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Making money depends on your qualifications and skills. But there are many examples of people who became successful even though they had not gotten a college education. So, even if you don’t have the proper qualification, you can learn a skill and begin making money off of it.

You can learn new skills either by joining an online course or a local training program and don’t need a degree to join a course as well. Once you have a course, you can learn all about making money by using your skills. You can indeed learn skills even if you haven’t gotten a proper education. But you will need guidance and training to master your skills.

A lot of people are earning money online these days, but it isn’t something they became an expert of overnight. The people who are making thousands of dollars online every day started more than a decade ago. So, if you are joining the online market today, you will have to be patient.

You will be able to join the list of affiliates who generate massive traffic if you get good training. However, for training, you also need a good teacher. Only someone with the right experience can teach you how to start making money online.

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Is an Online Business Profitable?

The internet is a remarkable thing. It is changing every aspect of our lives. The way we do business has also changed because of the internet.

Many people are making money online these days. Whether it is an online business or a work-from-home job, making money through the internet is possible. But due to the popularity of online businesses, the market has become very competitive. It is not easy for beginners to start a sustainable online business.

However, that does not mean that starting an online company is impossible. As long as you can get the right training, you will easily make money online. There are certain dos and don’ts of online business that you should keep in mind if you want to make a profit.

Although we love to rely on Google, you cannot look up ‘how to start up your online business?’ and expect to get the answer you need. In the beginning, anyone could try their hands at making money through the internet. But nowadays, you can’t survive in the online marketplace if you don’t have basic knowledge about it. The online system has become a lot more complicated in recent years. People cannot make profits without giving their 200%.

Why is Working Online Important?

Nowadays, every other person is using the internet to make money. Some work as freelancers and sell their services from the comfort of their homes, while others set up online shops and sell products.

The world is never kind to people who don’t keep up with the trends. Every company is moving to the world wide web these days to stay connected to its customers. But there are still many businesses that have not realized the importance of the internet as a marketplace. With constantly increasing prices, the more you earn, the less it will feel, which is why it is crucial to have multiple sources of income.

So, even if you have a great job, there’s no harm in doing a little work on the side. There are a lot of online jobs you can learn with the help of training. The internet is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it is going to become even more important in the future.

So, the internet is very important for any startup that wants to succeed in the long run. What is good about working online is you can choose from a bunch of options. Even if you are a beginner with no experience in online work, you will have the opportunity to choose. You can select the option that matches your interests. For instance, if you are into writing, you can become a content writer. If you are into blogging, you can become an affiliate.

What is an Affiliate Program?

There are different types of digital marketing that companies can rely on to promote their products to consumers. One such type of marketing is the basis of the creation of affiliate programs.

In an affiliate program, a company hires affiliates to promote its products. It is the duty of affiliates to create original content to attract potential customers. An affiliate makes a profit when they send traffic to their employer’s website or when a sale gets completed through their link.

Affiliates programs are beneficial for companies as they only have to pay when a task is accomplished. With the increasing popularity of affiliate programs, it has become difficult for beginners to get into them.

Companies prefer experienced affiliates over newbies. But this doesn’t mean that it is impossible for newbies to join an affiliate program. Anyone who wants to get into affiliate programs should get the proper training first. Through an affiliate marketing training program, they can learn the basics of being an affiliate. Only through training can you become a wealthy affiliate.

What Do Training Programs Do?

When someone wants to make money online, they start looking up training courses. They know that the right one can teach them how to make money through the internet.

But not every training program is going to be effective. Many expensive training courses are a waste of your time and money because they don’t teach you anything beneficial about the online business market.

However, there are also good training programs that were created just to help people. Such a program can teach you how to become the best affiliate and start making money immediately. It is worth mentioning that a training program can only provide you with the right guidance; it can’t take the necessary steps for you.

If you want to start your business, you will have to start acting on everything you are learning in the course. Only by taking action can you start your journey towards success.

Which Training Course Should I Sign Up For?

It can be challenging to figure out which program is a scam designed to help people. But there could be an easier way to check if which program is better. You can look up the reviews of the most popular training courses and then join the one that matches your preferences.

Although affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online, many courses don’t cover this topic. So, make sure you are going with a system that will teach you affiliate marketing. By studying affiliate marketing, you will be able to start making money in no time.

What is My Online Startup?

If you are looking into training programs that can teach you about affiliate marketing, then My Online Startup is definitely worth checking out. It is an online course that can teach beginner-level affiliates how to start converting leads into sales.

It may seem like making money through the internet is easy, but it is actually tough. You cannot start an online business if you don’t know the basics of affiliate marketing.

An affiliate marketer can make thousands of dollars daily if they generate enough traffic and each lead converts into a sale. But people don’t know how to accomplish this task. With the proper training, everything can become possible, and that’s what My Online Startup is offering, turning your dreams into reality.

Chuck Nguyen

Chuck Nguyen started My Online Startup to help beginners who want to make money through affiliate marketing but don’t know how to do it.

The purpose behind creating My Online Startup was to provide people with guidance about affiliate marketing and keep them safe from scammers. Many people in the past have scammed Chuck Nguyen. He knows that the ‘gurus’ who claim they know everything about affiliate marketing only use automated methods instead of keeping up to date with the latest techniques.

A business cannot survive if it relies on old methods of marketing. But a newbie will not be able to understand it. Chuck Nguyen has enough experience with the online marketplace, which is why he knows how to guide people towards success. When Chuck Nguyen achieved success after getting scammed by people, he realized that he had to teach other people too. Chuck wanted to make sure no other person got scammed by the fake ‘gurus’ who don’t know anything about digital marketing.

How Does it Work?

Nowadays, every website wants you to sign up on its platform. But when it comes to certain websites, the signup process is a mess. Visitors are asked to provide a lot of information simply for opening up an account. Some people give up making an account on a website simply because they are not comfortable sharing all of their information online.

Whether you mind sharing your mind or not, you can’t deny that the lengthy signup process on websites is very annoying. Fortunately, My Online Startup does not have such a signup process. You can create your account within seconds.

Once you are set with your email address, you can begin your My Online Startup journey. The process of joining My Online Startup is quite simple. One thing worth mentioning is the course and the membership is both completely free.

The Signup Process

Check is sharing everything he has learned on his journey towards success with others completely for free. Once you visit the My Online Startup website, you will see a signup form. You don’t need your credit card information to fill out the form because you won’t be buying anything. There is going to be an option for signing up for the course, and that’s all.

When you enter your information in the form and hit enter, you will be asked to verify your email. My Online Startup will send you an email with a link to verify your account. If you can’t find the email in the primary folder, check the other folders, including promotions and socials.

Sometimes, emails get sorted in an incorrect way, and people think they just haven’t received them. After locating the email sent by My Online Startup, you should click the link in it to complete setting up your account.

After that’s done, you can sign in with your username and password and go to the membership tab. The membership tab will show you a glimpse into what My Online Startup is offering. You can see for yourself whether Chuck is offering you valuable information about affiliate marketing or not.

What Do You Get After Signing Up?

My Online Startup is a free training course for people who want to start an online business. You can click the menu My Online Startup on the official website to find out all about the training.

The program will provide you with all the guidance you need to start a successful online business. After signing up, you will be given access to a free online course that will teach you how to start your six-figure online business.

The course consists of different media files. You will get both visual and written material. You can watch the videos to learn about the secrets of online marketing. You should also take notes while watching videos so you can put your newly acquired knowledge to the test later.

This course will explain the process step-by-step so you can understand it in a better way. Along with the training videos, you will also get access to a community of like-minded individuals for free.

The Results

In the forum, you can discuss new ideas about your business with the members. You can also get inspired by the ideas of others. The platform is what will keep you motivated to work harder. Seeing so many like-minded individuals become successful will also lead you towards success.

It’s one program created by Chuck Nguyen that will teach you how to earn easy commissions and help you unlock additional income streams.

You will never have to worry about money again once you start working on the teachings of Chuck. If you need more convincing, there is always the option of looking up any My Online Startup review to learn more about what Chuck is offering you, but since you don’t have to invest, you can join the program and see for yourself. A review can only tell you of someone else’s experience with My Online Startup. You won’t need a review if you join the course yourself.

My Online Startup Review

Finding a free course these days is not difficult. But finding a free course that can teach you industry secrets is impossible. A course that can review every aspect of marketing for you in the simplest way is worth signing up for.

Chuck created My Online Startup to provide free training to those who want to earn money through the internet. With the increase in competition, it feels like becoming a wealthy affiliate is impossible. But with My Online Startup course, anything is possible.

The free-to-join course teaches people how to get started in the world of affiliate marketing. The program consists of video tutorials and written material. There’s no special requirement you must fulfill to join the free training program of Chuck. You will become a free member simply by entering your name, date of birth, and email address.

The best thing about My Online Startup is there are no paid training videos. A free member can access all the training material of the course easily.

How to Get Started?

You can have all the help in life, and you still won’t succeed if you don’t step up and make an effort. People are often so scared of failure that they don’t even try. But you can’t know whether something will work for you or not if you don’t give it a try.

Every successful product and service has to go through trials to get accepted. You can also find the perfect option for your future if you try out different things. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced marketer, My Online Startup cannot take you to the heights of success if you are not ready to make an effort yourself.

An affiliate marketing course can teach you ways of making money online, but it cannot create an email list for you or write unique content on your website. The best way to make the most of the course is by putting it all into practice. You cannot become a wealthy affiliate without a website. So, you can start setting up your WordPress profile.

Although you don’t necessarily have to choose WordPress for your affiliate marketing website, many marketers find it better than other websites. Once you have set up your WordPress account, you should start creating unique content to attract traffic. The more traffic you get, the easier it will be for you to get into affiliate programs.

When you get your affiliate link, you can start adding it to your content. You can also share your posts with the affiliate link on social media to improve traffic.

The Step-By-Step Method

You can review the information you have learned via My Online Startup and follow the teachings of Chuck at your speed. But if there are one thing members like about My Online Startup, it teaches you step-by-step.

A review cannot honestly explain to you how beneficial the step-by-step method can be. Chuck understands the importance of mental well-being, which is why the steps are designed to be easy to keep up with.

If the first step will provide you with information to review, the step 2 success mindset will change your thinking. You can conquer the whole world with a positive attitude. But it is not easy to develop a positive mindset.

When you are struggling against qualified competitors, it is not easy to let your stress go. But with the step-by-step method of My Online Startup, achieving success will become easier.

What Will You Learn from My Online Startup?

Most free-to-join courses don’t offer students a lot of information. If a course does not teach you how to bring traffic to your WordPress, it is of no use to you. But My Online Startup is not like other training courses. It will teach you everything about commissions and marketing. So, if you are wondering what My Online Startup is will guide me, here’s your answer.

  1. Email List

Earning commissions is not easy if you are a beginner. But once you learn how to make your targeted email lists, making money will become easier. After joining My Online Startup, you will be able to make your targeted email lists easily.

  1. Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the hardest things to accomplish for beginners. And if an affiliate cannot bring leads, they won’t be able to make commissions. With My Online Startup, you can learn about the lead generation system.

  1. Targeted Solo Ads

If you want to become a successful affiliate, you need to know all about solo ads. You can buy solo ads from other affiliates when you are in training. But once you create strong email lists of your own, you can also start selling solo ads.

  1. Income Streams

My Online Startup will make it possible for you to earn easy commissions through multiple programs. It is the best way to ensure that you are making income from numerous sources.

  1. Commissions

Chuck knows that not everyone knows the different types of commissions companies offer affiliates. As a member, you will learn all about commissions so you can become a wealthy affiliate easily.

  1. Forum Marketing

My Online Startup will help you connect with other members through a forum. Forum marketing is also a part of affiliate marketing training and can teach you a lot about a business program.

  1. Business Strategies

You can start an affiliate marketing business today, but you won’t make any profits if your business model is not right. At My Online Startup, you will get free affiliate marketing business training to succeed as a business owner.

Why Is My Online Startup Free?

You can’t get anything for free nowadays. Even as a favor, no one will give you anything for free. If something is available for free, it is often considered useless.

But this isn’t the case with My Online Startup, a free training course for people who want to join affiliate programs but have little to no experience. You can visit the menu My Online Startup and review the data there. You will learn about all the information Chuck plans to share with the free members.

People pay thousands of dollars to get business advice, but they still end up with no success. After seeing the success stories of My Online Startup students, people wonder why the program is free. Well, the answer is quite simple and wholesome. When he struggled to establish himself in the online marketplace, Chuck Nguyen was scammed by many people.

By the time Chuck became successful, he had resolved never to let scammers hurt other people. To protect people from scammers, he decided to start an awareness campaign in the form of a training course.

Chuck has taught people how to avoid scammers and establish their business model successfully through the training course. The program that has benefitted so many people is available for free, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

What’s the Catch?

My Online Startup is a remarkable training program that can teach you how affiliate marketing works in simple steps. It is a free course created by Chuck Nguyen to help people earn easy commissions.

Since My Online Startup is giving free training to every member, it sounds too good to be true. Some people ask, ‘is My Online Startup a scam?’ However, every My Online Startup review proves that it is not a scam.

There is, however, a catch. Every member will be encouraged during the free training to join the partner program. To join the partner program, a member will have to pay a fee. Once a member becomes a partner, they can promote My Online Startup and earn commissions.

Once you join the free training program created by Chuck, you will see how valuable it is. As a member, you will learn a lot of things about traffic, leads, and sales. You will learn everything you need to know to become an authorized affiliate.

The system created by Chuck can turn you into a wealthy affiliate in no time. But the system is also quite fascinating. Everyone taught by Chuck would want to join My Online Startup so they can promote the program that has helped them so much.

If you join My Online Startup, you can earn easy commissions without promoting a fake product. However, the choice rests with every free member.

One thing worth mentioning is that there’s a one-time fee for the partner program. You can become a lifetime partner with a one-time payment. But you will earn commissions every time you promote My Online Startup.

What Are People Saying About My Online Startup?

An independent review is the most important piece of information about a program. The internet has made it easier for people to share their opinions about things. Whenever you try something new, you feel tempted to write about it on the internet.

By writing reviews online, we help each other in finding the best products. Sometimes, a well-marketed product may not be good for the general public. But people can only figure this out if one of the reviews is negative.

It is worth mentioning that not all negative reviews should be taken seriously. Competitors write some negative reviews to damage the reputation of a company.

My Online Startup is completely free, which is why you won’t be risking your money by joining it. But people would still want to know if the system created by Chuck is reliable or not. The best way to figure out whether the system is useful or not is to read each My Online Startup review available on third-party websites. My Online Startup review written by a member can tell you all you need to know about the system.

When reading My Online Startup review, focus on what the reviewer wrote about their experience. If you want to make money with My Online Startup, you should go through each My Online Startup review and see what people say about the system. If the system of Chuck is teaching people about traffics and leads, it can definitely turn them into successful affiliates.

Tools & Resources

Aside from the video lessons available in My Online Startup program, you’ll get a long list of tools and resources you’ll need to build your business. However, most of these tools are not included in My Online Startup program; all you will get is a long list. What is required is to use the list to your advantage. Also, you’ll have to invest in your business irrespective of the free membership.

In other words, you will find tools and resource recommendations containing the following:

Wealthy Affiliate






Jumpstart Theme

LongTail Pro



Thrive Leads

Thrive Themes


And more!

Is My Online Startup program an MLM or Pyramid Scheme?

My Online Startup program is not a multi-level marketing company or a strict pyramid scheme. However, it does possess elements of both as the subscribers go on to promote the same programs to others.

Referencing Wikipedia,

pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme.”

Investopedia defines an MLM as:

“A strategy used to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors who are paid a percentage of their recruits’ sales.”

As seen online, the most subscribers of My Online Startup program are students who have shared their success stories. They have referred their mates to the program, and as such, it qualifies as MLM or pyramid scheme but in a different dimensions.

At the very least, My Online Startup program is a done-for-you sales funnel that involves upgrading to earn more commission when promoting partner programs.

Is My Online Startup Worth Joining?

A review can paint an unbiased picture of a product or service. But it still can’t make your decision for you. Although My Online Startup is available for free, it may still not be the right choice for you. Only you can decide whether it is worth joining or not. You can only get relevant information about the program from the internet.

However, the information will help you with making your decision. If you think you can sit through more than 50 hours of video training and follow the steps shown in the videos, you should definitely sign up for My Online Startup.

Since the program is free, you don’t have to worry about wasting your money. If you don’t like the course or find it too complicated to follow, you can leave it midway.

But if you signup for the training, it is recommended that you go through every video and reading material. The stuff that may not make sense to you in the beginning, will become clear with time.

Can My Online Startup Make Me Successful?

Everybody wants to become successful in life, but no one is ready to make reasonable efforts for it. The philosophy of life should always revolve around hard work, but people have become lazy over centuries. People forget that shortcuts only bring successes that don’t last. A success that lasts forever is the one that is the most important.

My Online Startup has guided many people towards success. But not everyone who joined My Online Startup became a millionaire. Success cannot be achieved easily. If you are hasty, then you will definitely fail to become successful.

My Online Startup is the perfect program for people who desperately want to succeed in life. But to achieve success with the help of My Online Startup or any other service, you will have to work really hard.

A training course will not teach you how to wave your wand and get money in your bank account. However, it will teach you how to work towards success and endless income. You can become successful with the help of My Online Startup if you are ready to work hard. When you work tirelessly and with dedication, achieving success will become easier.


The program created for newbies by Chuck Nguyen can be highly beneficial for you. Since you don’t have to pay anything to sign up for it, you should definitely give it a try and see if it works for you or not.

Many people who have benefitted from Chuck’s teachings are proof that the system works. However, you cannot be certain until you give it a try yourself.

There’s no harm in giving the system of Chuck a chance. If you find it useful, you can also become a partner. Earning money will become a lot easier if you become a partner in the firm. So, check the training course designed by Chuck Nguyen today and find out if it can teach you affiliate marketing or not.

Frequently Asked Questions About “My Online Startup”:

What is My Online Startup program?

My Online Startup program is a free video training course that teaches people how to start and build an online business legit and how to become a successful online entrepreneur or affiliate marketer.

What do I get from the My Online Startup program?

You will get step-by-step training from this program to teach you how to succeed in affiliate marketing. You will also get one-on-one support with your partner, who will work for hand in hand with you to generate income online.

Who is the My Online Startup program for?

This program is created for anyone who wants to get started with affiliate marketing, who wants to be financially free, and beginners and professionals in the affiliate marketing space.

How much does the My Online Startup program cost?

Interestingly, you can join MOS on this program for FREE. This gives you hours of free. To achieve this, you will need to purchase effective tools with a one-time payment of $197 to upgrade.

What are the benefits of the My Online Startup program?

This program makes it easy by providing promotional tools and resources on social media and blogs. It's also a free training with lots of value featuring one-time insider membership rather than a monthly membership, to mention but few.

Who is the creator of the My Online Startup program?

The brain behind the Online Startup program is Chuck Nguyen. He started his online business in affiliate marketing in 2012 and worked himself up the affiliate marketing ranks over the years to super affiliate status.

How does the My Online Startup program work?

Chuck shares everything he garnered on his way to success with you for free. Just sign up for this program, and you begin to get effective results once you follow the steps and guidelines.



-Making an income online will become easier with the help of My Online Startup.
-You will be able to join the list of wealthy affiliates.
-You will learn how to increase the traffic on your website.
-Every free member will also have access to a community where they can connect with other affiliates and learn from each other.


-You may not be able to make a satisfactory income online even after joining My Online Startup.
-An increase in traffic may not always bring results.
-The system of Chuck may be too complicated for beginners.
-Some people may have trouble following along with the videos.

Summary: My Online Startup is a free training course designed by Chuck Nguyen. It can teach you how to make an income online through affiliate marketing. The system of Chuck will also teach you about traffic, leads, and sales so you can succeed as an affiliate. The program is available for free and the signup process is also quite simple.


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