Septifix Review – Get Rid of the Smell Once and for All!

Septic tank is an important structure in almost every building. It stores the wastewater from the kitchen, bathrooms, and other areas of the building. Clogging of the wastes in the septic tank causes plumbing issues in many buildings.

Most people consider septic tank waste bins and flush biodegradable waste without any hesitation. Plumbing experts recommend regular maintenance of septic tanks. It includes frequent checking and pumping to keep it functional.

Septic tank size varies depending on the building structure and inhabitants of the building. The maintenance of larger septic tanks is always difficult. These contain a huge volume of liquid waste.

Septifix formula proves handy to remove clogs. It keeps your septic tank system clean and functional. There is no other septic tank treatment system for septic tank owners with a tight work routine.

Have you ever thought about when do septic tanks need attention? The simple answer to this question is that when you feel issues in flushing or water starts getting back.

Other faulty septic tank system issues include odour, slow drainage, water pooling, corrosion, and much more. Leaving the problems unattended can cause medical issues like skin diseases.

What is Septifix?

Septifix reviews show that Septifix is a septic tank treatment pill that keeps your septic tank systems clean and odourless. It saves you from spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your sewerage system. Septifix provides you with a comprehensive solution for all your septic tank issues.

The experts recommend occasional maintenance of septic tanks. It may help to avoid water backups, corrosion, sludge, and other similar issues.

Septifix tablet removes bad odour from your faulty septic tank. It dissolves clogs and prevents sludge build-up in your septic system to extend its useful life. It is the only septic tank treatment formula that releases oxygen. The oxygen reacts with hydrogen sulfides to cut bad odour and keep your septic tank pumped.

Septifix tablet has the power to neutralize the acids that appear in septic waste. This controls the corrosion occurring in pipes, tubes, and pumps in your septic tank systems.

Septifix tabs are 100% safe. These have no dangerous chemicals. Septifix ensures the smooth flow of organic waste in your plumbing system. These are non-toxic and does not need any special handling. Only a few days of usage can remove the blockage in your clogged tanks.

Chemical Composition of Septifix Tabs

Chemical examination of Septifix tablets shows that each gram of it contains 14 strains of aerobic bacteria. These create bacterial colonies in your septic system. Usually, these bacteria grow for 90 days and regulate the pH of wastewater to keep it odourless and clean.

Septifix tablets have pH regulating compounds. These not only regulate pH but also control oxygenation. Oxygenation and pH regulation break down wastes in your septic system. This ensures the smooth flow of wastewater.

Septifix tablets contain sodium carbonate. Sodium Carbonate boosts the working of live bacteria to cut organic wastes. And sludge layer in your septic system to control septic tank problems.

Septifix septic tank treatment tablets increase the oxygen levels in wastes by releasing oxygen. The released oxygen reacts with hydrogen sulfide to eradicate the bad smells. These are ideal for home usage because of their non-toxic ingredients.

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Who Manufactures Septifix Tablets?

Richard V created the Septifix tablets to solve the septic tank’s problems. He was the owner of a plumbing company. Septifix manufacturer Richard was of the view that the noxious odour of septic tanks made it impossible for the plumbers to solve septic tank pumped issues of sludge, slow drains, backup of wastewater, and much more.

Hydrogen sulphide in a septic tank creates harmful pathogens and intolerable bad smells. So, pumping, cleaning, repairing, and other maintenance services were not easy to end septic system problems.

Richard, as an owner of the plumbing company, partnered with a reputed university. He created Septifix with the help of 14 specialists to ease the pumping of septic tanks.

It has the power to react with organic hydrocarbons and decompose waste substances in the septic tank. Septifix also helped live bacteria to decompose materials. Toilet paper and other biodegradable wastes are the main.

Septifix septic tank tablets are 75% more effective than other septic tank treatment solutions because of excessive oxygen released. Each tablet releases about 10 litres of oxygen and sodium carbonate to boost bacterial growth for 90 days.

How Does Septifix Tablet Work?

The details of Septifix workings are available in the manual. It says that every new user must place 3 tablets into the flush and toilet bowl. As soon as the tablets reach the septic tank, they start to dissolve and release oxygen and sodium carbonate.

The oxygen released disperses in all the tanks in the form of tiny bubbles. Free oxygen from Septifix septic tank treatment tablets reacts with wastes and removes the odour within 3-5 days.

To bring the septic tank’s contents to neutral pH, sodium carbonate acts as a water barrier. Neutralizing the pH saves your plumbing system from corrosion. Various strains of bacteria present in Septifix digest septic tank residues. These are natural oils, grease, toilet papers, soaps, and all other wastes.

How to Use Septifix?

Septifix reviews clarify that using Septifix is simple and straightforward. You do not need any training to use it. Yet, the experts recommend using three tablets at a time to get results.

Drop three tablets in your toilet bowl and wait for these to dissolve. Septifix dissolves soon after reaching the tank.

Each tablet releases 10 litres of oxygen that makes a bubbled layer inside your tank. Sodium carbonate, the other major ingredient in Septifix, acts as a buffer to neutralize the pH of the wastewater.

Now, the live bacteria start eating the decomposed debris to ensure the smooth flow of wastewater from all pipes and types. Septifix helps you get rid of harmful wastes within a short span of time.

Benefits of Septifix Septic Tank Treatment Tablets

Septic tank’s problems are the major concern of many families nowadays. But, using Septifix septic tank cleansing tablets provide varied benefits that are:

1-Eliminate Bad Odour

The primary benefit of using Septifix is the elimination of bad odour from your septic tank system. It makes it easier for the plumbing staff to clean the tank. High oxygen concentrations in these tablets react with hydrogen sulfides to remove noxious odour.

2-Help Remove Septic Tank Deposits

The increasing concentration of oxygen in the septic tank multiplies the number of bacteria in it. These aerobic bacteria consume wastes after dissolving in the tank.

3-Removes Clogs

Do you know that clogs in a septic tank are due to grease, natural oils, hydrocarbons, and other harsh chemicals? Septifix breaks down all these chemical additives in a septic tank to remove sludge.

4-Saves Plumbing Pipes from Corrosion

Corrosion is one of those issues that increase the maintenance costs of your sewerage system. Dissolving Septifix in toilets neutralizes the pH of waste. It eliminates the chances of corrosion and other wear down.

5-Saves Your Hard Earned Money

Septifix reviews prove that it saves your hard-earned money needed for septic tank treatments. There is no need to pump your septic tank to keep it smooth and clean.

Septifix Cost and Availability

Septifix is available online at the official website of the manufacturer at an affordable price. The manufacturer offers 60 days moneyback guarantee. Septifix purchase is available in three different monthly supply packs.

Septifix for 6 months supply costs $69 along with shipping charges. But, 12 months and 18 months supplies are available at $144 and $147 with a free shipping facility.

The delivery within the US takes 5-7 days, while it will take 13-15 days for international delivery. Remember that 60 days moneyback guarantee is available for all three monthly packages.

For online placement of Septifix order, go to the manufacturer’s official website and select the product and its quantity. Once you place the order, the company staff processes it and delivers it within 24 hours.

How is it Different from Other Septic Tank Treatments

Septifix reviews make it clear that it is different from all other septic treatments because of its unique features. Some of the differences are:

  • Neutralizes pH of the natural acids in the wastewater to save pipelines from corrosion
  • Clears all obstructions in the pipes and valves to prevent backup of wastewater
  • Eliminates bad smells in 3-5 days
  • It minimizes the need for pumping the septic tank and saves money
  • Decomposes all organic compounds and hydrocarbons to remove sludge

Is Septifix Suitable for Everyone?

Yes, Septifix is suitable for everyone who is facing sewage issues in his building. Septifix customer reviews show that it cleans the sewage system and eliminates bad smells within 3-5 days. It releases excess oxygen to support aerobic bacteria that consume organic wastes and clear sludge.

Septifix is 100% non-toxic because there are no harsh chemicals in it. Instead, it releases oxygen. Sodium carbonate reacts with hydrogen sulfide to remove bad odour in the entire volume of wastewater. Manual aeration can never end bad odour in the way Septifix does.

Is Using Septifix Legal or Not?

Customer reviews and complaints record shows that this oxygen releasing septic tank treatment is legitimate. It is non-toxic and has no harmful chemicals. You do not need any special training to use it in your home or office.

Moreover, the manufacturer is also the owner of a plumbing team and sells it only through its official website to avoid scams. The manufacturer offers it at a discounted price tag with 60 days moneyback guarantee.

Customer Reviews and Complaints About Septifix

A detailed analysis of contents Septifix reviews shows that it plays a crucial role in the easy maintenance of sewage systems. If asked, most people will speak positive words for this magic. Still, this does not mean that there is no negative review on it.

The 87% returning customers are enough to prove that there is a vast gulf between its positive and negative reviews.

Remember that the elimination of bad smells is the first sign that the tablet is working. It takes 3-5 days to remove bad odours completely.

Most of the people seem to complain of late deliveries because there is no offline facility that can ensure the availability of this tablet.


After reading Septifix reviews, we can say that Septifix is a revolutionary tablet. We can use it for cleaning bathrooms, sinks, and other water supplies. It increases the oxygen level in your tank to help bacterial colonies to grow and feed on sewage components.

Elimination of bad smells is the first sign of working of these tablets. It takes 3-5 days to remove the smell completely.

The oxidizing process helps these tablets to decompose harmful chemicals. It clears the flow of water through pipelines to solve septic tank issues.

It contains 10 billion strains of bacteria to boost the decomposition of harmful wastes. Septifix reviews show that it is three times more effective in the efficient cleanliness of the sewage system.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Septifix”:

What is Septifix?

Septifix is a septic tank treatment tablet that releases oxygen and removes clogs in the sewerage system in a building.

What does Septifix do?

Septifix ensures the smooth flow of wastewater by removing sludge and dissolving biodegradable contents in it. It also eliminates the bad odour in wastewater and makes it easy for the plumbers to clean.

Does Septifix really work?

Yes, Septifix really works well for domestic as well as commercial buildings. It makes septic tank pumping easy.

Where can I buy Septifix ?

Septifix is available online only on the official website of the manufacturer. The company does not offer offline availability to avoid scams.

How much does Septifix cost?

Septifix costs different amounts for various monthly usages. A six months package is available at $69 and 12 months and 18 months packages are available at $144 and $147.

Who created Septifix ?

Richard V, the owner of a plumbing company created Septifix. He took the help of 14 professionals along with a team of university-qualified graduates.

What are customers saying about Septifix?

The customers using Septifix are saying that it has brought a revolution in the world of cleaning sewerage systems.


Manufactured by a credible company with 100% non-toxic contents.
Does not need any special handling. Any 18+ person can place the tablet in the toilet bowl and flush it away.
Only oxygen releasing septic tank treatments. It supports selected bacterial cultures to consume sludge in the waste material.
Unlike other septic tank treatments, it releases free oxygen into the environment.
Eliminates all septic tank problems and saves money needed for maintenance.
Available with 60 days moneyback guarantee.


Does not suit everyone’s needs because it takes time to clean your septic tank.

Summary: To sum up the entire discussion we can say that Septifix is the only oxygen releasing septic tank treatment available in the market. It not only clears the obstructions but also removes the bad odour.
Septifix saves you money on the maintenance of wastewater disposal.


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