Super Affiliate System Pro Review – Read Before You Buy!

Affiliate marketing is known to be a multi-billion dollar industry where people have the opportunity to make money. Unfortunately, many jump into affiliate marketing with little or no experience. To be a good affiliate marketer, you should equip yourself with the necessary skills. Did you hear about the Super Affiliate System? The Super Affiliate System is a program to guide you to succeed in affiliate marketing.

The Super Affiliate System is a basic project to start an online company based on affiliate marketing that includes all the ads, creative advertisements, sales copies, landing pages, online coupons, and weekly training. By the end of this Super Affiliate System Pro review, you will have all the information you may need to make an informed decision about whether or not Super Affiliate System Pro is a legitimate affiliate marketing course worth your time, attention, and money.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before starting this review, I want to tell you something about affiliate marketing. Because I think knowledge about affiliate marketing will help you to understand the value of this review.

Affiliate marketing is how an associate earns a commission on marketing the products of another person or company. An affiliate searches for a product they like then advertises it and earns revenue from every sale they make.

For the time being, affiliate marketing is one of the famous marketing processes all over the world. Every big e-commerce company in this world use affiliate marketing.

What is Super Affiliate System?

The Super Affiliate Training course is a step-by-step course. In addition, it instructs you on everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

This course is unique and created by the creator to help his students take up affiliate marketing to get the best out of the money they spend. Not just selling their course.

Therefore, this course will guide you through the process followed by the creator and many more to become successful affiliate marketers. You just need to be focused, monitor the process, work hard for it, and increase your chances of success.

This program was launched in 2015, at which time the cost of joining the program was not more than five thousand. And the author kept this practice constantly and constantly updated so that it could be well integrated with existing trends.

So about every year, the author will give you updated information and methods that fit well. Therefore, he is reviewing the program completely and has adapted it for you and your business.

With this program, you will spend a small amount on advertising which is around $5. You will use it to learn step-by-step techniques for paid advertising and affiliate marketing.

You can then increase your spending to grow your progress and support your online business and income. The program also teaches about the types of paid traffic that you need or avoid.

John Crestani is constantly updating his course, and it is simply adapting to the current state according to the changing nature of world affairs. Only some of the methods you’ve used in the past have worked because you may no longer work or may not be very effective.

Versions of the Product

There are always new ways and methods that offer better results, and that’s why something needs to change. This is the same tactic used by big companies like Google, YouTube, Bing, Facebook, etc. They frequently update their algorithms.

So advertisers need to synchronize their advertising systems well with these changes. Thus, by constantly improving his course, John Crestani can give quality to his students to keep them one step ahead at all times.

This course has previously had various updates. Those versions were Super Affiliate System 2.0 and Super Affiliate System 3.0.

The latest name of this program is the Super Affiliate System Pro series. It will be released in 2020. Although previous versions of this program (2.0 and 3.0) included six weeks of training due to the way the course is organized.

I can’t determine how many weeks the Pro version will last because it was designed to learn at your own pace and time.

But I’m sure the system is an improved and enhanced version of the others. And it has the advanced features of previous versions.

Unlike other versions, it does not specify the time, which allows you to decide on the time spent for each module and ultimately the entire system, consisting of 14 modules with a starting module.

In this program, you will also show instructional videos so you can get some explanations. Let’s have a look at John Crestani’s previous versions.

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Defining Super Affiliate System 3.0

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is an older version of the Super Affiliate System pro. Super Affiliate System 3.0 was released in 2019. John Crestani improves his course day by day. It was a six-week-long course on affiliate marketing.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 is a six-week training program that will give you the skills you need to become a super affiliate. This course shows all students the secrets, gold balls, and a bit of affiliate marketing. In this video-based course, John Crestani shows you everything you need to succeed.

Definition of Super Affiliate System 2.0

It is the previous version of Super Affiliate System 3.0. The product was released before version 3. It was a course with 120+ hours of video training.

Like Super Affiliate System 3.0, John Crestani teaches us about affiliate marketing in the Super affiliate System 2.0. Furthermore, John shares the strategy of his ads campaigns that he runs on different paid advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, Youtube, and other native ad networks to grow his own business.

Modules of Super Affiliate System Pro

John Crestani designed this latest version of the Super Affiliate System with 14 modules. Every module is well researched and decorated.

These modules will show you the path to being a good affiliate marketer. Let’s have a look at the modules of Super Affiliate System Pro.

  • Welcome Module: Getting Started
  • First Module: Affiliate Networks
  • Second Module 2: Sales Funnel and Website
  • Third Module: Solo Ads
  • Fourth Module: Google Ads
  • Fifth Module: YouTube Ads
  • Sixth Module: Social Media Ads
  • Seventh Module: Finding Effective Ads
  • Eighth Module: Creating Great Ads
  • Ninth Module: Analytics and Split Testing
  • Tenth Module: Planning Your Strategy
  • Eleventh Module: Accelerating Your Outcomes
  • Twelfth Module: Troubleshooting
  • Thirteenth Module: Scaling Your Business
  • Fourteenth Module: Wrap Up and Next Steps

Welcome Module: Getting Started in the SAS Course

This is the first module of this course, where you will be guided to the course panel and see the complete structure of the course. You will also find out what is expected of you before, during, and after the course and the resources needed for the course.

It also invites you to identify your business goals. And helps to guess the results you want to achieve.

This module includes three videos in which John Crestani explains to you the three different topics associated with this system. And the modular curriculum and the worksheet for your business objectives.

You will also receive three navigation tutorials in the SAS control panel; involve the community and seek help. At the end of it all, you have to face a basic quiz to go to the next module. No need to worry because the quiz is very easy.

Module 1: Affiliate Networks

In this module, the creator will teach you everything about affiliate marketing and show you a path to being a successful affiliate marketer. The trainer will teach you about Clickbank.

In the United States, it is the largest online retailer. Here you can find out about the different affiliate groups and choose a perfect niche for your affiliate business.

So from this module, you will receive four video tutorials on the topics of this module’s syllabus, a module curriculum, and a worksheet where you will notice your progress. You have to submit it at the end of this module.

You also get three video tutorials that explain-

  1. How to join a network,
  2. find offers from a Clickbank affiliate,
  3. and find offers from other communication networks.

As with the welcome module, you have to face a quiz. If you pass, you get into the next step.

Module 2: Sales Funnel and Website

As the title suggests, you can learn all about sales funnels and pre-sales pages in this module. You will learn how to create your website, presell pages, and host much other information.

In this module, you also get six videos in which the author talks about aspects of this module. You also get six learning videos showing the following-

  1. How to sign up for Clickfunnels,
  2. sell pre-sales pages in Click Funnels,
  3. register a website; how to make a website in WordPress,
  4. How to manually create a standalone pre-sales page,
  5. participate in the beta of the internal SAS hosting platform.

As usual, you will receive your curriculum and worksheet to help you learn. And finally, a quiz to move on to the next module.

Module 3: Solo Ads

By finding your niche, choosing a product to offer through your online networks, and setting up your website or pre-sales page, you’re now ready to raise money. But to do that, you need to generate traffic to your page or website. In this module, you’ll learn the easiest and most effective way to drive traffic to your website and sell pages with a single paid ad.

You can also find the difference between paid and unpaid traffic, their pros, and their cons. You will receive two video tutorials on this topic, a module curriculum and a worksheet in this module.

In addition, you will also receive five explanatory videos that show you-

  1. how to create an Udimi account,
  2. find the best lists in Udimi
  3. create a unified ad in Udim;
  4. organize a single advertising campaign for other offers;
  5. how to create one ad campaign with other providers.

In the end, as usual, you have to face a quiz to choose the next module. Success means the next stage.

Module 4: Google Ads

This module will learn how to use Google ads to drive traffic to your website or storefront. As you already know, Google is the first search engine globally, and there are billions of searches on the platform every day.

You’ll learn how to use search terms to target advertising to your target audience. This module will also learn how to set up your Google Ads account and learn about search ads.

For this module, you will receive three videos explaining the module and curriculum of the module (at this time, there is no worksheet). You will also receive four explanatory videos on-

  1. How to set up your Google Ads account,
  2. set up and create a screen ad or banner,
  3. How to set up and create a Google search ad,
  4. Then finally, the exam to go to the next module.

Module 5: YouTube Ads

This module will learn how to use YouTube to drive traffic to your website or sales page. It’s common to see ads during a broadcast on YouTube, and these ads usually last a few seconds before you skip them and resume your view.

Other times the ads interrupt your viewing, and you have to wait until they are finished before you can resume your viewing. In this module, you’ll also learn the fastest and easiest way to set up your YouTube ads and reach your target audience to boost sales.

You will receive two videos for the topics in this video and your curriculum for this module. In addition to this, you will get two extremely explanatory videos that will show you how to set up a youtube channel; and create a video ad on YouTube.

Module 6: Media Shots

This module will learn everything you need to know about Facebook advertising and other social networking opportunities. The truth is, you have to take advantage of social advertising to make advertising money.

This is the easiest way to raise money for your business, and where the author earned $10,000 and more a year. Getting started can be a little tricky, but it has a good chance for you.

In this module, you will receive two videos on both the topic and the curriculum for the module. Plus, you’ll also get five explanatory videos that show you –

  1. How to create and celebrate a fan page;
  2. set up a Facebook advertising account and pixels;
  3. organize an advertising campaign on Facebook;
  4. set up and use audiences for Facebook ads and more;
  5. keep in relation with Facebook.
  6. Finally, you must face a quiz that you must pass to move on to the next module.

Module 7: Finding Effective Ads

In this module, you’ll discover effective ways to find and use your ads. Here you learn all the ways to drive traffic to your initial sale page, along with details of creating and using multiple ads on multiple platforms, including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networking platforms.

So this module builds on this knowledge by showing you tactics for discovering and using effective ads. And shows how to determine if an initial sales page is growing.

In this module, you will get two videos where the author talks about the components of this module, a program ring module, and a checklist that explains the six elements of a good page. They also come with two more videos that show you how to find initial sales pages and rip pre-sale pages. As before, you will finally have the exam that will take you to the next module.

Module 8: Creating Great Ads

In this module, the author takes you on a journey into the world of editing. Find out what types of articles will get you the most results and how they can be used to create sales ads.

This module teaches you how to edit and create new ads that a customer wants to click. There is no need to hire an expert after this lesson, as the author will give you all the practical knowledge on good editing skills so you can do it yourself.

For this module, you will receive four videos explaining everything about this module. You will receive a module syllabus and an e-book called “THE ANATOMY OF THE GREAT NOTICE” and then your copyright list for investigation. All this is accompanied by an additional video tutorial showing you how to use the slide file. As always you have to face a quiz at last.

Module 9: Analytics and Split Testing

The author will teach you how to distribute your ads and use analytics data to edit your ads and ad campaigns to get maximum results. Not only does it ensure that your ads are created and appear where people can see them, but you also need to verify that your ads are working effectively.

This module contains two videos explaining the topics in the module and a curriculum for the module. You’ll also receive three additional tutorial videos showing you how to set up a shared test with Google Ads, how to set up a shared test on Facebook, and how to track Clickbank sales. Then you have to face a quiz.

Module 10: Planning Your Strategy

This part will learn how to map your success plan for the coming months and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Because you have many choices for advertising, you need to know what products you want to advertise and for whom.

You’ll also need to determine your advertising environment and perform sharing tests and analyses to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. You need to know the strategy to move forward and always be in the game with all this in mind. This module will help you build your ability to keep yourself and your business running.

You will be sent three video tutorials explaining aspects of this module and the curriculum for the module. You will also receive a strategic worksheet on the Superfilia system and then your quiz.

Module 11: Accelerating Your Outcomes

In this part, John Crestani shows different ways to increase your results. You will learn how to increase your progress, and you will be offered the best experienced mentoring service to make you a successful affiliate marketer and grow your business.

So with all the knowledge you’ve gained about affiliate marketing and future plans, you can use this module to speed up making money and reach your goals faster. You will get one video on the subject of this module and the curriculum, which explains everything you need to know about this module.

You will also receive two additional explanation videos on requesting a coach and navigating the author’s YouTube channel. And remember, you have to pass your quiz before moving on to the next step.

Module 12: Troubleshooting

This module reveals some of the obstacles to your success as an affiliate marketer. Here, the author will teach you how to find solutions to all the problems that have arisen and overcome them all. Furthermore, you will likely see results at this stage if you have effectively applied all the principles defined by the author.

But to be very successful, you need to identify these threats and deal with them promptly. That’s what this part of the Super Affiliate System pro is about.

You will receive a video where the author talks about this topic in the usual way and about the curriculum of this module. You’ll also get a checklist for troubleshooting analysis, an additional video showing how to analyze your data, and a quiz to move on to the next step.

Module 13: Scaling Your Business

In this part of this course, you will learn to find ideas and strategies to grow your business, from adding products with a high commission to higher advertising costs and even hiring staff.

You need to do this because once you start making money and you are not satisfied, you need to think of other ways to grow your business even more. You should take yourself beyond your competitors.

This part is accompanied by four videos in which John Crestani talks about aspects of this module. You will also receive the standard plan chart of this program and quiz, which you complete advancing to the next and final module.

Module 14: Wrap Up and Next Steps

This is the last segment of this program, and here the author travels you from the beginning to this point, and you also look at your future possibilities and know the next steps to take. At this point, I would say that you are almost a linked marketer and an internet advertiser.

You will receive two videos for this segment and a curriculum with the content of this segment. You must also complete a post-course examination that will give you access to the final exam that completed the course.

Bonuses Included in Super Affiliate System Pro

John Crestani gives every student great bonuses to track their success quickly. The bonuses help you and do more work in less time.

You also get free traffic strategies to get started, even if you don’t want to invest in paid advertising. Here are some bonuses you will receive if you join SAS today.

First BONUS: The $10,000 Challenge.

Second BONUS: Tested FREE Traffic Strategies with proof.

Third BONUS: $1,245 FREE Ad Credits.

Fourth BONUS: Buyer Data For AI-Driven Ads.

Fifth BONUS: High Ticket Commissions.

Sixth BONUS: Student Case Studies.

Seventh BONUS: An Extra Login.

Eighth BONUS: 1-on-1 Call With John Crestani.

John Crestani-Author of the Super Affiliate System Pro

The creator of this product is known as John Crestani. He is a well-known internet marketer and successful entrepreneur.

You may have met him by researching or reading about internet marketing because he was so popular that he appeared in Forbes, Inc., The Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Home Business, Business Insider, and many other publications.

John Crestani worked for a Los Angeles-based advertising company. He helped the company grow with his huge talents through paid advertising, which saw his customer revenue grow up to 40 times his ordinary income.

At the age of 28, he got rid of employers and created his online platform focused on affiliate marketing. Hence, through his platform, he earns six to five hundred thousand dollars.

He got his profession and became a successful affiliate marketer and is considered one of the best in the world of paid advertising. Therefore, he decided to share this program with everyone engaged in internet marketing or who wants to be a successful internet marketer and affiliate.

Super Affiliate System Pro Review: How Does It Work?

The Super affiliate system contains step-by-step instructions for setting up a high sales funnel for affiliate offers. In addition, it sends traffic to use any of the traffic sources, Facebook, Google, YouTube, etc.

The training begins with an introduction to the course and explains how the system works, an affiliate, the secrets of success, goal setting, and more. Hence, this will help you prepare and believe that you will succeed after completing the training and applying what you have learned.

Selecting a Niche

You need to choose one suitable niche to enter the market. For example, if you can choose computer accessories, you need to research and find the offer in the computer accessories market that you want to advertise.

Basic training focuses on Clickbank and several other affiliate programs. You start with Clickbank offers because training is mainly about that.

Evergreen Products

John Crestani shows you how to find a high-priced and evergreen offer on Clickbank. After selecting the affiliate offer you want to advertise, you create a site or sales funnel for the offer.

There are two ways John gives you pre-purchased funnels that are built using Clickfunnels. This is a stock funnel that you download to your Clickfunnel account.

By practicing the Super Affiliate System course, you will learn step by step how to set up your sales funnel to advertise your offers. Now that your funnel is ready with your affiliate link, the next step is to drive traffic to the affiliate program.

Paid Advertising

The next step is to set up paid ads and advertise your offer. You will learn how to create a campaign that can give you a high return on investment with practice.

You start with Facebook ads because it’s the best way to make conversions without wasting money. John explains how to avoid a common mistake when setting up an advertising campaign.

When you get results with your first ads, you can switch to other paid ads, such as Google ads, YouTube ads, and more. It depends on your offer.

John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System Pro provides a complete guide to paid advertising, so you don’t have to worry about losing money. Once you’ve achieved the results of your first campaign, you can test it for ad orders and see which one is more suitable.

You will get free access to the initial construction sales to funnel. John used it to earn thousands of dollars.


He tried all the landing pages, so you don’t have to spend more time designing a funnel. You need to edit or add your affiliate link, and your funnel is ready.

John shows a video on how to do this with Clickfunnels. It is one of the best-selling funnel tools used by top Internet marketers.

If you don’t want to use CF, there is another option that John calls the manual method. It was just set up and launched. You’ll also learn how to set up Tracker ID and A/B testing in Clickfunnel so you know which page gets the most conversions.

Because the core course focuses on Clickbank products, John also lists other affiliate programs, finding better deals or products that you can advertise. This is how the system works. John offers all the resources to help you engage in affiliate marketing.

You don’t have to write all the ads yourself. John added it to your Super Affiliate System Pro resource. This will save you money and time. Now that you understand how training works.

You may be want to know a few things. What You Will Get When You Join Super Affiliate System? You will get :

  • Lifetime Access to Super Affiliate System PRO
  • ​Million Dollar Swipe Files: Copy & Paste Ads
  • ​ Done-For-You Presell Pages
  • ​The Best Products + Guaranteed Acceptance
  • ​24/7 Concierge & 4x Monthly Coaching Calls
  • ​No-Risk, Success Guarantee (Get Your Money Back!)

Who Should Buy this Super Affiliate System Pro?

Before I explain the different human classes that can benefit from this, I want to say that if you didn’t make your first dollar online, you could benefit greatly from this course. Also, if you want to increase your income as an affiliate marketer, then this course can be a great tool for you to do that.

But what I’m sure of is the fact that not all products are perfect for everyone. So to find out if this app will give you what you want, you can listen to John Crestani’s webinar, so you know everything.

The webinar is a 90-minute video. So you need to find the time and patience to understand as much detail as possible.

We tried to make a list of people who should try Super Affiliate System pro. And I will like to share this list with you.

Newbies: Super Affiliate System Pro will be a very good training course for one who is new to the world of online advertising and the affiliate marketing industry. In addition, it will help you a lot if you are a newbie in this sector who wants to make money online through any online business.

Entrepreneurs: This training program is suitable for entrepreneurs who want to discover more ways of making money online by using paid advertising via social media like Facebook, Youtube, and other websites.

Side Income Seekers: You should try the super affiliate system if you find a path to do some side income besides your job.

Affiliate marketers: Super Affiliate System Pro is the best training program to follow if you want to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Super Affiliate System Pro Clients Testimonials


Who Shouldn’t Buy Super Affiliate System?

In this Super Affiliate System review, I mentioned that the super-affiliate system is harnessing the power of paid advertising through various online advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads. Invest more dollars in paid advertising, even if you’re trained to achieve some of the revenue goals you want to include in affiliate marketing.

Everyone is not capable of investing a lot amount of money in advertising and training. You have to run several paid ads for your online business. If you are a beginner, it will be very difficult for you.

I don’t prefer paid advertising all time. Free traffic is also important for an online business. In an affiliate marketing business, both paid and free traffic is important.

Honestly, I would never recommend that you attend this course if you currently cannot pay a high price and then for paid advertising. I prefer to save money before going on the course, as John Crestani clarifies that you need to invest in paid advertising to see real results.

Benefits of Super Affiliate System Pro

The Super Affiliate System Pro is a huge and informative program. In addition, this particular training program offers you the opportunity to spend your time in good ways.

Super Affiliate System course will give you an easy way to become a successful affiliate marketer in a short amount of time. One can get a whole idea about advertising by this training program. Google Ads, Youtube, and Facebook ads everything is included in Super Affiliate System Pro. You’ll also learn how to use personal ads and more.

This course also provides you with audience templates, landing pages, presell pages, and ads. You can use that to grow your online business through paid advertising.

This program allows you to make sure a team of professional affiliate marketers has coached you. It helps you to build effective affiliate networks.

If you want to earn thousands of dollars through your online business, you must make several wealthy affiliate campaigns and ad campaigns. Super Affiliate System is the best training course to learn these things.

Why is Super Affiliate System Pro Better?

This Super Affiliate System review shows that the author John Crestani and his system are different from the usual affiliate marketing training courses. In this course, you will learn everything related to internet marketing and all the skills you need as an affiliate marketer. This course will be a great choice if you want to make money online.

Topics Covered

In this training program, John Crestani covers various topics and aspects of affiliate marketing, including various traffic sources that you can use to get fast results aimed at a high level of organic traffic. He started learning how to create unique advertising, then switched to Facebook ads, Google Ads, Bing ads, and other advertising channels.

Super Affiliate System is highlighted because it also uses traffic sources to create advertising campaigns, which it explains step by step when making videos. Not many authors want to find out about this.

Targeted Data

Another amazing thing about this affiliate marketing course is that the author gives you targeted data about different niches. And also, there is a list of buyers.

With these lists, you can instantly build your audience to target your buyers and make sure your sell easily. It will also help you to build wealthy affiliate campaigns and effective affiliate offers.

Buying this training course will not make you a successful affiliate marketer in a night, but it will give you an advantage in your affiliate marketing career. The nature of this course helps people earn real money online.

It also recognizes that you can learn more about the process to grow your business continuously. The Super Affiliate System understands that the market is constantly changing, and your tactics and processes need to be constantly updated.

Success stories can’t be made overnight. Building up an online business from a beginner level is very challenging. It needs a lot of training, a proper mindset, and determination. Landing pages, presell pages, free traffic, paid ads, ad campaigns, etc., all these terms are all related to the affiliate marketing business. So, one should learn about these terms and get started.

How to Buy Super Affiliate System Pro?

The buying process of Super Affiliate System pro is very easy. Anybody can buy this program by following some easy steps, don’t matter how beginner he is.

First of all, you have to go to the official website of the Super Affiliate System. Then you should watch the free webinar of John Crestani about the table of contents of this course. This will help you make a perfect decision.

After watching the free webinar, if you are convinced enough to buy this program, you have to register by giving your mail and name through any browser. Hence, you will get this program with all rights reserved on their official site.

In this Super Affiliate System review, I recommend you buy this program from their official site. They provide a money-back guarantee to their customers.

After joining this training, you will get your full money back if you don’t make any commission within 30 days. But Jhon will assure you that results will come.

Are People Having Success With John Crestani’s Course?

Super Affiliate System members succeed in the affiliate marketing industry, believe it or not (I know this is difficult for some beginners). John has provided you with everything you need to succeed in his course. It contains enough information for people to start making money once they implement the Super Affiliate System.

Super Affiliate System Review- Scam or Legit?

No! That’s not a scam. Super Affiliate System helped a lot of people around the world. You will find many success stories on several platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. All participants gave thanks to the author.

Super Affiliate System was created by a well-known affiliate marketer John Crestani. Super Affiliate System is a training that will show you the way to make money online.

John Crestani made a lot of videos on Youtube. He is very active on several social media platforms. His motive is to equip his clients with proper affiliate marketing knowledge.

If John is a fraud, it doesn’t make any sense to be active on social platforms. He proved himself by his work and activities.

There are a lot of training programs available in the market. Tim Burd and Brian Pfeiffer are two well-known affiliate marketers and paid ads specialists. But they can’t beat John Crestani. Super Affiliate System is the best course for the affiliate marketing business.

So, I want to assure you that Super Affiliate System is legit. The program is hundred percent legal. John is already featured by Forbes, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, etc. world’s best media. If he was a fraud, would they respect him?

How much does it cost to join the 6 Week Super Affiliate System Pro?

This program costs $997. Yes, the price is a few hundred dollars, and as you’ve read above, it’s somehow justifiable. You must keep in mind that the 6-Week Super Affiliate System is not just another affiliate marketing course.

It is a detailed blueprint created by a well-known marketer and entrepreneur. But that isn’t the only reason it’s so expensive. Your $997 investment will provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the marketing world.

Every dollar you spend on this course is an investment. This is most likely good news for you. This course does not have any monthly fees. You are now ready to go after paying the one-time fee. You will have access to all of the course’s inclusions.

There are no upsells, but the course may suggest that you pay for some additional expenses. But it’s up to you whether you want to buy the tools and software you’ll need to build your website. It all comes down to your willingness to invest financially to achieve long-term success.

6 Week Super Affiliate System Pro reviews online

We are sure you would like to know if this affiliate marketing course can help you earn money by looking at its content, pros, and cons, among other things.

But what you want to know is whether or not it works. To find out, We gathered some information on what the course’s previous and current students have to say about it.

Positive Reviews of the 6 Week Super Affiliate System Pro

  • Effectiveness
  • Value for money
  • Ease of use

The majority of the articles you can find online have positive comments about this course. The feedback I’ve compiled below comes from people who have taken or are currently taking the course.

I thoroughly enjoyed John’s program and the process of working through it. He preaches “do the work,” which most lazy people don’t want to do these days. But keep in mind that John’s methods revolve entirely around “paid” advertising. As a focus, it is not free advertising, but it is unquestionably a road map to success!

I am a happy and active member of the super affiliate system.” For me, it’s like a gold mine. I heard there were a lot of ready-to-go systems, but I only found SAS 2.0.

I’m one of the program’s students.” It was a rigorous course that I completed in May of 2020. There were a lot of resources in the 6-week program, and I learned a lot from it.

Negative Reviews of the 6 Week Super Affiliate System Pro

  • There is no solid proof of success.

As for the negative reviews, according to my research, there is only one negative review article about this course. And it was written by Niall Doherty, the founder of the website eBiz Facts, where the article was published.

After conducting extensive research for this article, I have a hard time believing anything John Crestani says, and I’ve found no evidence that his training consistently produces successful students.” Given this, I believe it would be foolish to invest significant time or money in Super Affiliate System.

Regarding this review and the positive ones mentioned above, keep in mind that it is written by someone who has not taken the course. The positive reviews above and the rest of the review articles found online are from people who have completed the entire course. So you can try to determine which reviews are more beneficial to you and which are not.

Is Super Affiliate System Recommendable?

This program is highly recommended. After seeing all aspects, I can’t disbelief John Crestani. Super Affiliate System is his best creation, without any doubt. We should give thanks to him for creating this program.

Several websites address SAS as a scam. But it’s not fair to tell anything bad about a product without any proof.

The author of this course has made it easy for you to go through the training session. He will provide templates and ready-made campaigns that you can use to make affiliate offers for your businesses.

It allows you to get a good return on investment through leads and conversions. You will believe this if you read the table of contents of this program.

This product is practically designed for both young and adult people. Every man and woman of any age can join this training session and make money online.

The author and his team ensure that they offer the best support to all participants in the program. They also provide individual training to their participants.

For me, this is a very good step to help your students. And this course covers all the affiliate marketing sectors. In addition, all guides, information about affiliate marketing are included in this program.

You just need to dedicate your time and have a positive mindset. Hence, in this program, you can test your thinking with some exercises like imaging, targeting, obstacle removal and anxiety workout, and more.

So, don’t listen to fake news and check the pros and cons. Go to the official site of SAS and watch the free webinar. Hope you will choose the best option.


The Super Affiliate System is more than enough. It contains everything you need to be a successful affiliate marketer. Suppose you are a beginner or have acquired the level of proficiency in affiliate marketing. In that case, I recommend that you do this training because there is always something to learn in addition to a face-to-face meeting. Furthermore, John is a great teacher and will give you a simple guide to be smart in your actions.

I believe the author has full certainty that you have successful affiliate marketers. So, if you want to get good results as an online advertiser or want to achieve your goals as an online advertiser, this product is the best choice for you, both to give you instant money and as a resource throughout your life.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Super Affiliate System Pro”:

What is Super Affiliate System Pro?

The Super Affiliate System is a basic project for starting an affiliate marketing-based online business that includes all of the ads, sales copies, creative advertisements, online coupons, landing pages, and weekly training.

How does Super Affiliate System Pro work?

The Super affiliate system includes step-by-step instructions for creating a high-converting sales funnel for affiliate offers. Furthermore, it sends traffic to any traffic sources, such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

What are the benefits of Super Affiliate System Pro?

The Super Affiliate System course will teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer quickly. This training program can provide a comprehensive understanding of advertising.

How can I access the Super Affiliate System Pro course?

Super Affiliate System pro is very simple to purchase. Anyone can purchase this program by visiting the Super Affiliate System's official website. You must register by entering your email address and name into any browser.

How is Super Affiliate System Pro different from other marketing courses?

There are numerous training programs on the market. They can't, however, beat John Crestani. The Super Affiliate System is the best course for those interested in starting an affiliate marketing business.

How much does Super Affiliate System Pro cost?

It costs $997 to get immediate access to John Crestani's Super Affiliate System course, but our readers now have a monthly payment option sales page (PayPal and credit card accepted).

Who is Super Affiliate System Pro for?

Super Affiliate System Pro is an excellent training course for those new to the affiliate marketing and online advertising industry. It is also for entrepreneurs, side income seekers, and affiliate marketers.


In this Super Affiliate System review, we can see the exciting features of this course. Super Affiliate System is one of the best courses available in the market.
Super Affiliate System is a very easy-to-follow course. Anybody can easily follow this course without any previous knowledge.
The program, Super Affiliate System will teach you every strategy to run ad campaigns and build affiliate networks.
Only this training program teaches you how to make effective affiliate offers.
In this training, a group of professional affiliate marketers will train you according to their experience.
Before getting into this training a free webinar by John Crestani will help you to know about Super Affiliate System.
After complete this training, you will be a good affiliate marketer.
This training program will help you to discover the best way to make money online.
The owner will provide a money-back guarantee.
There are a lot of bonuses included in this training program.


Everything in nature has both pros and cons. Super Affiliate System also has some drawbacks. But they are very least in number. Let’s have a look at the cons of the Super Affiliate System:
You have to spend a bulk amount of money on paid ads.
You will need a continuous internet connection to attend this training.
The owner doesn’t offer any free trial.
They will not provide hosting for your presell pages.
The price of the Super Affiliate System is really high. Many people don’t want to buy this because of the high price.

Summary: Super Affiliate System pro is a training program for a newbie Affiliate marketer. Last year an upgraded version of this program was released with 14 modules. These modules are designed with important information and resources. This program is best to learn about affiliate marketing.


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