Java Burn Review: Should You Buy It and Does It Work?


What is Java Burn?

The Java Burn supplement is a weight loss supplement that can be added to your coffee or added in powder form to your favorite morning drink.


Still, your coffee will not be the same, but in a good way, If you add a Java Burn package to the coffee.


Because of this, your coffee is actuated for fat burning and weight loss.


In addition, Java Burn Coffee is important enough to boost your metabolism, speed it up and increase its effectiveness.


At least that is what John Barban claims.


Note”Java Burn Coffee“refers to the coffee made with Java Burn greasepaint that’s stirred with your regular coffee.


How Does The Metabolism Work?


Our metabolisms are the chemical process that provides our bodies with energy, keeping our bodies alive and organs functioning normally. This includes your body’s ability to repair cells, digest food, and even breathe. Because these functions require a significant amount of energy, your body typically has a basal metabolic rate (BMR), which helps calculate the amount of energy your body needs to carry out these processes.


Because our metabolism is a complex set of interactions, factors such as body size, gender, age, and genetics play a role in our metabolic speed. Studies from the International Journal of Endocrinology Metabolism show that larger body compositions often contribute to slower weight loss. Even with improvements in diet, faster weight loss measures were more effective than slower measures. This is often due to how larger bodies require a lot more energy to carry out body functions, making it more difficult to lose weight over time.


According to resources from the NHS, calorie-restricted diets and crash diets can also ultimately slow down metabolism. Some diets also force the body to break down muscle to use for energy, causing a slower metabolism. Even certain medical conditions, such as hypothyroidism and Cushing’s Syndrome, can contribute to a slower metabolism. Still, most often, our metabolisms are determined by the number of calories consumed versus the calories burned.


How Does Java Burn Work?


So, where does Java Burn come in? Java Burn claims to provide better nutrition and energy for fat-burning success, and its ingredients act as the core function of improving metabolism. According to the manufacturer, the formula takes up to 90 days for results to show and works through a series of steps, acting as the metabolism booster to help people lose weight fast:


Fully Body Detox: Through its ingredients, it upholds the digestion rate and begins with a body detox due to the various amount of antioxidants that contribute to the detoxification properties. The supplement targets irritations in the gut and works to improve absorption once taken throughout the first week.


Quick Absorption: Java Burn supplements quickly break down in your morning cup of coffee, leaving behind no aftertaste. The mixture claims to work with the caffeinated benefits of coffee and assimilates quickly in the body for fast results.


Activates the Digestion Process: At the core of the formula, the combination of coffee with this fat metaboliser helps people remain alert and active throughout the day as its various ingredients work to improve digestion, metabolic function, and weight loss for a period of time.


Gives a Metabolism Boost: By activating the digestion process, the powder supplement works to supplement dietary requirements, and by doing so decreasing cravings and desires for food. Alongside this, the supplement works with the metabolic process to remove stored fat carried out and promotes weight loss.


So why coffee and not other drinks such as smoothies? Coffee, in particular, has a limited impact on food intake due to its bitter tannins and high amounts of caffeine. Although caffeine is limited in its ability to suppress appetite and promote weight loss, As one of the most commonly made drinks during the morning, combining the effects of coffee with Java Burn can produce numerous benefits.

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The Benefits of Java Burn


Java Burn presents a unique image in the world of dietary supplements and weight loss pills. Its ingredients and application for day-to-day use make it a potent fat-burning supplement that can promote numerous health benefits. According to their website, this natural coffee enhancer works with natural ingredients, all of which come with their own health benefits that work cohesively with the metabolism to promote weight loss. These ingredients include:

300mg of Green tea extract

200mg green coffee bean extract (Chlorogenic acid from Coffea arabica)

100mg of L-Carnitine

100mg of L-Theanine

20mcg of chromium (chromium chloride)

20mcg of Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

Five mcg of Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)

1mg of Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)


Alongside these ingredients, each powder packet contains 15 calories and 2g of total carbohydrates per serving. Because of this combination of ingredients, Java Burn claims to promote health benefits that include:


Strengthening of the immune system and resistance to illness and infections.

Boost metabolism and increase metabolism rates for those overweight and obese

Detoxifies and cleanses by removing waste products from the body.

It gives a significant amount of energy for daily activity without crashes or exhaustion.

It helps maintain hormone levels

Regulate your appetite and remove cravings

It helps balance blood sugar and pressure levels.

Boost brain functioning reduces stress and anxiety levels.


The selling point for Java Burn comes from its ingredients and associated studies, and according to the website, more than 40 studies help back up the product’s effectiveness, as each ingredient has been subjected to clinical testing to assure its legitimacy.


The Science Behind The Java Burn Metabolism Booster

The studies behind Java Burn’s ingredients help justify the product and its benefits, and to truly see how Java Burn works; we’ll be looking into those sources and identify those key points for each ingredient:


Green Tea Extract


According to various studies, green tea extract is associated with an increase in weight loss due to diet-induced thermogenesis. The process of thermogenesis is involved in the metabolic process, where the body creates heat in direct response to meals. Because of its effective ability to stimulate this process, the plant compounds found in this extract, EGCG or catechin epigallocatechin gallate, reduce inflammation, aid in weight loss, and prevent heart disease and in combination with other extracts can help improve memory and attention. Other studies also cite that due to its thermogenesis, it’s also able to decrease feelings of coldness, implying a significant correlation between diet and body management.


Green Coffee Bean Extract


Also known as chlorogenic acid, studies citing the use of chlorogenic acid claims to reduce blood pressure and body fat and thus boost metabolism. Within one study, participants using green coffee extract-enriched coffee experienced an increase in oxidative stress, one of the main components vital to a faster metabolism. This increase in oxidative stress resulted in lower body weight, lower fat mass, and lower insulin levels by working to combat obesity-related hormones. This ability to maintain glucose levels helps balance out metabolic homeostasis and thus can even contribute to the management of lipid metabolic disorders.




L-Carnitine has a significant number of studies behind its benefits and advantages when it comes to weight loss and increased metabolism. This amino acid works to stimulate muscle growth and assists our proteins in creating new muscle fibres. Through this process, L-Carnitine also increases energy levels, which can improve body weight and BMI rates for overweight and obese people. Through combining this supplement with lifestyle changes improves fat oxidation during exercise. As a side note, L-Carnitine also increases testosterone levels which can contribute to decreasing diabetes-induced oxidative stress and other complications associated with diabetes.




As a lesser-known supplement, L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea and mushrooms. It has been studied due to its potential effects on cognitive function, energy and relieving feelings of stress and anxiety. Its effects on cognitive function combined with the effects of caffeine can help improve memory and behaviour under stressful conditions and also reduce distraction susceptibility people often experience when consuming higher amounts of caffeinated drinks such as coffee. By improving mental function, it acts as an assistant for the product’s other ingredients to promote overall wellness and better weight loss.




Also known as chromium picolinate, this nutritional supplement works to regulate carbohydrate intake and is highly responsible for blood sugar maintenance. In combination with other nutrients, chromium can improve glycemic control affecting those with type 2 diabetes. Due to its various biochemical interactions with the body, it can also reduce the resting heart rate, improving the outlook for those with a high cardiometabolic risk associated with heart diseases. In areas related to weight loss, chromium acts as an assistant nutrient with the product’s main ingredients, as supplementation alone provides mixed results for weight loss in overweight adults.


Vitamin D3


Because Vitamin D plays a critical role in reducing the risk for diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, this fat-soluble vitamin assists the body in absorbing calcium and phosphorus, and when supplemented, can improve the glycemic index and lipid profiles of overweight and obese people. Those who have less than optimal concentrations of vitamin D throughout their system often find that they have an increased risk of obesity. As a result, thus vitamin D is added as a recommended nutrient for weight loss.


Vitamin B12


Low amounts of vitamin B12 contribute significantly to the risk of metabolic syndrome, increasing fat accumulation and higher insulin resistance, ultimately increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. However, when this vitamin is supplemented for those with low amounts, vitamin B12 can improve lipid metabolism and contribute to better weight management for those with obesity. Increased concentrations of this vitamin can also reduce inflammation associated with weight gain and higher insulin resistance.


Vitamin B6


Similar to Vitamin B6, this vitamin works to improve energy output. The increase in energy contributes to better weight control for those overweight, specifically when combined with breakfast cereals and other foods within a hypocaloric diet. Stimulating the thyroid also produces hormonal balance for those with thyroid conditions that affect their weight management and overall health.


How To Purchase and Use Java Burn


In order to use this product, the Java Burn official website recommends that people should take the supplement with a morning cup of coffee for the best results. Using Java Burn works to maximise the number of calories used each day through the combination of diet and exercise. Its ingredients are the major component to all of these benefits, especially due to the extensive amount of research provided. For more information about taking this supplement, its benefits, and how to purchase Java Burn, visit the official website by clicking on the button below to learn more.


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