with the result in 60 days, they will return your full amount of money.

The Shingle solution is the best way to deal with the shingle virus. The program allows everyone to apply it in their life and improve their life with maximum health. All things in the program encourage healthy and 100% organic methods of treating this bad disease.

You can try the shingles solution program before thinking of it as a scam. Real products don’t give overnight results. You should follow this eBook carefully to get the best result. Shingle Solution is an eBook full of proven methods and solutions to get rid of shingles and skin health-worsening symptoms.

You may feel like the shingles solution is a scam as it has hardly any downsides, but it is a legit product. It lives up to its demands and cures shingles.

You can also read the user reviews to understand how we claimed the authenticity of this product. To see results, you need to follow the steps carefully and make a healthy lifestyle change.


In general, The Shingle Solution is an evidence-based eBook that is full of benefits. It boosts our immune system helps to get rid of shingles permanently. Besides boosting our immune system, the shingle solution doesn’t cause any hamper to our body.

There is some one-time product available in the market for shingles-related illnesses. But those as a product can be full of side effects. Though shingle program controls shingles, some of those damages our nervous system increase blood sugar, causes brain inflammation, destroy nerve cells. In fact, those programs affect your lifestyle habits.

Frequently Asked Questions About “The Shingles Solution”:

What is The Shingles Solution?

The Shingle Solution is an online resource to help you fight singles in 21 days. It offers all-natural solutions that boost your immune system and more.

How does The Shingles Solution program work?

The Shingle Solution works by providing users with guidance on what to do, what to eat, how to get better rest, and how to relieve symptoms. It even contains a section on preventing scarring.

Do I need to take pills with The Shingles Solution program?

There is no medicine involved in this natural healing method. The resource details how you can make tiny lifestyle changes like adjusting the food that you eat and getting better sleep to boost your immunity.

Where can I buy The Shingles Solution program?

You can order the eBook for the Shingles Solution online. Go to the official website and order your copy. Once paid, you will receive the link where you can download a copy of the guide.

What is the content of The Shingles Solution program?

The program includes a strict guide to follow for the first week. It also contains a list of food that you should consume for speedy healing. It then details daily immune system boosting habits.

What are the pros and cons of The Shingles Solution program?

The pros are it is effective in addressing shingles and promoting overall wellness. It is also all-natural, without the use of prescription drugs. The con is that you need Internet access to download the material.

Are the effects of The Shingles Solution program long-lasting?

Yes. As mentioned, it doesn't just remedy shingles and complications. You also learn techniques to have better sleep and relieve stress. Plus, you get a list of food that will help you become healthier.


This program has some positive factors that you must know. Here are the pros:
1) The Shingle Solution fight against the root cause of shingles virus and postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), that’s why the virus doesn’t attack again.
2) Shingle solution will make your mood good. A good mood grows your confidence in daily life and helps you to be a good person. Without any pain of shingles and itching pain, you will interact with anybody without any hesitation.
3) The shingle solution program is very easy to match with. By following this program carefully you will get full benefits of it.
4) The Shingle Solution program boosts your immune system and helps you to get rid of shingles-related body pain.
5) As shingle solution ebook is based on natural remedies. So, it has no side effects and it’s totally risk-free.
6) According to their official website, the owner of this program offers a 60 days money-back guarantee.


Although there are very few disadvantages we found some to share with you. Let’s check them now:
1) The only source of this ebook “The shingle solution” is their official website.
2) Very few “The shingle solution” reviews are available on the website.
3) If you decide to buy the shingle solution you should be careful about other health issues.

Summary: The Shingles Solution comes up with a 21-day program to cure shingles once and for all. The 166 pages e-book “Shingles Solution” created by Julissa Clay uses the natural method to prevent the virus-leading shingle problem. This program is dedicated to improving the immune system in our body. The e-book contains a formula to treat shingles, unlike the traditional medical world. It uses both healthy food ingredients and stress-releasing contents to heal the body fast. This program prevents Postherpetic Neuralgia(PHN) issues which is common after the Shingle-related virus attack. The Shingle solution proved to be a perfect solution for those who have been searching for a great product without any side effects.


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