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Do you feel intimidated by women whenever you want them? Or your attempts at flirting girls usually fall flat. Obviously, this could leave you frustrated when all you do is stare or visit hotels, bars, and other social places hoping to get a girl. Fortunately, you aren’t alone. Because many men don’t know how to escalate flirting without rejection.

If your dream is to flirt properly regardless of size, status, or money, then the F Formula is for you. This Wing Girl method promises to guide you about women. Refreshingly, it may clarify how men approach and attract women thousand times easier. And turn a simple “hi” into an instant sexual engagement. But, hold your excitement, and first, look at this F Formula review to decide before you buy.

What is the F Formula?

The F Formula program is a stepwise flirting guide method that may help men to be masters of the flirting art with women. In summary, it may show you the nuts and bolts to manipulate and how to arouse a woman.

Plus, the techniques to flirt and attract any woman of your choice. And take her to your bed in minutes using the three phases of attraction. In summary, the digital 80-page eBook promises you tricks and tips to build chemistry with girls, in

F Formula information

Who is the Author of the F Formula?

Marni Kinrys and Marissa Category invented the F-Formula. The F Formula is the first Wing Girl program not created by Marni Kinrys alone. Marni Kinrys is a radio host and a bestselling author and is known as a relationship expert and the creator of the Wing Girl method.

The author collaborated with the Marissa program since Marissa’s formula had good results. Basically, they based the method on extensive research involving observation, questioning, and testing of findings. Then, she tested the findings by using neuroimaging and evolutionary psychology studies to gauge their effectiveness.

Marni is a self-taught relationship coach who also got educated in a Canadian University. She has helped men get ladies for over 10 years and is the ultimate “wing girl.” She is the author and creator of the Wing Girl Method, a company and program dealing with relationships. Marni has featured in popular magazines like CNN, Fox News, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Men’s Health.

F- Formula

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Bases of the F Formula for men

The program author, Marni Kinrys, bases her program on her dating life. In a word, she uses simple, elegant details to guide you on flirting. Marni Kinrys borrowed three scenarios that happen when she gets approached by a man.

Firstly, a guy approaches her without making any move or escalating. As a result, the guy gets nowhere with her, and he stands no chance of success but has to remain just a friend.

In the second instance, the guy chats with her for some time and tries to raise it to the next level. Unfortunately, the guy gets rejected and is frustrated. In fact, he wonders why he did attempt to escalate it. And he leaves crestfallen with obvious regrets.

Thirdly, the fortunate guy surfaces. In no time, he sparks instant chemistry, which sweeps her off the ground. Hence, when he makes a move, the woman just hums “yes please” without thinking about anything else. To sum it up, it’s this third scenario that the F Formula purports to take you to, where the only thing a woman says is “bring it on.”

“I am not flirting. I am just being extra friendly to someone who is extra attractive.”

How Does the F Formula by Marni Kinrys Work?

As a matter of fact, this formula is biologically based. Therefore, it uses women’s biology to teach men how to get a woman hooked. By the end of it all, the formula teaches you three predictable-discernible flirting phases of interaction.

Reportedly, the phases rule every flirting engagement between a man and a woman. Interestingly, it says a woman feels like she’s flying without wings. And bustling with energy, excited, and open to anything. At the height of it all, she’s riding a wave, no fears, no worries, just an eerie smooth floating feeling. At that moment, she’s yours for the taking. And no turning back.

In a nutshell, the F Formula aims to help you learn the three phases. So much that, you can create that flirting environment and do it without coming out with an egg on your face. And, ultimately, make her feel safe and at ease.

Hence, you can push her beyond limits without fail. What a good feeling that this flirting interaction formula may plant in you?

F-formula product image

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Features of the F Formula Wing Girl Method

When you buy the Marni Wing Girl F Formula pdf ebook, you will go through several chapters. In summary, the book teaches you some aspects of the woman’s mind and flirtation. We discuss some of the wing girl method F Formula characteristics below.

The foundations of flirting escalation

To begin with, you study how to create an emotional roller coaster. Essentially, you get to know how to make physical escalation easy. Plus, how to recognize female behaviors during flirting.

Is she enjoying your company? Or, does she yearn for your touch and physical contact? Learn when to spice it with some touching or kissing without upsetting girls. Finally, learn to exploit that evolutionary trait in female behavior to escalate it to a point of no return.

How to attract girls under the radar?

Basically, learn how to attract a woman and keep her under your wings. So that you can fly with her, as she craves for your attention. Essentially, you will understand how to do it professionally and getting straight to the point.

And you will know to uncover hidden female behaviors to spark immediate attraction. And what’s more, you know how to make her want to be always in your company.

F-Formula Author

How to evoke her attraction signals for every flirting phase

How do you identify attractions from girls? Interestingly, you can master the art and understand when to move to the next phase of the interaction.

So that you push her more with her subtle signal permission, safely. The program promises to give you effective, clear, and efficient steps.

Keeping her attracted to you using the boomerang technique

Imagine getting a way to make her miss you big when you are away. As well as making her attraction to you escalate on its own. Surprisingly, she boomerangs to your world socially, almost automatically. The boomerang technique does exactly that, grabbing her attention with awesome results.

The 2 flirting roadblocks men have no clue about

Regrettably, many guys view girls’ physical features as objects. As a result, they keep mentioning the parts using sexually perverts and women disgusting words. For that reason, ladies avoid any perverted man at all costs. Hence, any man who wants a woman’s attention will learn the words to avoid. So, as a result, remain a gentleman while using decent words.

The conversation mistakes that turn off women sexually from you

Generally, a conversation is a key to any communication that may lead to your acceptance or rejection. At times, men fail to figure out what to say to a woman when flirting with them. Usually, any conversational mistake makes you get rejected instantly. Thus, Marissa did research and detailed the conversational mistakes that guys should avoid. By doing so, you will spark attraction through very few right words.

Difference between women in their 20s and women over 30

Do you result, want to flirt with women of different age groups? In comparison, women in their 20s and those over 30 are a different game when you flirt. And in the same way, your choice of the right way to deal with each age group will make you win the game easily. After all, the author gives you all the phases of the flirtation game with all women of all ages irrespective of your age.

What the F Formula contains?

In brief, the formula plan starts with a PDF book of over 72 pages. Essentially, the book guides you on each F Formula program phase of how to attract a woman. And not just one woman, but thousands of women. Systematically, you get directions and links to instruction videos, MP3s, and action guides. In addition, you get several bonuses to arm you better and attract any woman. Interestingly, Marni and her “wing girls” share their innermost dating secrets.

F-Formula Testimonial

Which bonuses does the author provide?

When you purchase the book, you get the following bonuses to enrich your experiences.

1. The OSA method

This is a method that may help you overcome any barriers you have to win a woman. Further still, it helps you learn how to skip the formalities when you meet a woman. In the end, you may speak to her like she has been in love with you for ages. Encouragingly, using this method may help you get her to bed on the first date without any struggle.

2. Video illustrations, breakdowns, and case studies

Here, you see real-life examples of the mechanics of attracting any woman. As a result, you know how to be a master flirt. Thus, you remove any guesswork in the art when faced with a flirt situation. Apparently, you just sit down and watch, then go do practice and get amazing results.

3. Instant wit blueprint

In essence, you get shortcuts to create a charming, attraction wit, anytime you want. This is regardless of whether you ever had a sense of humor. In short, the wit should pull women to your brain so that you can play her the way you want. And say attraction words, which you never thought possible.

4. How to touch women without being creepy

Did you know that girls want men to touch them as they flirt with them? That is to say that girls are receptive to touches from guys. In fact, they want to be touched so much that they almost beg for it. But before you start touching, please know that girls only want to be touched in the right way and in the right places.

5. The wing girl guide to seductive body language

Equally important, your body language may hypnotize a woman you come across. Women learn a lot from your posture and facial expression. Further still, a killer smile may weaken the resolve of any woman and make them crave for you. This guide may help you win thousands of girls without uttering a word.​

6. Sexy bantering made simple

Do you know how to banter? And effectively create an instant connection that women find sensual? This easy guide ebook, written by one man (friend to the creator) referred to as “The King of Banter”, may be all you need.

Because, for many years, he couldn’t talk to women without stammering. In effect, he decided to share how he became a master banter and unafraid of women.

​7. Women tell-all interviews

Many people head out to clubs, bars, and events to try to get girls. Unfortunately, they make wrong moves and it’s game over. Sadly, they return home crestfallen. For that reason, Marni interviewed 10 beautiful women who had been flirted with thousands of times. Hence, she reveals what the girls had to say in this bonus package. In short, if you wish to understand a woman’s mind, it’s better to learn from a woman.

The scientific theory behind the F Formula program

Studies in psychology show that two people flirting with each other experience multiple (roller coaster) emotions. Besides, the woman must feel safe at ease with the man. Creating the right environment is psychological. So much that you don’t feel creepy. The F Formula bases its information guide on this theory.

Since women biologically respond to subtle phases, F Formula helps create the right environment for you to succeed. In a word, it gives you the three flirting phases that are at the center of flirtation.

Benefits of using the F Formula program

  • You learn the three phases of interaction
  • Confidence to face women
  • Master the difficulty of flirting

Frequently Asked Questions During the F Formula Review

In summary, almost all reviews found users who sought answers seeking information or news about the F Formula eBook. We provide you with any information that we got as part of the F Formula review.

Who can use the F Formula products?

If you have ever faced rejection by a woman, these wing girls’ action guides may be for you. Additionally, men who get only to the friend zone or the creepy part will marvel at it.

Similarly, those who want to be attractive to women, despite their emotional and physical make-up, plus their age will jump at this formula. Further still, the unattractive and those low in confidence may benefit from the formula.

Where to buy the F Formula program

You reliably buy the F-Formula program book from the official website. As a warning, buy it only from the creator website to avoid fake and fraudulent websites. Though the F-Formula works together with the Wing Girl Method, the same person distributes both and more. And the user rating review of the product from the wing girl method is above average. So, check the user rating and quality before you buy from any random site.

Is the F Formula legit or a scam?

The review says it works by creating the right flirting environment to make women safe and comfortable. Marni and her “wing girls share their innermost thoughts on dating and flirtation. The creators have a reputation for creating many training programs. The programs are like the banter guide, the friend zone, and the approach blueprint. Users’ testimonials on the official site say it worked for them when they followed the flirting tips.

How do I access the F Formula?

Simply click the F-Formula for instant access after payment. You get your Wing Girl guide formula. And, voila, you learn effortless flirting, attraction, and escalation with your woman of choice. There are two main click links. One is for product support to contact the vendor. Similarly, there is a link for order support, which takes you to ClickBank for payment. All rights are reserved to the vendor’s official site.

What’s the pricing for the F Formula product?

Currently, the F Formula ebook course has an affordable price. This is especially compared to other flirting guides, which are even less effective.

Plus, you get several bonuses if you buy through the official website. And you get a 60 days money-back assurance.

Does the F Formula have a money-back policy or guarantee?

Indeed, the creators give you a special 60-day money-back guarantee. And here’s what else, you get 7 days to try and get a 100% refund. Simply contact the vendors through the official website if you accessed it from them. And, you may get new posts through your email address too after you buy.

Final Words

During the F Formula review, we found some people on the official site who said it’s effective. The F Formula pdf book content was easy to read and follow. Equally important, the creator is a featured relationship coach and radio host, with over 10 years of experience, in collaboration with a known researcher. Further still, it offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee, with all rights reserved to the official vendor site.

However, positive reviews are on the official site only. And it’s only accessible in a digital format as an ebook. To sum it up, the F Formula program may have helped several people who like flirtation. After all, whether by coincidence or due to the methods outlined, some men went on to win girls.

Frequently Asked Questions About “The F Formula”:

What is the F formula?

If we say that is f is for flirting, then you are not so far from the answer. If you are a man who has tried to escalate things with a woman and failed then you are in for a treat.

Who is the author of the F formula program?

This brilliant system was invented by Marni Kinrys, an ad relationship expert and tv radio host. The program is sound because it has undergone rigorous observation, testing and questioning. Just know you are in for a treat.

How much does the F formula cost?

The F Formula is quite affordable. You will find it cheaper and more effective than other programs you will find. If you are not satisfied, you will have a money back guarantee after two months.

Who is the F Formula for?

This formula is for everyone. Don’t worry, I’m just kidding. It is exclusive for men who are struggling with coming up with something exciting. A cliffhanger to be precise so that the woman can lean and “buy” into what you are saying.

What are the features of the F Formula program?

The program involves the following: It contains the following: • A 72-pdf page program about the flirting phase • Additional breakdowns in DVD and video format • Bonuses like case studies, the wing girl guide to seductive body language • The OSA method, the sex bantering method • Women tell-all interviews

Where can I buy the F Formula program?

If you want to buy the digital product, visit their official website by clicking this link . This is a better approach rather than relying on the things and flakes other people are showing you.


High chances of success
Easy steps to follow
Affordable and available
Many complimentary bonuses
You get 60 days money back guarantee
Trust Worthy
100% refund policy


Only available in digital format.
Strictly available on the official website
One needs time to get results

Summary: During the F Formula review we found some people on the official site who said it’s effective. The F Formula pdf book content was easy to read and follow. Equally important, the creator is a featured relationship coach and radio host, with over 10 years’ experience, in collaboration with a known researcher. Further still, it offers you a 60 day money back guarantee, with all rights reserved to the official vendor site.


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