IM Checklist Review – Does It Really Work?

IM Checklist Review-What’s It?

The IM checklist is a program that may boost your internet marketing efforts. More precisely, it is a white and private label rights product. With it, you can opt to sell your products alone, give them away during your campaigns or use other tools.

It comes as a program packaged with many tools, including a 48-hour training video and training webinars. All these are meant to help you learn how to leverage the IM checklist private label rights products.

Sharpening your skills is a process. As a newbie or even for those who’ve been in the market, you’ve must already be aware that internet marketing is a broad niche. So, IM checklist products target different areas of internet marketing, including content management, affiliate method IM product, social media marketing, SEO, email marketing, and others.

About Private Label Rights (PLR)

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.” – Jeff Eisenberg

When you get private label rights (plr), it means you are not only enjoying access to something, but you can also edit or rebrand and claim fully that it’s yours. So, for the IM checklist, you can edit or rebrand them after purchase then claim that you are the author.

It also means that with plr you can offer your marketing checklists to others. For instance, you can provide or ask someone to sign up for your email list. Doing so is useful when looking for many subscribers, as is often the case with email marketing.

Also, when a product is packaged or has private label rights or plr as is popularly known, it means that you sell them as your own after acquiring them. The implication here is that once you get your im checklist, you can start earning from them right away.

IM Checklist Creator Kevin Fahey

IM Checklist is the work of Kevin Fahey. His interest and motivation to create the checklist help internet marketers overcome challenges and effectively market their products or services online.

Kevin works personally as an internet marketer on a full-time basis. His successful marketing efforts might, therefore, be an inspiration to you. Our review and other customer care reviews about Kevin Fahey’s IM checklist are positive.

He owns the IM support business, and he is an expert in internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and professional email lists building. So, the IM Checklist is just one of the many products he sells to support internet marketers.

He gives you all the tools, templates, and step-by-step methods you need to get started and start seeing results right immediately. 

You’ll also be able to ask questions and receive immediate answers during Kevin’s LIVE monthly training webinars. This is close contender to learning from Kevin’s experience to make the most out of your time spent online. 

Over ten years of internet company expertise went into creating these checklists, and they’re available to you right now at substantial price.

How You Should Use the IM Checklist Program

To succeed in marketing your product or services, blog posts, and make money online, you need to learn a lot and possibly be ahead of others. More precisely, you need to acquire many functional online skills relevant today.

Whether you want to venture into marketing on social media, build your email list, use affiliate marketing or email marketing, or make money online, you need to be an excellent online marketer.

Using the IM checklists might not be a difficult task if you’ve done some work online. To make things easy for your business, Kevin Fahey has simply designed his program. Here’s how to use it:

  • Use it to walk through what you ought to do
  • Go step-by-step from start to the end
  • Teach everyone around you, including sub-contractors, for better results
  • Familiarize yourself with new updates since internet marketing is dynamic

What Do You Get If You Opt to Purchase the IM Checklist?

There is a lot that you’ll have instant access to almost immediately. It is not just one thing, but it comes as a package. First, you will access 198 checklists to help boost your internet marketing skills.

The other very vital component that you get is live webinars, a training program, and several hours of training from this training program.

You should also note that you’ll have access to the IM checklists in different formats. The option you go for is purely a matter of personal preference. These are the formats:

Printable pdf format format

Re-brandable document files format

Interactive checklists format

Google/Excel spreadsheets format

Interactive mind maps format

The Vital Components of the IM Checklist

The IM checklist has very vital components. Here are the parts otherwise called IM checklist volumes:

IM Checklist Volume 1: product creation

The volume 1 product creation checklist or guide is designed to offer you the insights you need to have a seamless product creation process.

IM Checklist Volume 2: email marketing

It provides a list of things to check as you do your email marketing work. If that’s what you want to master, then volume 2 email marketing is what you may need to focus on.

IM Checklist Volume 3: social media marketing

For insights on marketing on various social media platforms, the volume 3 social media marketing checklists may be helpful.

IM Checklist Volume 4: affiliate marketing

If affiliate marketing is giving you a headache, maybe you need to focus on this volume 4 affiliate marketing package or checklists.

IM Checklist Volume 5: video marketing

Video marketing is a venture that requires lots of skills. That’s what this volume 5 video marketing checklist seeks to help you achieve as an internet marketing product under the product IM checklist. It’s a video training course.

IM Checklist Volume 6: Canva design

If you need something to guide you on Canva design, this volume may have what you need.

IM Checklist Volume 7: newbie marketer

It is an im checklist review for fresh marketers seeking to learn the ropes of online marketing, plr, and the art of building a business online.

IM Checklist Volume 8: messenger marketing

A package of checklists with info and guides about messenger marketing.

IM Checklist Volume 9: outsourcing

This one is a package of im checklist reviews dedicated to outsourcing tasks. If you need such training, these checklists may be helpful.

IM Checklist Volume 10: self-publishing

The volume 10 self-publishing package comes with checklists that provide information on what it takes to do impactful self-publishing work for your business.

IM Checklist Volume 11: building your business on WordPress

A good one for anyone in need of a guide about running a business that uses a WordPress website.

IM Checklist Volume 12: offline business startup

The volume 12 offline business startup checklists offer guides and directions on what you can do to build a successful online business.

IM Checklist Volume 13: making money online with your internet skills

If you need guidance on making money online, maybe this is what you need to use.

IM Checklist Volume 14: search engine optimization

Volume 14 search engine optimization checklists are mainly about effective search engine optimization for your brand, so it appears top on search engines.

IM Checklist Volume 15: YouTube advertising

Offers insights and guidance on YouTube advertisement for video content producers.

IM Checklist Volume 16: copywriting

Copywriting has been growing, and this volume of checklists targets that area.

IM Checklist Volume 17: ClickBank marketing

It focuses on the details and guides of Clickbank marketing work.

IM Checklist Volume 18: LinkedIn marketing

It may be all you need if you are need training/guidance about LinkedIn marketers.

IM Checklist Volume 19: selling on webinars

You’ll find helpful tips on the art of selling on webinars. A further checklist review of this volume may be a source of information on what you need to do when trading. It’s often helpful when taken together with monthly training webinars.

What Can You Do With the IM Checklist?

The IM checklist is a flexible product. If you find it helpful and decide to subscribe to it to boost your marketing efforts, there are several things that you can do with it. Just to give you a clear picture, you can do the following with the IM checklist:

You can rebrand it and use it as an upsell since it has master resell rights.

You can rebrand and sell it over as many times as you can

Turn it into your own video product/video training courses

You can make use of it as content on your membership sites

You can turn it into blog posts or infographics

Ideal as a promotion bonus

You can turn it into webinar series of presentations such as monthly training webinars.

You can use it as your newbie marketer coaching program

Useful for generating your email lists

You can use it to educate yourself and make a profit from your online business.

You can use it to boost the value of your product

Translate it to different products

As a note, you do not have to choose one among these. You can do a couple of them simultaneously or carry out different marketing works with the IM checklist. Your choice of what to do should depend on what you intend to achieve as a marketer.

IM Checklist Gold Membership

The IM checklist gold membership as launched by Kevin Fahey comes with a couple of volumes. Here are the importance that you’ll find in the IM checklist gold membership/gold training vault:

IM Checklist Volume 25: Building Membership Sites

If you would like to build a six-figure membership site, then this IM checklist gold membership volume might be helpful to you. It has the following checklists:

Finding the most appropriate niche for yourself and members

The art of testing your idea before you launch it

Scrutinizing your membership numbers

Traffic attraction resources

How to set up your membership sites

Content creation for your members

Outsourcing content

Inspiring your membership

Channeling content to your members

The two-hour monthly membership

Pricing models for membership sites

Monetizing your membership sites

Retaining members

The process of outsourcing membership site

Running own thriving membership without costs

Generating recurring income

Membership support checklist

Successful membership

IM Checklist Volume 26: Lead Generation

This IM checklist gold membership volume seeks to help you make your lead generation work a little bit simple. Its checklists include the following:

Get more leads from your blog

Get more leads from social media

SEO, organic search

Get more leads using fun quizzes

Radio & TV advertising


Premium content

Pay per lead

Facebook lead ads

Google ads

Solo ads



Answering questions online

Running lead generation contest

Lead tracking and software option

Lead conversion tracking options

Landing page tweaks for improving conversions

IM Checklist Volume 27: Task Planning To Boost Productivity

The primary aim of this gold training vault is to boost productivity by planning daily tasks and staying organized throughout the process. Its checklists include the following:

Creating daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly plan

Breaking down your daily schedule into smaller manageable tasks

Outsourcing daily tasks/works

Software for tracking and managing time

Developing and sticking to a routine

Choosing the right way to manage tasks

How to spend your morning on mits

Following the rule

Making to-do lists

Kanban method


Setting realistic timelines

Removing possible distractions

How to stop procrastination

Stop multitasking

Reviewing your day

Scheduling high-priority activities

Identifying urgent versus essential and your available time

IM Checklist Volume 28: Funnels

Volume 28 of the IM checklist gold membership provides information on how you can turn funnels into recession-proof tools, customer attracting, and ultimately cash-generating machines. Here are its checklists:

Market research

Funnel hacking

Marketing message

Funnel copy

High-converting capture page

Thank you page

Creating lead magnet

Funnel designing and branding

Crafting a winning offer

Creating lead funnel

Bridge page funnel

Tripwire funnel

Creating PLF funnel

Persuasion and conversion triggers

Attracting traffic to your funnels


Funnel functionality

Funnel audit checklist

IM Checklist Volume 29: E-commerce/Online Business

It has the following checklists for online marketing, precisely on building an online business:

E-commerce solutions

How to sell on Shopify

How to sell on BigCommerce

Using WooCommercePlugin to sell

How to find profitable products

Selling own product

Making your front store attractive

Free plus shipping model

Adding upsells to your product

Writing e-commerce newsletters

E-commerce shipping solutions

Important e-commerce site pages

How to add value to your e-commerce store

Advertising your product using social media

Using Facebook ads for advertisement

Driving traffic to your store

E-commerce store

Boosting e-commerce sales

IM Checklist Volume 30: Instagram

This IM checklist gold membership volume takes you through how you can use social media such as Instagram to drive traffic and generate sales. It has the following checklists:

Optimizing your Instagram profile

Switching to business profile

Coming up with a unique brand hashtag

Using Instagram tools freely

Posting product teasers

Creating sponsored ads

Using Instagram stories

Reaching out to influencers

Limiting and maintaining Instagram posts

Keeping the right track

Interacting with followers

Posting discounts and coupons

How to highlight a new product on your feed

Running giveaway with another brand

Developing an editorial calendar for your posts

Maintaining effective caption lengths

Cross-promoting your brand

Linking ads to your landing page/product page

Where Can You Buy the Product?

If you find the IM helpful checklist and would like to use it for product creation, marketing, or other related stuff, you can get it on the official website of Kevin Fahey, the creator. Its checklists are priced depending on the package that you opt to get for yourself.

After purchasing the program, you’ll be entitled to 20 hours of training for free and other checklists bonuses that Kevin Fahey offers. All these, including sell master reseller rights and sell private label rights, among others, are available to exclusive members.

Our Final Take

Our IM checklist review has given you what you need to determine whether it’s something you need or not. In our honest review, this might be a program for you if you want valuable guides or checklists as you do your internet marketing work.

You may not require everything about the product, but focusing on what may be helpful to in your niche is the best way to proceed. It’s all about doing the best in your area of focus.


Relevant checklists
Saves time and resources
The creator is an expert with a track record of successful work
Anyone can use the checklists


Relevant checklists
Saves time and resources
The creator is an expert with a track record of successful work
Anyone can use the checklists

Summary: IM checklist provides guidelines to users to help them succeed in their internet marketing ventures. The course is easy, relevant and there are positive reviews of people who have used and succeeded. Kevin Fahey, the creator is an expert and also does marketing. If your goal is to venture into an online business, including marketing, the program may be useful to you.


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