Intelligynce Review – Legit or Scam? Here is The Answer!

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Are you struggling in your attempts to start an online store? Do you find it hard to find winning products for you to get profits even before you start? Finding reliable and profitable products manually is a tough task. Plus, you waste a lot of money and time and end up with dead unsellable products.

Fortunately, there is a magical tool that claims it can give you a solution to your online store investment woes. Furthermore, this Intelligynce tool promises to automate all your business processes. Imagine all these in the comfort of your store. But, before you celebrate the breakthrough, let’s find out more in this Intelligynce review.

What is Intelligynce?

The Intelligynce software tool claims to be a powerful tool for Shopify entrepreneurs. It supposedly monitors over 500,000 Shopify Stores and 2 Million products on AliExpress, Amazon, and eBay.

It also allows you to connect directly with the provider, who may subsequently assist the company. The providers have additional goods to offer, which may be helpful later or whenever you believe it is.

The amount of functions you have access to is astounding. The primary product and shop search features are essential for anybody running their own Shopify site since they allow you to spy on the most successful businesses.

Basically, click on your mouse to find products on AliExpress, put them on sale, and make money. Next, filter your product search to get in-demand selling products for you to pick.

Amazingly, it may spy on your competitors to know what is trending, their sales, and at what price. So much that you will only pick the hot products, sell, get profits, and buy only what’s sellable.

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Main Features of Intelligynce

The creators of Intelligynce thought about anything and everything that online Shopify store owners might require to make profits.

Here is a summary of the many features that the Intelligynce software promises, extracted from its official table of contents.

1. Keyword generator tool

This built-in keyword generator tool helps you to generate countless niche keywords targeted by your competitors. Additionally, it helps reveal profitable niches if you use the “deep search” option.

2. Best sellers’ tool

Do you want to unveil the top-selling products for your Shopify eCommerce store? Imagine you analyze about 400 categories of the best-selling products on AliExpress instantly.

More still, you get hourly updates on the freshest products on AliExpress. So, you just pick, sell, and get more fresh products instantly on-demand.

3. Access 33 data columns (metrics) for each product

Within minutes, get the actual products to dropship, using the 33 different metrics. Just choose any search keyword and use the provided search options to see the bestselling products.

To crown it all, you get 33 columns per product that display different information. The info you get includes the product ID, search phrase, category, cost price, retail price, and profit price.

Other important ones are free shipping providers, the number of product reviews, top brands, and product ratings. Plus, keywords and tags, keyword tool, and store age in years.

4. Access to 3 powerful search methods

You can use your AliExpress product links, AliExpress search engine, and the Bing search engine. Therefore, you search any keyword using the provided search options. And you learn the best-selling products for your store online.

5. A built-in product link scrapper for AliExpress

Insert any content with AliExpress product links, and the Ali inspector tool will avail any product data. Amazingly, you get search results from Google, Yahoo, and all AliExpress pages.

6. Get the latest 14 days sales data

What did your competitors sell for the last 14 days? This sales analyzer is like no other in the world.

You instantly get all the data for all products on AliExpress. And you also get a view of how any AliExpress product is selling.

Simply click the Next button on any product on your data grid to get immediate results. Subsequently, use the sales data to stock your store.

7. Import any product review into your online store

No doubt that you get more sales if you display product reviews. Yet, this is what Ali Inspector 2nd version automatically does for you.

And this includes customer review images. Use the review export feature to make a review import file for Shopify and WooCommerce.

Plus, you get a CSV file for other e-commerce businesses too. Remember, most customers buy after reading product reviews.

8. Import an unlimited number of products

How many products do you want to store in your Shopify and WooCommerce store? Import as many as you wish using these tools.

And the built-in product import tools will auto-generate the regular and the current sale price. Further still, you import all color, size, and image variations.

9. Save your best feature to the favorites section

This feature allows you to store a few favorite products. Further still, you can make one group of favorites file. So, you will have many favorite product categories’ files.

And you can do it for various eCommerce stores too. More importantly, you can use the Facebook pixel detection feature to link your favorite file to your Facebook page.

10. Uncover the top selling products

Here, you see the best-selling products and the different metrics associated with them. Essentially, discover the estimated hot products’ sales.

Then search over 2.5M+Shopify products across 530000+ stores. Additionally, get the products Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and traffic analysis.

11. Amazing tool to check arbitrage price

To maximize profits, you need to find the perfect price for any product. And you can sell across networks to make money on the markup price.

This tool helps you compare prices for products on Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay at once. Ultimately, you get the best returns on your investment.

12. Store Inspector tool for Shopify store analytics

What are other online store businesses doing to make large amounts of money? This inspector tool spies for you.

And it gives you the top selling product insights. E.g., Ads content, social media profiles, and traffic analysis for over 500k Shopify stores.

13. Search over 2.5 million products

This Intelligynce tool helps you to go over 2.5 M Shopify products in a few clicks. Plus, you get analyzed data to sweeten the deal.

Here is a summary of what you get.

  • Estimated daily sales
  • Bestseller product ranking
  • Store the daily number of visitors
  • Facebook pixel detection
  • Number of Facebook page fans
  • All their Twitter followers
  • Data on the Instagram followers

14. Best 5 product insights

Tired of testing products or unsure whether they will sell? The bonus Ali Inspector tool may help you to find the best products.

In fact, you see the recent product additions and the 5 best sellers for each Shopify store in the 500k+ database. Additionally, use the best sellers’ insights to get product and niche ideas to use on your dropshipping store.

Interestingly, you see the sellers’ flow and the number of product orders from wholesale sites. This way, you know those recent products with order surges.

15. SEO data done for your Shopify stores

Do you wish to know the source of organic traffic for competitor websites? Just click on the more traffic stats button, and you may copy the stats to use for your store.

In fact, you establish the top-ranking competitor sites’ ranking methods. So, you see their Ads, social media profiles, content, and promotions they used to succeed.

Additionally, it conducts keyword analysis for you. Then, you get the long-tail keywords and keyword phrases to use to rank your online store.

Finally, you see the actual Google and Facebook Ads used by major stores and their performance. Subsequently, use the experiences to fashion your social media and Google content plus Ads for great success.

16. Built-in bookmarks

Save your best products and preferred stores in a bookmark folder. This folder will be handy when you want to do quick searches.

And Intelligynce gives you access to major wholesale stores like Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. Additionally, you can compare prices as you create the bookmark file.

Other Powerful Intelligynce Features

When you purchase the Intelligynce package, the benefits seem to be endless. Here are more amazing tools.

The Intelligynce Chrome extension

Chrome Extension is a wonderful feature allowing you to download and integrate their apps into your Google Chrome browser on your computer. Then you can click on any Shopify store button to gather more sales conversion data.

The information includes the content others just published, the new products launched recent posts, store updates, affiliate links, and search keywords.

Google Chrome Extension gives you the benefits of the Store Inspector function. These benefits include the top five bestsellers, estimated daily sales, product launch activity view, plus social media links and SEO data.

Google chrome extension also reveals what all Shopify stores use for their success. Go to the Shopify app store and uncover the installed apps. Then, go and install the success apps for unbelievable sales conversions and profits.

Ali Inspector Software

This tool searches products specifically on AliExpress. On the flip side, you have to download and install it on your computer. It helps you to download AliExpress Products.

The Ali Inspector tool has a download Shopify product feature. This allows one to download any product into your Shopify store.

Additionally, the download Shopify product review feature was amazing. Simply download and display any product review.

The keyword research tool was included too. Reportedly, you may perform keyword research to know the ones ranking for you to use.

Who created the Intelligynce?

In 2016 two friends, Bobby Walker and Phil Conibere created this tool. Both are experienced professionals in marketing.

Bobby is an online affiliate specialist. Phil is a famous app developer and publisher who published Keyword Blueprint and the Publisher Review Accelerator.

Frequently Asked Questions During Our Intelligynce Reviews

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer, The Content Advisory

Our search for Intelligynce reviews found several customers with many issues they wanted clarifying. Some websites had “Intelligyence overview” probably to confuse the customers.

Nevertheless, here are responses to some of their questions.

Do I have to download anything?

No. The Intelligynce review says it’s hosted online on the vendor’s servers. And that you only log in and start analyzing thousands of Shopify stores and products.

Refreshingly, you can log in using different devices like tablets, PC, Mac, Android, and iPhones to get access. In fact, one can access it on every other device having a browser and internet connection.

How do I contact Intelligynce customer support?

This Intelligynce review found commendable customer support. You get a responsive support email on the site for any question.

And, you speak to real people, not just chatbots. In fact, the customer support team has trained professionals, so you won’t have to scratch your head.

How many computers can I install the software on?

You can install the product research tool on two computers. It applies to both Mac and PC versions.

And the Ali Inspector software works on a Mac computer too. More still, one can get a completely native Mac application that’s not reliant on any incompatible Adobe platform.

Is Intelligynce worth it?

So, is Intelligynce a scam? Every Intelligynce review had customers saying the tool is worth every coin. It saves time and money spent on product search.

Furthermore, product research is easy to do. Regardless of whether you’re using the product research tools for the first time.

Shopify eCommerce online entrepreneurs will enjoy this software package too. Looking at the menu, Intelligynce review helps you buy easily.

And the store inspector provides any information from all marketplaces and stores. In fact, some customers call it “Superman” instead of “Store Inspector.”

Is there a refund policy?

Unfortunately, it has no refund policy. This includes any price point past, present, or future.

But there may be a refund sometimes at the discretion of the vendors. Still, there are no refunds where you can’t attribute inaccessibility or failure to the vendors.

Encouragingly, one can cancel at any time without future payments. And you also receive updates and upgrades as long as your membership remains.

Any free trial?

There is no free trial. However, you can start with the basic per month plan.

If unsatisfied, you may cancel anytime with no further payments. Therefore, you may start with the monthly plan as a test.

More still, there is no discount coupon offered. In fact, there is no discount link available on the official site.

What are customers saying during the “menu intelligynce review”?

During our review, we found happy customers praising the tools that one gets access to every month. In fact, the official website assures quality tools for the customers.

Customers had no significant complaints about the powerful software tools. Most had made profits after using the product.

The product had positive reviews even on many social media profiles, particularly on Facebook. Most social media users said Intelligynce is a powerful tool for e-commerce business, unlike any other in the market.

What is the Intelligynce pricing for a beginner?

The product sales page shows a few pricing options. Choose the one-off payment, monthly, and annual payments plan.

The per month and annual packages depend on the features you enjoy. Every month plan is affordable, but you pay continuously, making it expensive eventually.

The yearly plan is a great saving on the monthly one, plus it’s quite affordable. The one-time payment is average, and it gives you lifetime access to the tools.

Fortunately, you get Ali Inspector as a bonus. If you need to cancel, just follow this order on the sales page–comment, name, email, Website.

What happens after I purchase Intelligynce?

You will get a few emails to the email address you used to buy. Those emails will show your login details.

More still, you get the video tutorials plus the Ali Inspector download. Simply, send a support ticket to the support email address on the sales page if you can’t access the emails.

Can I filter products that are selling?

Yes. You can even “copy and paste” what’s works. So, you start making money immediately with your store.

Interestingly, the Intelligynce members area lets you access over 2 Million products in over 500,000 stores. You also get the Store Inspector tool to quickly search countless best-seller products.

Can I find all Intelligynce information on my own?

Why struggle when you have a shortcut? Why spend so much time on your own when you can get access to the winning products instantly?

Yes, maybe you can do it on your own. But it will take you several hours or months to do a fraction of what the Intelligynce tools do.

If I get a product I wish to sell, how can I find it inside Intelligynce?

Go to the product listing on AliExpress to source the product with just one click. Or use the Ali Inspector product search feature to find the products wanted.

Look for products with high-profit margins. Then, watch a video on the official site on how Intelligynce and Ali Inspector work.

Final Take

Our Intelligynce review found customers saying the software package works as claimed. Plus, it also gives flexible plans that depend on your ability. Essentially the software does your product research. Further still, get the hot products’ keywords, estimated and daily sales.

Additionally, this product research tool displays most of the SEO data your competitors are using at any time. They include keywords, social media, and Google Ads. Reportedly, it hovers over 2.5M products, inside over 500k Shopify stores. Ultimately, therefore, the reviews show the Intelligynce package may be worth a try. And you can cancel after the first month without more charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions About “Intelligynce”:

What is the Intelligynce tool?

Intelligynce is a solid and trustworthy solution that enables you to monitor over 200,000 Shopify stores and 1 million items effortlessly. You may use this page to refine the search results in various ways.

What are the main features of the Intelligynce tool?

Intelligynce is a combination of various software applications that work together to provide the best potential outcome. It helps you look for Popular Products, Bookmark, Powerful Filters, Analytics, and Price checks.

Is the Intelligynce a helpful tool?

This is one of the finest and most reliable software solutions for spying on over 500,000 Shopify shops across the globe. Intelligynce is the perfect tool for you if you're searching for a legitimate and robust tool to find lucrative goods.

How does the Intelligynce tool work?

Intelligynce is usually more concerned with keeping an eye on the major players. It keeps track of the most popular items in virtually every online shop. It then tracks the provider, which is a one-click operation.

Is there customer support for the Intelligynce tool?

Yes. Intelligynce's customer assistance is exceptional through a team of experts dedicated to providing you with outstanding service. Send an email, and they will resolve the challenge.

Is Intelligynce worth it?

It's undoubtedly a good purchase for most individuals running eCommerce companies since it may save you endless hours of product research. The program is simple to learn and use.

Is there a refund policy for Intelligynce?

After subscribing, a person will get a few emails on the ID used to buy an Intelligynce subscription. You can request a refund since they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Easy to use
Flexible pricing packages
Superb customer support
A wide range of features
Huge Database
Functions on Intelligynce, Shopify & WooCommerce
Single click functioning


No free trial
Lacks moneyback guarantee
It’s a bit expensive initially

Summary: Our Intelligynce review found customers saying the software package works as claimed. Plus, it also gives flexible plans that depend on your ability. Essentially the software does your product research. Further still, get the hot products’ keywords, estimated and daily sales.


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