HyBeam Tactical Flashlight Review – Our Shocking Discoveries!

“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment.” ~ Nelson Mandela

If you have ever spent any time in the dark, you know that flashlights, candles, lamps, and other light sources are very important. When looking for something that will deliver high performance, durability, the latest technology, and practical advantages, your best bet will be a tactical flashlight.

However, we are not talking about just any flashlight here. Our focus is on the HyBeam tactical flashlight and its numerous advantages. In our HyBeam flashlight review, we will look at the manufacturers and the features. A full description of the item, and why you need to have one.

Who is the HyBeam Tactical flashlight for?

To review HyBeam, we looked at its specs. However, since it is a tactical flashlight, there are specific use cases for it, since it has a unique design inspired by the military.

The tactical flashlight features are suitable for someone in a certain setting or situation, including:



When out in a camping setting, you may be trying to locate something specific. Diffused light from regular lamps is not the best. For that, and spotting things that are far clear, one needs the HyBeam flashlight, which was created for such uses by the military.


To be specific, we are talking about homeowners who live in the homes they own. It is not uncommon to have blackouts, home invasions, or have to look for something somewhere natural light can’t reach. For those times, you will need something convenient and a HyBeam tactical flashlight is just that.

Survival life enthusiasts/pros

If you are all about the ultimate survival skills, you know that a flashlight is a very important part of your kit. As a survivalist, you need something that will not break easily, run out of power too quickly or fail to perform simple tasks like breaking a window or acting as a defense tool in the event of an emergency.

Anyone who needs a reliable flashlight

We are convinced that the HyBeam flashlight is not just essential for high-performance people alone. Anyone should, and now can, have a flashlight like this. Given the price, it is hard to come up with a reason not to buy as many as you need. As you will see on our HyBeam tactical flashlight review features list and descriptions, the tactical flashlight will deliver. 

What is the Family Protection Association?

The flashlight is sold by the FPA (Family Protection Association), operating out of Austin, Texas. Their purpose is to create survivalist gear to give you the resources and tools needed for survival life convenience. The HyBeam tactical flashlight is available for free in some promotions, which you should only access via the FPA’s official website.

There is a membership plan, too, to get survival and self-defense enthusiasts together and bond over the cool gear and other survival resources. 

There is also the opportunity to access podcasts with FPA experts, training videos on survival life, private group pages, weekly newsletters, gifts, membership pins, and more. Since it is sold over the internet, shopping and shipping are easier. If you do not find it in stock, get your name on the waitlist page. Note that all rights reserved are held by the FPA.

Why does FPA give away free HyBeam products or sell them cheaper?

The survival life community is one of the biggest customers of HyBeam tactical flashlights. The reason for that is simple: the torch is an invaluable part of any person’s gear. Since they form a majority of the buyers of tactical flashlight offerings, the industry created tends to inflate prices of items just because they are labeled premium.

The reason for lower HyBeam prices and giveaways is because of subscription and membership promotions to attract members for survival groups.

The artificially inflated prices make it hard to get a tactical flashlight. However, a HyBeam flashlight sells for a good price and still manages to give off 300 lumens, endure rough usage and last long. How do they do it? Well, that is what our HyBeam tactical flashlight review is going to examine.

A description of the HyBeam Flashlight

Picture a regular flashlight in your mind. It usually operates at a lower power level than what you get with HyBeam. It would take about 24 regular flashlights to match the high performance delivered by the powerful 300 lumens put out by the HyBeam tactical flashlight. At only 2 ounces, you can see why military-grade technology is better.

You want a tactical flashlight that can aid in self-defense using the HyBeam itself or its strobing function. With a regular flashlight, you only get about 3-4 feet of light. The military-grade HyBeam tactical flashlight is capable of projecting that light by 100 times to span an area of about 50 square feet. The tent glow if you turn it on while inside one, can be seen from far.

What is the secret to such blinding luminosity? The answer to that mystery is an authentic YAG LED bulb. It distributes light in new and innovative ways that simply cannot be matched by the older generations of flashlight types. The thing is waterproof and made out of aircraft-grade aluminum. You can run it over with a 64,000-pound garbage truck and leave it at the bottom of the river and it will still work.

What are the best features our HyBeam tactical flashlight review found?

With the description out of the way, let’s examine the features:

3 Settings Switching

In seconds, you can switch between different modes by pushing down the button to moderate the lumens. You can go from blinding a person with a high beam to a low beam or the strobe light if you are in an emergency and need help. The bright lights make even the darkest places look as clear as an HD video. The tent glow is beautiful and can be regulated using the setting provided. You can also play with the strobe light function and see what it looks like.

High-performance body

The flashlight is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it nearly impossible to damage. The HyBeam tactical flashlight review found that unless opened and exposed to foreign substances like water on the inside. The thing is durable and heavy-duty. When closed up, it is watertight.

A beveled edge for defense

The unique build means that you can strike surfaces forcefully enough to break them if they are brittle. It also means that you can use it to defend yourself if someone attacks you in close quarters combat. Its small size makes it easy to wield, so you can deliver ‘power blows’ in an attack as powerful as the beam shines.

Any AA batteries works

You can use rechargeable or single-use batteries. We recommend that you go with rechargeable AA batteries (especially the high-performance high-end offerings) to get the best beam strength out of the bulb. A rechargeable AA battery means you treat the environment the right way.

The HyBeam lifetime guarantee

“Security represents your sense of worth, your identity, your emotional anchorage, your self-esteem, your basic personal strength or lack of it.” – Stephen Covey

The HyBeam Ironclad Lifetime Guarantee ensures that you never have to worry about spending money to purchase for the first time. You are covered for life when it comes to this product, which not many others offer. The resources used to make this kind of military-grade light source are tough. The manufacturer knows that one piece can last a lifetime. If this LED miracle breaks, you could take it back.

To Conclude

The HighBeam flashlight is only four inches long and 2 ounces, making it super convenient to carry around because of the small size. The LED light source has been around for a while. As a user, you are getting an established product and are not a beta tester getting in on the ground floor of this offering.

Giving one the option to take it back in case it does not satisfy means that HyBeam is a VIP status offering. It also shows us a bit of what the customer service one gets here looks like. You can join the survivalist group and register with an email address. We think this product is worth a try.

Frequently Asked Questions About “HyBeam Flashlight”:

What is HyBeam Flashlight?

The Hybeam Military Flashlight is a tactical flashlight that helps illuminate light for as long as possible, even in the darkest locations. It's a fascinating piece that can survive any environmental fluctuation, even rain.

How can I purchase HyBeam Flashlight?

The HyBeam flashlight is that it is only available on the internet on the company's official website. You won't find it at your neighborhood shop.

Why is HyBeam Flashlight created?

The creators of this product want to make sure you're ready for whatever life throws at you, and they provide the skills and resources to help you do so.

Where can I use the HyBeam Flashlight?

You can use it within and outside the home, especially when it's dark. However, it is waterproof and can also function in wet weather.

Is HyBeam Flashlight expensive?

The FPA offers their membership at $20 per month or $97 per year and the HyBeam tactical flashlight free of any charge. If you register, you can get other freebies.

Is HyBeam Flashlight approved by FPA (Family Protection Association)?

Yes. The Family Protection Association (FPA), a survivalist group, sells the Hybeam tactical flashlight. But the original idea is safety and security.


Multiple o-rings make the thing waterproof but it is not designed for super deep underwater use.
As the official website explains, the HyBeam Flashlight uses any AA battery.
There are three modes of lighting to choose from. Bright lasts 3 to 4 hours, low lasts 7 hours and the defensive strobe disorients attackers in the dark.
The body of the HyBeam flashlight is beveled to crush through soft surfaces like glass.
The warranty lasts a lifetime because the LED flashlight is made out of aircraft grade aluminum.


You cannot use the HyBeam flashlight beyond a certain depth underwater.
It is not suitable for shooting video, since video needs different kinds of light.

Summary: There are many battery options in the market but HyBeam is versatile enough that you can use both a rechargeable AA battery or a disposable one for convenience. With functions in the settings like the strobe, we see why this HyBeam is considered military grade.


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