My Shocking Feminine Frequency Review

Feminine frequency is a program that focuses on feminine energy. If you want a healthy and fulfilling relationship with men and your life, you can manifest it. However, manifesting is not always easy, which is why this audio frequency book was created for every woman and even man.

This product review will talk in detail regarding this program so you can reach a purchasing decision by the end of the review. It is mainly for women so if you are one, keep on reading. I mean, what is there to even lose?

What Is Feminine Energy?

Before knowing what this program is all about in this review details, you need to know feminine energy or frequency.

Have you met other women who attract men everywhere they go? They know exactly what they want and seem to move with the flow of life. This is because they have reached their full feminine range and found their feminine energy. In simple words, they know their souls’ true desires and have, in fact, achieved them.

So What Is It?

Everyone has desires. You might want a good love life, wealth, success, friendships, or just want to feel empowered. Whatever that you want, you have the ability to manifest it and create it out of your heart. According to Dr. Rollin McGrath, a Ukrainian expert, the heart is five times stronger than the brain.

This means that with guided meditation, you can manifest love and everything in between with just a miracle mindset. Basically, you can attract an abundance of things if you learn to manifest from your heart and not your brain.

Not to mention, with faith, you will discover this technique to be much easier. You will learn to embrace your creative energy, dance, play, and attune to your internal process with ease.

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What Is This Program?

In simple terms, if you purchase this cheap program, you will listen to your body and understand the law of attraction through your heart and not your brain. This journey will be easy and require only a few steps, and you will see the changes in you and the world.

It is all based on the work of Dr. Stanislav Grof. You will cultivate love-based thoughts and let go of all the negativity through the program. It is for women who want to connect to the universe around them and channel their inner goddesses without an ounce of self-doubt. The best part is that you can achieve all of this at home.

However, keep in mind that this is not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Therefore, if you have serious mental health needs, it is best to go to a professional and not rely on this program alone.

Feminine Frequency Reviews

You can find all the positive reviews that people leave. One such user, Anna, said, “it WORKED! I listened to feminine frequency last night, and this morning my boss sent my name in for a position in senior management. Plus, I met a cute guy at the coffee shop!!”

Who Created This Program?

To trust a program fully, you need to know who created it and its journey. The feminine frequency program was created by a woman named Alexis Watts. Although not a professional physician, she went through FDA-approved research to create this program with Maria.

What Is Their Story?

Maria and Alexis worked the same job; however, Maria got all the promotions and men while Alexis was stuck in the same position. This made Alexis wonder how Maria could have so much control over her life while she did not?

That is when they both went on a trip to Ukraine, which changed their lives for the better. On the way, Maria told her that most women do not know how to use the law of attraction to manifest the things they want. But, all you need to do is manifest using your heart and not your brain.

After this, Alexis went to the Breathwork Institute with Maria, and it changed her life in just three visits. The first two visits were not as effective, but things changed on that last day, and Alexis found herself connecting with the universe and letting go of all the fear while letting in the light.

This new experience increased her confidence and decreased all her fear-based thoughts. This is why she wanted to share it with the world as well after working for four years with her best friend. Alexis and Maria then made their own team to publicize the program.

How Does The Program Help With A Healthy And Fulfilling Relationship?

The program achieves the goals through three phases. The feminine frequency work is easy if you follow the guidelines revealed in the program. With just $27 and no additional cost, you can purchase this from here.  

The three phases of the high-quality products are listed below:

Phase 1: The phase helps to free yourself from self-doubt. There are 7-7-7 breathing techniques included that will boost confidence by letting your authentic self emerge, creating a feminine connection with yourself.

Phase 2: This is the sacral energy healing phase. You can create new life from your sacral chakra. You will learn to create the life that you want while making you more sexually appealing. This is a very important phase, although it might not seem like one.

Phase 3: The heart-opening stage. You will finally feel the difference in this phase. All feminine frequency reviews express a change during the last phase. Your heart will burst open to accept new and positive changes. The third stage is when your feminine energy finally turns on.

You will have to repeat these exercises daily for only 30 minutes. If they don’t work for you within 60 days, you can even get all your money back! There is literally nothing to lose.

Other free bonuses with the program

We only recommend high-quality products, and this is one of them. Although individual results may vary, they will make a difference for all women.

Another example of why this feminine frequency program is so great is because of all the free stuff you get. Feminine attraction can be even easier to achieve through these three bonuses in the product recommended.

First of all, you get a CD which is called “affirmation audio.” This will help you believe in yourself more. It is recommended to listen to it every morning so you can own the day.

Next, you will get a subliminal video that will increase your outer beauty. This should be used before an interview or date because you will feel the difference in confidence.

Lastly, you will get a manifestation art or sigil, which will attract positive energy. All you will need to do is look at it for 10 seconds, and you will positively attract life.

Therefore, after all the review details are shared, you should visit and see it for yourself. The money they take is for the research and editorial team so they can keep on improving their program and backing it up with research.


You can get promotions
It is cheap
Can be done at home
Helps to manifest the life you truly want
Helps to boost confidence
Gets rid of negative thought


Does cost money
Results are not immediate
Can only be bought online
Requires high amount of focus each day

Summary: Use the feminine frequency program and see what all the successful women feel like. You can learn to meditate and manifest through your heart and not your brain which will make it so much more powerful. Not to mention, it is much easier and all it requires is to listen to the audio provided.


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