Keto Power Boost Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

Losing weight is very challenging. At first, you might have experienced difficulties finding the right diet for you as the number of diet choices is overwhelming. You may have already tried different methods, pills, or routines, green tea extract, but you just can’t seem to lose weight. However, one diet is very popular right now, and many people of different body types are claiming that it is effective for them. This is the keto diet.

While many users and ectomorphs are praising this kind of diet, some consumers reported that they experienced some side effects. Others said that this diet is very hard to maintain. This is what Julie Toman aims to solve through her supplement, Keto Power Boost. Here’s a Keto Power Boost review to discuss if this supplement is safe and effective.

About the Manufacturer

Julie Toman—the creator of the product, Keto Power Boost—is the founder of Healthygen. It is a 5-stars rated company that specializes in producing smart pills and supplements. Their goal is to produce supplements that are geared towards the health and wellness of consumers. To do so, Healthygen takes pride in having supplements that everyone can trust.

Against other weight loss supplements and products, Healthygen has one clear advantage. Healthygen only uses the best and all-natural ingredients and minerals studied to maintain an individual’s optimal well-being. Furthermore, the formula for each supplement that they market is carefully researched and developed with these selected Keto Power ingredients.

Moreover, the supplements that Healthygen produces are sure to be trusted as their facility is FDA-registered. Also, all their products carry an ASI CGMP certification, and their pills and supplements are all rights reserved.

Furthermore, the Keto Power Boost supplement is one of the products made by Healthygen. This item has been loved by many consumers who left 5-stars ratings and positive reviews. It is marketed to aid in losing fats and obtain life-changing results, just like the results of undergoing a Keto diet. A major difference and feature of the Keto Power pills is that there will be no side effects and consumers can eat the foods they want.

How is this possible? Let us first discuss the basics of a keto diet.

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What is Keto Diet and What are Ketones?

It is basic science that carbohydrates are used for energy creation in the body. A method to get carbs is by consuming pasta, potatoes, bread, milk, corn, and other foods rich in sugar, fiber, and starch. Too much consumption of these can lead to weight gain.

Now, with keto, the idea is you limit the intake of carbs. Not to be confused with a low-carb diet, in this method, it can be said that it is a more extreme version since you can only consume less than 50 grams of carbs per day.

With the limit of carb intake, the body will need to find other ways to fuel up energy levels. It needs to burn something for energy creation. This is when the body uses fats to create another fuel which is known as ketones. To produce ketones—such as BHB—in the body, the diet should be low in carbs and high in fats, about more than 60% of the daily calories.

The process of producing ketones is known as ketogenesis and three types of ketones are produced. These are Acetone, Acetoacetate, and B-hydroxybutyrate (BHB).

Another fact and advantage of ketones—such as BHB— are that they are water-soluble. This is what makes them easily delivered to the part of the body where they are needed. The liver can easily release these ketones into the bloodstream and when glucose is low, ketones (BHB) become the substitute to fuel the organs and tissues.

The Downsides of Keto Diet

Based on the science behind the keto diet, you can say that it is amazing and can guarantee results. However, the diet is not perfect; it has its downsides, which will make you question whether it is safe. The first downside is that you won’t be eating the meals you liked anymore. Bread, pasta, rice, cakes, cookies, wine, beer, and even fruits are prohibited.

Moreover, the moment you consume these while on a keto, your system gets kicked out of ketosis, which means that your system will stop burning fats to fuel energy levels. You will go back to square one and your efforts to program your body to burn fat for fuel will be all for nothing.

Other Downsides of Keto

Many people have also been reported to have experienced some side effects. Given how the body will be reprogrammed to burn fat for fuel and energy (ketosis) instead of the usual carbs, it is inevitable. Some known side effects of the keto are collectively known as Keto flu, which includes:

  • Headaches
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Reduced performance
  • Brain fog
  • Muscle cramps
  • Strong sugar cravings

Also, there are undesirable side effects that affect the appearance of the person. This is because acne tends to increase on the face and the body. The keto diet also affects the insides of the body responsible for breathing. That is why another side effect of this diet is the so-called Keto Bad Breath.

You can say that Keto is one of the hardest diets out there. You can also have difficulties maintaining it. Furthermore, because your diet is high in fat, there is a risk to develop insulin resistance and hypothalamic inflammation. This can lead to medical complications, such as immune system dysfunction, and even obesity. Yes, even if you are doing this ketosis diet to lose weight, there is still a risk to become obese.

Still, despite the downsides, the claims and praise for this ketosis diet outnumber the negativities. There is no doubt that this ketosis diet had worked for some people and is an effective way to lose weight. This is where the product, Keto Power Boost, comes into play.

What is the Keto Power Boost?

The way that the Keto Power Boost supplement works is similar to the keto diet. It aids in weight loss, but without the unwanted side effects. The Keto power boost was carefully researched and developed so that users can enjoy keto without worrying about the risks. Another good thing about this is that you don’t have to completely let go of your favorite carbs. You can still enjoy your favorite meals while experiencing ketosis faster and stronger.

So, how does the Keto Power Boost work? Like in keto, the body burns fat for fuel and energy instead of carbs. The Keto Power Boost contains all-natural ingredients that guide your body’s metabolism into the process of ketosis and in turn burn the unwanted fat.

This item is also packed with nutrients to eliminate the side effect of having brain fog and reduced performance. Keto Power Boost can help users improve their energy and focus.

This product also supports the users’ full-body health and well-being by eliminating the other side effects of keto. In the advertisement, the product, Keto Power boost, is also marketed and claimed to produce the following results:

  • Carb free energy
  • Clean energy for endurance
  • Razor-sharp mental clarity
  • Energy for your workout
  • Burn more fat naturally
  • Hyper slender
  • Improved mental focus
  • Support low-carb lifestyle

Keto Power Boost and Weight Loss

Now, you chose to have a keto diet in the first place because you wanted to achieve weight loss and improve your image. However, you might be confused between weight loss and fat loss. While these two are often used interchangeably, there is a big difference between the two.

Weight loss just means having a skinny fat body but with a slower metabolism. On the other hand, fat loss means making the body lean and enhancing metabolism. This makes the term losing fat more appropriate since it tackles down the main issue, which is fat. This is contrary to losing weight, wherein you will reduce some pounds out of your body but the trace of the main issue is still there.

This is what the Keto Power Boost aims to do. It aims to make the body lean and enhance metabolism for optimal health and well-being. Furthermore, it also maximizes the body’s composition by supporting muscle mass and stopping excess fat production.

Another advantage is appetite control. This means that you will also lose the side effect of cravings since you can now eat foods that are prohibited with keto. Of course, even if you are taking the Keto Power Boost, you still need to follow the formula for a low-carb diet for better results. However, you don’t have to force yourself anymore to prohibit yourself from consuming carbohydrates.

How Does Keto Power Boost Work?

Instead of burning carbs for energy, ketosis forces your body to convert fat into energy. This helps to get rid of excess fat in the body.

With Keto Poer Boost, you will enjoy the following:

Reach Ketosis Faster: With BHB, your body reaches ketosis faster, which makes it easier to start burning fat for fuel. This is the ultimate principle for fat loss and it is the best way to shed excess fat in the body.

Improve your Energy Level: Keto Power Boost is made from a combination of 100% natural ingredients that are safe for consumption. Also, these ingredients do an amazing job in optimizing the burning of fat to boost energy levels. When your body is in the state of ketosis, it burns stored fat for energy and not carbs.

Activates fat-burning messengers in your body: There is a special modification that makes BHB naturally produce an instant fat-burning solution. When you take Keto Power Boost, BHB will start processing in your body, hence, giving rise to high energy levels and a faster weight loss process.

Increases Metabolic Rate: The Keto Power Boost supplements encourage white fat cells to behave like brown fat cells, hence, burning fat via thermogenesis.

Keto Power Testimonials

The Ingredients of Keto Power Boost

As mentioned, the Keto Power Boost is all about all-natural ingredients. To name a few, here are the three most important ingredients which are a supplement for BHB.

Magnesium BHB Magnesium

This is a mineral that boosts energy, regulates blood sugar levels, and supports the immune system. The supplement is packed with magnesium bhb magnesium since foods that are rich with these have also a high carb content. This can supply your magnesium needs.

Sodium BHB

Aside from the magnesium BHB, the supplement also contains sodium BHB. This mineral boosts the body’s electrolytes to prevent the imbalance of losing minerals from the keto. Moreover, this can also help in inducing ketosis.

Calcium And Potassium

These minerals help supplement the body to counteract the loss of important minerals. This loss is a result of the body adapting to consuming low carbohydrates.

The BHB packed in Ketopower boost is a very powerful fat burner. It is not just an unsupported claim as this had undergone clinical research to ensure effectiveness. When the BHB is combined with the other ingredients, it can be ensured that this formula can rival any other weight reduction items.

Other Purchase Bonus

The Keto Power Boost supplement is already a great deal because of the benefits it can offer. Nevertheless, there’s more. Healthygen is very generous to its customers as it offers more for your purchase. These are some of the bonuses which are listed on their site advertisement:

  • Free Shipping. They offer free shipping in the United States.
  • Free 6 Week Transformation & Exercise Plan. This is another bonus included when you purchase a bottle of Keto Power Boost. This plan can help you track your results and see for yourself how well you are doing.
  • Bundle Deals. You can purchase a bottle that is good for one month but you can also purchase 2 or 4 bottles. And of course, if you choose to buy 4 bottles, it comes with a great deal that can let you save a lot of money. No wonder this option is their best seller.
  • Money-Back Guarantee. Healthygen takes pride in 100% satisfaction and happy customer reviews. If you are not happy with the results, they offer a 100% risk-free money-back guarantee, all rights reserved. You can return the unused bottle and expect a refund within 30 days.

What is the guarantee that KetoPower Boost will work for me?

It will work for you because thousands of people have used and saw amazing results. If you take the supplement judiciously, there is a very slim chance of not seeing results with the product. From the customers’ reviews we have seen so far, Keto Power Boost is an upgrade to every other weight loss product out there.

Nevertheless, peradventure you used this product and didn’t get the result you wanted, there is a 100% satisfaction refund policy. If you try out this product for 60 days and didn’t get a good result, you will get a full refund of your money. This means that you have nothing to lose.


The Keto Power Boost supplement seems too good to be true but it is the real deal. Its content and formula of all-natural ingredients—such as magnesium—are what make the supplements to be safe and effective. we know that you just want to achieve the body you are dreaming of and you are not alone with that. You may already try a variety of weight reduction ways but none seems to be working. The Ketopower boost can help you with this problem. It is made to make ketosis faster and stronger. Aside from burning fat and eventually becoming lean, you will also experience an improvement in your energy and appetite as the KetoPower boost is packed with nutrients and minerals.

If you are considering undergoing the keto diet but are afraid of the risks and side effects, you can try the KetoPower Boost. You can always start with only a bottle and see for yourself if you like the item.

We hope that we have enlightened you about the benefits of the KetoPower Boost in this review.

“Maintaining a healthy body shape does not only make you fit, but it also boosts your confidence level.”

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Frequently Asked Questions About “Keto Power Boost”:

What is Keto Power Boost?

Keto Power Boost is a weight loss supplement that helps you to lose weight without any side effects. It is made from all-natural ingredients that are proven to tackle weight loss challenges.

How does Keto Power Boost work?

Instead of your body converting carbs into energy, the Keto Power Boost triggers your body to convert fat to energy. This process is known as ketosis and is the best way to lose weight.

Who are the manufacturers of Keto Power Boost?

Keto Power Boost is manufactured by Julie Toman, the founder of Helthygen. Healthygen is an American company that specializes in producing smart pills and supplements.

What are the ingredients of Keto Power Boost?

The major ingredients of Keto Power Boost are Calcium BHB, Magnesium BHB, and Sodium BHB. Ther are known to be very effective in tackling the issue of excess fat in the body.

What are the benefits of using Keto Power Boost?

With Keto Power Boost, you will reach ketosis faster, which means your weight loss journey will be fast. Also, it boosts your energy level and burns fat.

How long will I need to wait to see the results?

Within a month of taking Keto Power Boost, you should start seeing some good results. However, that doesn't mean you should stop using it after one month.

Why was Keto Power Boost created?

Keto Power Boost was created to solve all the side effects that come with keto diets. If you take Keto Power Boost, you won't experience any keto diet side effects such as headaches, constipation, fatigue.


It is made of natural ingredients and free of harmful agents
It has no reported side effects
It is GMP certified
It has a money back guarantee


It is not available on local stores and Amazon

Summary: Losing weight is very challenging. However, there is one diet that is very popular right now and many people of different body types are claiming that it is effective for them. This is the keto diet.

However, Keto diet is said to have certain side effects. Hence, Keto Power Boost aids in weight loss, but without the unwanted side effects from the keto diet. Here is a Keto Power Boost Review to help you decide whether this product is legit or just a scam.


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