Mayan Wisdom Academy Review – The Wisdom You Need?

The spiritual gurus of the Mayan people hold the answers to all your problems. Thanks to their membership, people who want to achieve any goal in their life have access to Mayan spiritual leaders who can help them do so. This Mayan Wisdom Academy review analyzes how this holistic technique helps people. It’s neither a meditation class nor a spiritual practice of any kind. To explain, the Mayan philosophy’s concepts liberate your mind from the chains of money, success, and worldly possessions. So by joining the Mayan Wisdom Academy program, you can improve your way of thinking and become a better version of yourself.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Review

What is Mayan Wisdom?

It is a program that aims to improve the lives of people. Ancient Mayan spiritual teachings were kept a secret from the rest of the world until recently.

It is possible to free oneself from psychological and physical problems. You enjoy unlimited financial freedom through the secret ancient Mayan teaching methods.

If you want to achieve holistic health, you should accept yourself and distance yourself from those who spread negativity.

Mayan wisdom project is not a spiritual practice or a meditation class. Allowing yourself to let go of societal expectations about wealth, success, and consumerism is a personal and profoundly transformative experience.

As soon as you remove all the obstacles from your path, it will be easier to achieve your goals.

The Mayan Wisdom Project Program

Who came up with the idea for the Mayan wisdom course?

As stated on the Mayan Wisdom Academy’s official website, Sulbivarios created it. As a Mayan elder, her father was one of the most influential and authentic Mayan spiritual leaders. The founder claims that anyone can learn a lot about themselves.

During her sleepless nights, she had no idea how to deal with the challenges of life until she turned her attention to a long-standing Mayan ritual. By doing so, she avoided negativity and tension in her life, and she discovered the meaning of her life. Above all she wanted to help as many people as she could who were going through the same things she was in her own life. 

What will you learn at the Mayan Wisdom Academy?

The Mayan Academy was founded to distribute the Mayan Wisdom that the Mayan community’s spiritual leader left to improve individuals. So after joining this academy, you can expect to have the following learning experiences: 

Video Courses

If you enroll in the Mayan Wisdom Academy course, you will have unlimited access to all the video courses of your preference. You will get access to the new on-demand content as part of your membership as well. 


Besides these benefits, you will receive new meditation techniques each month that will help you connect with the universe and yourself on a deeper level. 

Members-Only Community

Those who have enrolled in the Mayan Academy program are a part of this privileged group. Also, you can help one another on your spiritual journey by sharing your experiences. 

Live Webinar

The spiritual leaders of the Mayan Wisdom Academy take part in a monthly live webinar event. All students now have the opportunity to interact with leaders and enjoy their experiences.

Practical Exercises

There are plenty of opportunities to put into practice what you’ve learned in Mayan philosophy. It’s possible to witness huge improvements as a result of the rigorous practical training. Your body and mind will enjoy this treatment.


You’ll get so much out of becoming a member of the Mayan Wisdom Academy. After deciding to join the academy, you’ll gain access to many more advantages. A few of the advantages include: 

  • Personal growth and development through in-depth self-awareness
  • Secondly, You will develop a higher level of consciousness and improve mental health.
  • Thirdly, it will improve your current condition so that you can live the life you’ve always wished for.
  • Lastly, Ancient Mayan wisdom will inspire and assist you in overcoming any financial difficulties you may be experiencing. You’ll get unlimited financial freedom.

Is Mayan Wisdom Academy Legit?

Since many people ask this question: “Is the Mayan Wisdom program genuine?” The answer is “Yes”. Mayan Academy course is a legit source to learn ancient Mayan healing techniques and have spiritual wisdom.

For ages, Maya Wisdom has been across the world. According to the Mayan Wisdom Academy reviews, thousands of people have benefited from holistic health activities and spirituality to improve their and emotional well-being. To assist you in recognizing and overcoming your issues from the inside, they practice and propagate these words through the lessons of the Mayan community’s pioneers.

Mayan Wisdom program serves as a pillar of support in all elements of your life, reducing your physical pain and mental exhaustion and improving your holistic health.

Mayan Wisdom Academy Review - The Wisdom You Need?

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Mayan Wisdom Academy Pricing and Membership

Subscribers to Mayan Wisdom Academy have a couple of options. All of the possible benefits of the features described in the Mayan Wisdom Academy are only available on the official websites, so any Mayan Wisdom academy customer should keep this in mind while signing up for the service. Mayan Wisdom Academy’s official website is where you can get all of the awards and avoid any cheating.

The cost of a Mayan Wisdom Academy membership is $67 per month. Every month you’ll have access to videos, practical exercises, ancient holistic health practices, and webinars that will help you shift your perspective on life. In addition you’ll get guided meditations and practical exercises that will help you cultivate higher wisdom. Therefore you’ll also be able to communicate with other members of the community.

After signing up for the program, you’ll get a first-hand look. You’ll gain immediate access to the 30-day trial after purchasing it on the website. If you do not cancel your subscription after your trial period, you will be charged the full amount and have access to Mayan world for the next month.

Who are the mentors?

Renowned Mayan elders who have learned ancient wisdom through a lifetime of learning and practice make up the faculty of Mayan Wisdom Academy.

The following are the names of the great Mayan spiritual leaders who will impart their knowledge to you: 

Juan Manuel Tata

Juan Manuel tata is one of the renowned Mayan leaders and is head of several sacred institutions. His father and forefathers have greatly contributed to the development of the Maya civilization. Many religious and sacred institutions have been ahead of Juan’s lead. So it is only through his expertise and dedication, the Mayan wisdom can be passed on to the next generation.

Nana Calixta

Calixta has been a Mayan spiritual leader for more than 35 years. As part of her mission to disseminate information on indigenous spirituality, she has collaborated with the UN and other organizations. Also, her creative lyrics have always been a source of inspiration to indigenous women.

Tata Carlos

For 45 years, Carlos was one of the most important and well-known Mayan elders. He was the author of two volumes on Mayan Wisdom and traversed the world to share his inborn wisdom. A video of ancient wisdom and lessons was released before his death.

Tata Juan

Tata Juan has been an expert in Mayan culture and ancient Mayan wisdom. He is good at preventing negative energy from entering the world. Tata Juan has helped people overcome obstacles and sicknesses with his vast knowledge.The Mayan Wisdom Project Program

Tata Miguel

Miguel is a spiritual leader and expert in the healing practice, which he shares with others through his teachings about sacred cholq’ij. He specializes in healing people. Especially, healing children.


Emotional and physical pain is draining your energy every day as you look for peace and tranquility, so if you are one of these people, you may want to consider the Mayan Wisdom academy. It can help you in a variety of ways. Emotional stress can be healed through holistic techniques. For instance, you may improve your quality of life by identifying the missing link, and Mayan Wisdom Academy can assist you in doing so.

Mayan Wisdom Academy 

Frequently Asked Questions About “Mayan Wisdom Academy”:

What is Mayan Wisdom Academy?

The Mayan Wisdom Academy gives the wisdom of ancient Mayan gurus to heal and transform. Their holistic teaching method combines spirituality and science.

Who created the Mayan Wisdom Academy program?

Sulbivarios is the creator of the Mayan Wisdom Academy. Her father was a famous Mayan elder.

Who is the Mayan Wisdom Academy program for?

This program is for you if you suffer from emotional or bodily suffering, or if you want spiritual growth. Think about how much energy you've lost searching for peace and tranquility. All this will be history once you attend this program.

What are the features of the Mayan Wisdom Academy program?

The main features of the Mayan Wisdom Academy are the monthly training videos and exercises. If practiced properly and given time, this program can genuinely lead you to a positive life.

What comes with the Mayan Wisdom Academy program?

With the Mayan Wisdom Academy program, you’ll get: ● Exclusive members-only community ● Monthly Mayan Leader Webinars Guided monthly meditations ● Monthly Mayan Wisdom Academy exercises ● Monthly new training videos But keep in mind that you may only get these benefits if you register on the official website.

How much does the Mayan Wisdom Academy program cost?

A monthly membership to Mayan Wisdom Academy is USD 67. You can also try it for a month for just $1. If you don't enjoy the program, you can close your account.

What are people saying about the Mayan Wisdom Academy program?

According to online Mayan Wisdom Academy reviews, thousands of people have enrolled in the Mayan Wisdom Academy course. There have been no negative Mayan Wisdom Academy reviews yet. Besides, no one has a problem. Mayan Wisdom Academy has good reviews and is highly popular.


-Frees you from pain and discomfort on all levels—physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. It helps you break the emotional blockages.
-It is their goal to assist you in achieving your lifelong dreams and manifesting success.
-Achieve better mental health and deep healing
-With Mayan spirituality, you can remove spiritual blockages.
-Anytime you wish, you can get to the many holistic experiences available.
-You can get a refund within the first 60 days of purchasing the product.
-You’ll be able to connect with others through the Mayan wisdom academy community.
-Real-world implementation will be assisted by guided practical activities, live webinars, and meditation sessions.
-It helps you get out of toxic relationships and get spiritual growth.


-It takes a great deal of commitment and time to see any kind of results from these ancient teachings.
-This wisdom academy program is only available online.

Summary: Emotional concerns that individuals have been dealing with for a long time can be alleviated by ancient Mayan wisdom.

It’s a great program if you’re dealing with bodily and emotional anguish, and you’ve previously failed in your endeavors. This virtual spiritual academy will change your life for the better.

You don’t need to attend any courses or take any medication to alter your life. If you have an issue like this, the specialists at the academy are here to assist you to find solutions.

A great quality of life will be evident to you at the end of this course. Try it out for yourself.


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