The Medici Code – Does It Really Work? – In-Depth Review

Are you happy with the way your life is going? Do you have everything you want in life? Or are you on a search for the love of your life? Are you holding on till your next promotion, vacation, etc.? Don’t fret if you find yourself in the latter half of these. It is normal for humans to have wants. All humans have things they want in their lives.

However, achieving these wants is a different ballgame. While we as humans have things we want in our lives, only a couple of us achieve those things. This review would be very beneficial in helping you achieve your ‘wants’ while ensuring you live your best life. This review introduces a program that enables you to achieve all of this. The program name is “The Medici Code.” 

What is the Medici Code Program?

The Medici Code Program is a three-week program that empowers you to achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams. This program helps you reprogram your neurons through the subconscious mind. It uses the art of manifestation that follows the law of attraction.

This program implies that neurons are responsible for the growth and struggle in our life as neurons control all that manifests in our life. Thus, this is why it uses a Neuron-Based Activation method to help you achieve your goals, live a joyful life, bring happiness, and live your best life. With the help of neurons, you can achieve what you have always wanted, including a car, a vacation, a home, in fact, total freedom.

Who is the Creator of this Code System?

Anthony Medina created the Medici Code. Anthony Medina grew up in North Carolina with a father who called him a ‘loser’ that couldn’t be his son. So we can say that he had rough times during his childhood.

Anthony Medina ran away from home when his mother passed away. Living a life on the streets, he got to struggle a lot. That eventually led to him wanting to change his life for good. This was when he discovered the unique code which helped him change the course of his life and helped him become who he is today, living the life he dreamed of.

The Medici Code adopts the art of manifestation and a universal protocol. Thus, it works for everyone regardless of gender, age, or cultural differences. It uses a step-by-step technique for three weeks. This program comes in the form of an e-book. It also contains beautiful sound wave frequencies, which come in the form of audio files.

This program helps you direct your subconscious mind to things that would positively impact your life. To clarify, it leads the neurons in the brain by reprogramming your brain and reconstructing your psyche mind (or mind psyche).

The Medici Code Reviews from users of this program states that the earliest that this program has given results is within three weeks of using the Medici code. However, some users reported seeing no effect until a couple of months later – this is all due to the difference in the programming of each person’s brain.

The Medici Code -How It Works

The science behind The Medici Code is that it uses the art of manifestation as well as audio files to help your brain create a habit within three weeks. These habits are what would ensure the attraction of positive things to you.

This program’s audio files contain quieting, relieving, and tranquil soundwave frequencies. They help get the mind into a deep meditative state – a state of heightened suggestibility if you will.

Features of The Medici Code

This program lasts for three weeks due to the fact that that is the minimum time required for the brain to form a habit. Here is a quick summary of the entirety of those three weeks and the audio tracks they contain.

Week One – Foundations

This week, the Medici code system lays a foundational mindset about who you are, how you think, what you define as wealth, abundance, power, etc. It works to reconstruct your psyche mind. It consists of a 17-minute audio program. This audio program helps ensure your foundation is free and untainted by old haunting beliefs.

This week helps eliminate whatever self-limiting and sabotaging mindset you might have possessed. It helps construct a new YOU, therefore ensuring that you are ready to progress to the next week.

Week Two- Apprenticeship

In this week, the Medici code system also uses a 17-minute long audio file. This audio program gives you the ability to take more control of your mind and body. It ensures that your focus is directed to only the positive aspects of your life. You become the captain of your destiny. It also helps you take a more active role in the creation of your story.

Week Three- Mastery

In this week, the Medici code system helps you become a master at manifesting your dreams, just like the name suggests. Having made you the captain of your own destiny, this audio track focuses on increasing your thinking capacity.

Just like the Renaissance artists were great thinkers and master creators, this week helps you create your own ideas to reach your dreams. This is also a 17-minute long audio file.

These three weeks would be filled with realizations and manifestations. You would learn the art of unlocking greatness within yourself. A human’s mind is a powerful and fragile thing; it can either break a man or make him. Thus, these three weeks help you harness the power of your mind to make you into who you want to be.

The Science behind The Medici Code Program

The human brain is compose up of billions of neurons. These neurons have a processing capacity that is about 40 times faster than the fastest supercomputer in the world. These neurons are responsible for all that happens in your life.

The Medici Code program works based on two factors centered around neurons:

  • Theta Tone: This gets your brain into a deep state of relaxation. A state beyond the conscious. This state makes it possible for your previous behavioral patterns to be overwritten.
  • Reprogramming the Brain Following the fact that the subconscious can process 50,000 times more information than the conscious mind if the conscious mind doesn’t get in the way. This Program overrides the preset behavioral patterns.

Things included with The Medici Code system?

The Medici Code Program includes resources in the form of e-books, some audio tracks, and other bonuses.

These audio tracks are:

  • Foundation – The audio program for the first week.
  • Apprenticeship – The audio program for the second week.
  • Mastery – The audio program for the third week.

While the E-books are:

  • A Quick Start Guide– A guide that explains the entire process of the program while filling you with confidence and certainty as you begin your manifestation journey.
  • The Empire Tracker – A tracker that prompts you to record your progress during the 3-week program. It empowers you to keep your experiences in one simple and easy location so you can celebrate your progress.

The bonuses are:

  • A Medici shield guide.
  • The pure sleep prime.
  • The anxiety buster course.

The Pros and Cons of The Medici Code program

Like every other program out there for various things, the Medici Code has a couple of advantages and disadvantages. And since this is a review of the Medici Code Program, let’s take a look at some pros and cons. 


        1. It is easy to do.

Due to the fact that The Medici Code is in the form of audio, the need to dedicate hours for reading and understanding is neglected. The audios are quiet, relieving, and tranquil soundwave frequencies; thus, they do not need any specific level of knowledge to work. The Medici Code language is English. This also makes it easy to understand.

       2. Requires a short time daily

Each audio in The Medici Code is only seventeen minutes long. For a program that would change the course of a person’s life, this is an extremely short amount of time.

       3. It uses proven safe scientific methods.

This program uses sound waves to change the mentality of a person. It changes how a person thinks using proven scientific methods like Theta Tone to ensure the person lives their best life.

       4. 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Medici Code comes with a refund policy that lasts for 60 days. Within 60 days of purchasing this program, if a user is by any chance unsatisfied with the program, for whatever reason (e.g., no sign of mental improvement), it is possible to return the product.

This serves as a fail-safe, though it lasts for only 60 days after purchase.

       5. It is pocket-friendly.

The Medici Code isn’t pricey. The original price of this product is less than a hundred dollars, but it is currently on sale for a price of twenty-seven dollars.

       6. It helps you discover your true potential.

The Medici Code uses proven scientific methods through mental relaxation and its audio files to help you discover your full potential. 


 There are no real drawbacks to using The Medici Code. Instead, there are just a couple of things to watch out for while on or before embarking on the program.

       1. Varying results

Each person is mentally wired differently. Some things that would work for some people might not work for others. This is even more emphasized by the fact that when going through the exact same thing, two different people would have completely different experiences.

The Medici Code works this way as well because it is focused on the mental faculties of a person; the result would vary. For some, it might be instant, while for others, it might take a little while before showing any effect. Though it doesn’t work immediately for some users, this program eventually worked for them according to any of the Medici code reviews online by the said party.

       2. Online Purchase

Since this program is only available in e-book format, it is only available online. Thus, it is extremely easy for fake reviews and discount links online.


In this review, we have discussed all about The Medici Code and its approach to making a user’s life better. This review examined how you can have whatever life you’ve always wanted by using the Medici code. Be it one of freedom, peace, abundance, or success.

We’ve also discussed how this process can increase your confidence in yourself and help you discover your potential.

We have also discussed the Pros and Cons of this solution. After careful consideration, our final thoughts are that this solution is definitely worth it. The program has no real drawbacks and has also been proven to work. If you decide to return the product for whatever reason, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee that can serve as a fail-safe. So, our honest thought is that you should definitely this product out, seeing as there is nothing to lose by doing so.

The Medici Code 

Frequently Asked Questions About “The Medici Code”:

What is The Medici Code?

The Medici Code is a three weeks program. It uses a Neuron-Based Activation method to help you achieve your goals, live a happy life, to bring happiness, and to leave your best life.

What will you get in The Medici Code system?

The Medici System helps you get rid of fear, stress, anxiety etc. This system is designed to make you feel as calm as possible while filling your body and mind with positive energy and thoughts.

Who Created The Medici Code System?

This Medici Code System was created by a man called Anthony Medina. He developed this code to help him change the programming of his mind to help him become someone living his dreams.

What is the science behind The Medici Code?

It gets your brain into a deep state of relaxation. Beyond the conscious. Following the fact that the subconscious can process 50,000 times more information than the conscious mind, this Program overrides the preset behavioral patterns.

What is included when you buy The Medici Code system?

Three weeks audio tracks. A quick start guide. The empire tracker pdf. The Medici shield guide. The pure sleep prime. The anxiety buster course.

Who should buy The Medici Code system?

This program should be bought by: People having anxiety issues People with low self-esteem Pessimists Persons who are always stressed People who find themselves scared most of the times


1. It is easy to do.
2 . Requires a short time daily
3 . It uses proven safe scientific methods.
4 . 100% Money Back Guarantee
5 . It is pocket friendly
6 . Helps you discover your true potential.


1 . Varying results
2 . Online Purchase

Summary: The Medici Code was created by Anthony Medina.
It is a three weeks program. It uses a Neuron-Based Activation method to help you achieve your goals, live a happy life, to bring happiness, and live your best life.
It works using sound wave frequencies that are quieting, relieving, and tranquil.
This program comes only in the form of an e-book. It has a lot of benefits and no particular disadvantage to its users. There are also a lot of positive reviews about the program to be found online.
Thus, The Medici Code has been determined to be a very profitable plan with no known side effects.


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