Roulette Calculators Review – Does It Really Work?

You might think that there is no way to beat the roulette wheel or roulette table because the odds are based on chance. But what if that is not true, and you can win almost any game if you know the proper gambling strategies? This roulette calculator will help you exactly in this way.

There are certain rules that can result in a higher chance of profit. Moreover, all different types of casino games have almost the same basic strategy that helps a player get more money in higher payouts. To trust this online roulette calculator, you need to know more about casinos and game strategy.

Therefore, keep on reading this fun article that will help you know this product more, which helps in playing the online slots game.

What is a roulette wheel game?

There are three famous roulettes played everywhere: a European roulette wheel game, an American roulette wheel game, and a Triple Zero roulette wheel game. Now they all might seem the same and easy to play, but that could not be further from the truth. All of them have a different probability of winning and different ways of having a winning number.

But first of all, roulette is a very simple betting game that anyone can bet on and play, here is more about this game.  All you have to do is place the given chips in designated positions to put your wager and spin the wheel. After this, all you have to do is hope for successful outcomes.

What is a house edge?

In simple terms, the house edge is the advantage that the casino that you are playing has over you. This page describes it in more detail. A lower house edge means that you have more odds of winning huge cash. This is how the casino makes money from the games that you play.

The average gross profit that the casino makes with every bet you place is a house edge. Different games and different casinos have different house edges. Another thing to keep in mind is that the house edge does not depend on the initial bet you made but the overall total amount of money you wager. In the long run, the players do end up losing more money than they expected. Don’t forget that the players already know these things as they are fully disclosed.

Here are some differences between these three types of roulette tables and how they affect the bets you put. They all have different odds, winning probabilities, and house edges.

American roulette sequence

You can opt for an American roulette game or a European one; they all will have some house edges. Here is more about this roulette and its sequences.

The American roulette game has the highest house edge for the number you bet. It has around 5.26% house edge, which, if you calculate, can be quite high. It also has an extra slot named double-zero, which is the biggest reason for such a big house edge. The total amount of a single number on the game is 38.

European roulette wheel

This is the most famous roulette game. It is preferred over the American one any day.

It has a single green pocket zero and 37 pockets in total. The main reason that people choose to have even money bets on European roulette is because of the low house edge this game has. The advantage that the casino has over the European roulette is around 2.7% only. This number is significantly lower than the American one!

Triple zero roulette sequence

Triple zero is the rarest roulette that you will find. These are only available in some US and UK casinos. Moreover, you will find it mostly in online casinos compared to real-life ones.

This is due to a good reason. The odds of winning games through this roulette are much smaller, so roulette players avoid it. Not to mention, the house edges on these games are extremely high as well. The casino gets around a 7.69% advantage on all the money that you win! Yes, this number is extremely high and ridiculous.

However, even if it is a simple game or a double street one, a roulette calculator helps to win in all kinds of roulettes. If you are an avid gambler in real-life casinos or online roulette, this calculator is surely going to come in handy.

What is a Roulette table?

Now you may have only heard about the roulette wheel game, but there is another variation of this number-based game. This is in the form of a table. Don’t worry, though, because this slot game is just as easy and requires the spins.

In fact, the roulette table is a much-simplified version of this ball game because it doesn’t have many variations. The only difference between American and European roulette is that the American one has one more field for the double zeros. These differences, however, do not impact the return-to-player ratio like a roulette wheel does.

Nevertheless, knowing the layout of different roulette games will make it easier for the users to win. A roulette table is much easier to play on online casinos. It also requires the help of a roulette calculator, though the calculator will help to understand the roulette probability better.

How is roulette different than other casino games?

You might wonder why you will need a special calculator to play roulette while other games don’t require it. Moreover, there is a difference between roulettes and slots. So here is why roulette players bet and other casino player bets are different.

Basically, in casino games, there are two types of games, one is based on your skills, and the other is based on your luck. Games that depend on your skill to have a winning payout are online poker and live baccarat. In this, the player places bets by thinking about it, and it affects how it wins.

The other type of casino game is the one based on luck. These require a straight-up bet without the use of the brain and skull. One example of such a game is roulette. The main aim of this game is to predict when the ball will come to a stop in a move called bets. This is when the roulette calculator comes into play. It will predict and understand how to not end up in the gambler’s fallacy. It will see patterns where you won’t be able to. The first spin in these games is of utmost importance, which will determine how to place a bet on the next spin.

What is a Roulette Calculator?

Now comes the important question, why is this calculator so important, and what is it? Many players use this calculator to increase their chances of hitting the jackpot or taking home more money than they lost. This article is a sign that you should look into these calculators!

Whenever you are playing live roulette, you can’t keep in mind all the different aspects that affect the chances of the next number being selected. This calculator is software that will make the decision for you and that too very quickly. It will take into account all the data you input.

Moreover, it helps to control your bankroll, which is the total amount of money you want to invest in gambling. It tells you how to use the money properly and have the best chances of winning in your budget. This cheap software is all you need to play properly. Here are some ways that this product helps successful outcomes.Roulette Calculators Review - Does It Really Work?

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Deciding how much to bet

Since it controls your bankroll, it helps you in deciding the total amount you should invest in one game.  The amount of base betting depends mainly on the total amount of bankroll.

So why is this important? The number you bet on and the amount you bet on will extend the playing time for you and yield better results as well! This will make sure your money spent remains within the budget as well. Many people spend all the money on the first couple of games and then overspend because they have not planned how much to bet.

This will cut the time in which you can play and decrease the chances of you winning. Not to mention, the longer you are playing, the more probability you have of winning!

It also helps to determine a betting amount that is safe. Usually, the betting amount will be 2% of your total bankroll, but this can vary slightly.

Reducing the loss

Another great feature of the roulette calculator is how it minimizes your losses! This is a great feature for when you are a high-risk betting person.

The calculator will help you to make smart choices on the amount you choose to bet. This is why many people use the calculator. The roulette calculator can’t predict if you will win, but it will show you the dealer’s history and spin patterns by analyzing the data. This will help you make a safer bet, so you have more probability of winning in the long run.

How does a Roulette Calculator work?

To a normal and average person, the sequence of numbers on a  roulette wheel might seem random and will not make sense, but to an expert, they will make total sense. There are some rules that all roulettes follow, and the roulette calculator knows this. A roulette calculator works very simply.

No matter the wheel type, the two adjacent pockets will always have different colors, usually black and red. Moreover, a lower number is usually never next to a high number. The next number in the roulette wheel is very different, at least in the European wheel which is recommended over the American one. Lastly, the odd and even numbers are always evenly distributed in the wheel. There are the same number or amount of even numbers and odd numbers!

What is base betting?

Firstly, let’s see what base betting is. The base betting unit is the amount of money that a player always outs on the table. These are constant throughout the betting session. Sticking to this amount ensures that you have the optimal amount of time spent on the table.

After you put your exact amount of bankroll in the software, it will generate three different betting amounts. One of them is a safe unit, then a recommended unit, and a high-risk unit. To get to know more about these three units, keep on reading.

Safe betting unit

These are recommended for beginners. The amount of money is safe to bet on as you will have a minimal loss. It is best for people who are just learning and don’t want to lose huge sums of money.

Usually, a safe betting unit has a betting amount of around 1% of the total bankroll. It will ensure that you play the longest as well. However, many casinos have a betting limit, and they don’t accept money less than $5, so you might not be able to use this option. This is good for online casinos, though, as they have low betting options, although still not for free.

Recommended betting unit

This is the amount that most players go with. It is usually 2% of your total bankroll. This is the best amount to put while playing.

It allows the player to spend the most time while also giving them the adrenaline rush they need. Most casinos accept this amount as well. Moreover, if you have a long losing streak, this amount will minimize the loss. This is because you won’t be losing too much of your money at a time and can stop playing without feeling too defeated.

High-risk betting unit

These are for people who like to spend a lot of money and win a bigger sum of money. Mostly, only experts use this.

Don’t worry, though; it is not a crazy number. The high-risk betting unit is the amount that you can spend while also staying safe. Usually, it corresponds to around 4% of your total bankroll. This number is not recommended for people who get anxious and can’t handle losses because you will be losing a big amount of money.

Roulette Calculator Program

What is in the Roulette Calculator?

If you decide to purchase the roulette calculator, there are two types of membership that you can choose from. There is a monthly membership and a yearly membership.

A monthly membership has,

  • Access to 4 Roulette Calculators
  • Access to private Roulette Calculators Social Network
  • Share table data and strategies with other members
  • Full training and support by our expert team
  • Low monthly payment, cancel any time

A yearly membership has,

  • Access to 4 Roulette Calculators
  • Access to private Roulette Calculators Social Network
  • Share table data and strategies with other members
  • Full training and support by our expert team.
  • One-time payment, no re-bills. 2 months free.

Should you buy this program?

It depends on how much you like roulette. An avid roulette player absolutely needs it. This is a cheap program as well. Buy this from their original website.

Moreover, if you don’t like it, you can get all your money back within 60 days! Not to mention, canceling the membership is very easy to do.

Roulette Calculators 

Frequently Asked Questions About “Roulette Calculators”:

What is Roulette Calculators?

These are online tools that help you place a bet that will have the most successful outcome. The calculators are not always right but will make sure you play for the longest and minimal loss. They can be used for any type of live roulette game. People who play roulette a lot but don't want to lose too much money too fast will be benefitted from a roulette calculator.

How much is the fee for accessing Roulette Calculators?

It depends on the type of calculator you choose. Some of them have extra features like the one in this article which also recommends the amount to bet depending on the dealer you get. The simple ones cost cheaper, but the amount of money is not much. They cost around $25 to $250, depending on the membership you choose. There are monthly ones as well as yearly ones.

Who created Roulette Calculators?

No one really knows who created this calculator, but many people believe that Blaise Pascal introduced a primitive form of roulette in the 17th century. Many companies came up with roulette calculators, so it is difficult to know the first person to have started this.

How can I access Roulette Calculators?

Once you purchase the roulette calculator, who will get an email of confirmation, after which you can access it through that? Moreover, there is a community that can help you access it and use it properly. Therefore, all you need to do is make a payment and then get it and use it from any device of your choice.

Is Roulette Calculators for all?

Yes, anyone can use roulette calculators. This is best for beginners and people who don't want to spend too much money on a game and finish suddenly. However, these calculators can only be used in roulette games and not other casino games. It has options fit for all types of roulette players as well!

Does Roulette Calculators really work?

Yes, it works fine. However, you have to choose a calculator company that is reliable. Many companies claim that they will play for you if you pay them the money. This is a scam. So stay away from companies that claim to do this and instead choose a company with many positive reviews.

What are the comments about Roulette Calculators?

Many people loved it because it helped them reduce the overall losses that they made while playing roulette without a calculator. Here are some reviews so you know you can trust the people. There are many positive reviews about this calculator that changed the lives of roulette players.


It is cheap
Easy to use
Work on mobile, tablet, PC, and even tablet
tells you the history of the dealer


Still requires money
It might not work on all casinos
Not always will yield positive results
You still need to make your own decision

Summary: A roulette calculator helps a person in a roulette game by telling them the right base betting unit. It can work with all different types of roulette games, wheel or table, American or European. It can help in both online and offline casinos. This is software that has monthly and yearly subscriptions options. Playing roulette depends mostly on chance and does not require much skill. However, there are still strategies that winning easier. There are many factors to keep in mind while playing roulette!


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