Niche Marketing Kit Review – Should You Really Buy It?

In this Niche Marketing Kit review article, we give you an honest review on whether this product is worth trying on not for your business. With the increasing popularity of business automation and internet marketing, you no doubt need a product that can help you earn while you have fun with family and friends.

Well, there are many solutions out there, but not every product you see out there labeled as the best “marketing toolkit” is for you. You need to take the time to review each of them. More precisely, you need to know its features, pros, cons, where to get it and even its price. With such information, it becomes easier to make a well-informed purchase decision.

The Niche Marketing Kit Review: What’s It?

Simply explained, the Niche Marketing Kit is an internet marketing toolkit. It comes as a combination of different products with different features that all assist in internet marketing and other related online marketing endeavors.

Some of the tools that come with this package include marketing materials, goods, and tactics all put together to create this all-in-one marketing retail bundle. The consolidation of these products into one package allows people who ran blogs and affiliate marketing sites to monetize and earn from their websites.

The kit claims to help people interested in building online marketing businesses build successful ventures. More precisely, it claims to help affiliate marketers increase their sales and earn through proven strategies and tools. So, if you are interested in venturing into internet marketing and related online businesses, then the Niche Marketing kit might be the right tool to try.

It comes with a number of components that are necessary for making your marketing efforts a success:

  • Web Traffic
  • Video Marketing
  • List Building
  • Internet Marketing Essential
  • Social Media
  • Affiliate Marketing

Each of these components contains a list of other products relevant to each niche. The exact number and type of products under each of these is explored deeply later in this article under the section entitled inside the Niche Marketing Kit.

The Creators: John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson

The Niche Marketing Kit is a product/partner created by John Thornhill together with Dave Nicholson. John Thornhill is a renowned internet marketer from the UK who has over the last couple of years risen to become a leading trainer in matters internet marketing and related areas. Some of the major training programs that feature John Thornhill are those in e-Bay.

It is also worth noting that some of the noble internet marketers include those whom John Thornhill has also helped through his coaching work. So, his collaboration with Dave Nicholson to come up with the Niche Marketing Kit is in one way or another an outcome of their work in internet marketing. They give further info, product seller and other details on their website.

John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson started their journey to building the Niche Marketing Kit a while back but availed it in 2021. Their product is a package of products that they have used and ascertained as to their reasons for success in their career as internet marketers. They argue that the strategies they share are those that have brought them to record commissions.

What Do You Get Inside?

Internet marketing is a wide area and as such different tools including the Niche Marketing Kit toolkit try to target as many aspects of it as possible. In so doing, it ensures that all areas that are essential for online business success are targeted well.

The Niche Marketing Kit promises to help you generate revenue from almost all the leading marketing areas. The package, therefore, comes with five different components. So, when you acquire it, you will get the following products:

1. Affiliate Marketing Niche Product

Affiliate marketing is generally a way of making money online by promoting and selling other people’s products or services. The Niche Marketing Kit component that targets this area looks at it from both the affiliate marketing and distribution perspectives.

Here’s the product list with regards to this affiliate marketing component:

  • PLR package with how to find JV partners
  • PLR package with tips on how to rightly structure sales funnels
  • Affiliate manager’s handbook master resale rights included
  • Lifetime access to the affiliate ad rotator
  • PLR with making affiliate marketing easy
  • Lifetime access to ClickBank affiliate master
  • Affiliate promo formula plus affiliate alliance
  • A master plan with a PLR package
  • Master resale rights which are part and parcel of the Affiliate Profits Blueprint
  • How to identify the most effective affiliate items for promotion with PLR
  • Master resale rights included as part of the affiliate rock start dominion package
  • Master resale rights put together with affiliate blogging video ebook

In addition to the above list of items included in the affiliate marketing niche product, there are some other things that you will get under this section. For instance, you will find some live case studies and exclusive insights. All these according to the creators are meant to complete the affiliate marketing niche product/component complete.

2. Social Media Niche Product

With the increasing use and popularity of social media, most businesses and companies are using it for marketing. Indeed, it is turning out to becoming a very powerful marketing channel. Due to the potential it has, the social media niche product of the Niche Marketing Kit offers tricks and tips of using social media networks.

  • The products under this category include:
  • Lifetime access to the page builder pro
  • Facebook rock star system with master resale rights included
  • Social media profits with master resale rights included
  • Facebook business basics with PLR included
  • Some Facebook marketing secrets
  • Facebook coupon app with PLR included
  • Buzz software with master resale rights included
  • Facebook store builder master resale rights included
  • Crash course on instant twitter marketing plr included
  • Social network marketing master resale rights included

All the items included in the social media products of the Niche Marketing Kit seek to promote the use of social media for marketing. The creators argue that with the use of the these products, one should be able to market their businesses effectively and efficiently.

3. Traffic Generation Niche Product

Website traffic is a great factor when it comes to the success of online businesses. The Niche Marketing Kit has a component that targets website traffic. The website traffic niche product contains a couple of resources that include e-books and training videos on YouTube.

Here are the products that fall under this category:

  • A 45-day traffic generation plan
  • Permanent access to John Thornhill’s traffic solutions
  • Lifetime access to Dave Nicholson’s total website traffic
  • Access to 150,000 articles with full private label rights
  • Traffic generation explosion video course
  • A traffic phoenix or video
  • Google traffic pump system video and an e-book course

According to the product creators, any of the above items under the website traffic niche product can help you make money provided you follow the given guidelines. For instance, it says that some of these components like the Google traffic pump system video or generation explosion video course can work and earn you money in less than 45 days. Whether that is true or not is a matter of trial for interested users of Niche Marketing Kit.

4. List Building Niche Product

Almost every marketing strategy requires list building or the creation of an email list. But, it is not just about list building, but making sure that it helps increase conversions. The list-building component of The Niche Marketing Kit comes with materials that may be of great use to you if you intend to build email lists that you can resale and make a profit.

Here is what is contained in this list building niche:

  • List building evolution video course resale rights included and an e-book on how to construct a list
  • High-quality video sales squeeze page template pack with master resale rights included
  • Exposed video course resale rights included for list building 
  • List building income video course resale rights included
  • 37 list building tips together with private label rights included
  • Renegade video for list building course resale rights included
  • Secrets plr package included for list building 
  • List building for-profits private label rights included
  • 50k mailing list building secrets PLR package included
  • A complete course on ace list building with resale rights included

Arguably, the list-building niche focuses on how you can generate a list of the subscribers that you are targeting. It is also worth noting that list building is a vital task for affiliate marketing. Also, our niche marketing review reveals that even a shortlist might help make money if targets the right group.

5. Video Marketing Niche Product

Video marketing is one of the areas that the Niche Marketing Kit targets. It claims that it is a compelling way of marketing a business or company online. Despite its role, many people have a challenge in executing successful video marketing.

The video marketing niche product of the Niche Marketing Kit thus has the following for its users:

  • Video marketing blueprint video course with master resale rights included
  • The ultimate video course resale rights included
  • Video cash blueprint course master resale rights included
  • Included a video magic product private label rights 
  • Video marketing secrets with master plan PLR package
  • High-quality video with sales page templates
  • 70 high-quality video skin pack
  • High quality video sales squeeze page template pack
  • Hundreds of graphical elements, including source files and articles with full private label rights
  • SEO video warrior e-book plus a video course

In addition to the above products, the video marketing niche product of the Niche Marketing Kit also has other resources targeted towards the same goal. For instance, it has more than 30 videos and other resources aimed at helping users of the kit understand what it takes to carry out successful video marketing strategies.

6. Internet Marketing Essential

The essential internet marketing product has a couple of items that might be useful for beginner marketers looking to grow.

Its products include the following:

Product#1: PLR Material

It offers tips on how you can turn your PLR material into machines that can help you make profit. The creators call it profit-pulling machines.

Product#2: Digital Media

This product covers the essential parts of reaping from digital media. It offers permanent or lifetime access to the digital media solution.

Product#3: Inner Circle

The creators of this product have what they call an inner circle. So, this product is all about John Thornhill’s inner circle.

Product#4: Reseller

The reseller is a 60 minute product. It explores what it takes to rebrand content or products for resale purposes.

As is evident, each of the four products under this category targets a specific aspect of the internet marketing essential category. You might find one or all being relevant for your business.

7. Additional Modules

For the first 50 subscribers, the creators of this marketing product do offer some additional modules. They include the following:

  • Resale rights blueprint
  • Permanent access to own e-book business
  • Unlimited access to your own software website
  • Lifetime access to digital media solution
  • Permanent access to membership master
  • Lifetime access to John’s online business success training
  • Planet SMS digital mentorship
  • Plr home study course
  • E-book 2 video training course

The Niche Marketing Kit Review: The Free Bonus Package Included

A bit of marketing can take your business a long way”. To aid your process or journey of building successful internet marketing for your business, the Niche Marketing Kit offers a couple of free bonuses. These additional tools might not be in the table of contents but are included as a bonus package.

The bonuses here include a free video sales page, templates, audios, PFD courses, and other internet marketing resources. Here is a list of what you’ll get a bonus:

  • 12-month access to free website content private label rights included
  • 70 popup images exclusively for professional use
  • List building secrets private label rights package
  • Premium header templates
  • The promotion blueprint for video training
  • PLR package for your first business or online company
  • Free access to John Thornhill’s and Dave Nicholson’s total web online success training

These bonus resources or tools are availed after you acquire or subscribe to get the Niche Marketing Kit for your business.

What Does PLR Package Mean In Niche Marketing Packages?

PLR package simply means private label rights, which implies that you can rebrand or resell the products containing such labels. Some of the Niche Marketing Kit products that come as PLR package types include:

  • Templates
  • Websites
  • Software
  • Graphic elements
  • E-books
  • List building secrets
  • Video sales page/courses
  • Digital media solutions
  • Social media niche products
  • Other digital content or products

What the PLR package indication in such products means is that you can customize them. You can change them to match your business and reuse or resell them depending on your needs.

While not all products have the label, most of those on the list do bear the label. The list of those that have it is available or listed on the Niche Marketing Kit website.

One-time offer (OTOs) of The Niche Marketing Kit 

In a manner that is rather similar to most Clickbank products, the main “front end” offer of The Niche Marketing Kit is a part of a sales funnel which comprises both down sells and upsells. Additional offers of such sort are designed in such a manner to add extra value to the kit.

When you are willing to make a risky venture and go a few extra miles to invest more, it can be highly benefited from this. Even though the concept of OTOs seems stressful to some people, the concept is not that difficult.

But if you are unclear about what OTO  is and how it’s related to the Niche Marketing Kit, here is how it works. An OTO can be referred to as a one-time offer, which is also known as an upsell.

These are additional offers that are made after you buy the form end product, making way for them to be added to your order with a single click. This single-click feature allows it to be referred to by one-click upsell. A down-sell takes palace after an upsell occurs. Downsells generally offer products that are similar to upsells, but at a lower price

When it comes to the matter of products that are front end, the front end offers will give you access to a membership website. This facility will allow you to have access to a membership website which will make way for you to download a wide variety of resources. You will also be able to have access to various links, through which you will be able to enter various other sites and resources.

Upsells and Down sells of the Niche Marketing Kit

In the case of the first upsell or upsell #1, the first OTO is an extra package of private label rights, where you will receive around ninety-nine of such rights which are product packages that are set to go. The second upsell offer will provide you with around 99 premier websites which you can use for your own marketing purposes. The third upsell or upsell #3, is a monthly subscription to private label rights that will give you access to their product called Store Buildr.

The first down-sell or down sell #1 is a smaller version of the first upsell, where instead of receiving 99 private label rights packages you will receive around 25 private label rights packages. The second down sell, in a much similar manner to the first OTO, provides access to only 25 websites instead of 99.

What sort of people should use the product?

First of all, the program is very easy to follow, and it covers all the fundamentals of online marketing transactions into difficult and advanced topics. The products are designed for not only beginners to use, but also for advanced-level marketers.

The following sorts of people can be highly benefited from this product: 

  • Digital marketers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • Email marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Paid advertisers
  • E-commerce owners
  • Youtube bloggers
  • Content creators
  • Freelancers
  • Product owners
  • All sorts of business owners

Even if you are a person with zero ideas about any of these topics, the product will surely be able to turn you into an expert.

The Niche Marketing Kit Review: So, Should You Acquire It?

This question does not require a direct yes or no. It needs a comprehensive Niche Marketing Kit review to determine its suitability. Ideally, any tool should help you carry out effective internet marketing.

With regards to the Niche Marketing Kit, here are some points are given by users in the marketing industry and its creators when it comes to the effectiveness of this tool:


The package promotes simple yet effective marketing strategies ranging from affiliate marketing, list building, social media plan, complete traffic generation, marketing master plan PLR, and others. It explains all these and offers simple strategies for using them.

Monetizing Your Website

The website traffic niche offers tips on how to build a membership website that earns. It specifically provides a WordPress plugin, so you can add your own affiliate ads and monetize your website.

Tested Strategies Included

The Niche Marketing Kit is a combination of John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson’s total web strategies for successful marketing. So, giving it a try might be a good idea if you want an internet marketing tool that is tested and proven to work.

Traffic Training

With businesses and companies going online, learning the art of attracting traffic is no doubt good for any marketing strategy or plan. Complete traffic generation part of the Niche Marketing Kit comes with a package of products that deal with traffic training for businesses or marketers.

Customizable Package

According to the creators, Niche Marketing comes as a package that you can customize to suit the marketing needs of your business. That might be a big plus for you since businesses are unique hence there is no package that cuts across.

Extensive Research

The fact that the Niche Marketing kit is a product created by experienced marketers who have done extensive research gives it another plus. This means that if you decide to try, you will be trying a product test created after years of research in marketing.

Based on the above points, you possibly now have an idea of whether this tool is something you should try or not. However, while there are many good points about it, you should also know that this is a relatively new product that and maybe some things about it are yet to be discovered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Work?

The creators argue that you can get your money back if it does not work

Can I Get It For Free?

No, you need to buy it

Is It Legit?

There is no evidence of its illegitimacy though some sites use the “fear factor” to attract readers

The Niche Marketing Kit Review: Our Final Take

Our Niche Marketing Kit review article has explored all the important aspects worth knowing about this internet marketing product. Based on our assessment and search for information about it, we did not come across any Niche Marketing Kit review page that raises a red flag. If you also make a quick search online, you’ll hardly see anything related to scamming or spamming about it.

As a wrap-up, while there is no Niche Marketing Kit review that faults it, we would not encourage everyone to try it. If you are a newbie, the best thing would be to get a website first and start marketing your business. Once you are somewhere and have gained some expertise then maybe you can consider it.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Niche Marketing Kit”:

What is Niche Marketing Kit?

It is an internet marketing toolkit, It has a combination of different products with different features that all assist in internet marketing and other related online marketing endeavors.

Where can I use Niche Marketing Kit?

You can use the Niche Marketing Kit in your internet business. It will help you promote your products to a large number of people and draw in potential customers.

How much does Niche Marketing Kit cost?

The price of the Niche Marketing Kit is quite reasonable and is thus affordable. It costs less than twenty dollars and can be purchased by everyone willing to expand their online business.

What's included in the Niche Marketing Kit?

These are the following things that are included in the Niche Marketing Kit: Affiliate Marketing Niche Product, Social Media Marketing Niche Product, Traffic Generation Niche Product, Video Marketing Niche Product, and Internet Marketing Niche Product.

Who created the Niche Marketing Kit?

The Niche marketing Kit was created by two individuals, John Thornhill, a renowned internet marketer from the UK, and Dave Nicholson. Together they created this Niche marketing kit.

Is Niche Marketing Kit helpful for my online business?

Yes, Niche Marketing is helpful for your online business. It will be able to attract more people and thus, draw in more potential clients. All you need to do is invest.

What are the feedbacks from customers who used the Niche Marketing Kit?

According to the feedback of the customers about the Niche Marketing Kit, they found it very simple and easy to use. A lot of them were able to learn a lot of new things.


Covers a lot of areas related to affiliate marketing

It is created by highly experienced internet marketers

Has been termed as the best internet marketing tool by users and experts

Offers the best internet marketing information


It doesn’t offer support or guarantee success for newbies who might be interested in building their websites

Summary: The Niche Marketing Kit might be a good collection of tools for someone in need of the best affiliate marketing products for their online business or companies. It is created by renowned internet marketers as a collection of tools aimed at making internet marketing an easy process. So, if you’ve been looking for an affiliate marketing master plan, then this might be a product to try.


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