Hormonal Harmony HB-5 Review – Pros, Cons & My Honest Thoughts!

You could spend the entire day working out in the gym and still be obese. Even weight-loss programs may not help. That is because the weight-loss industry markets the notion that intense or rigorous exercise is necessary for weight reduction.

While exercise could help, it is not the ultimate approach to weight loss. The popular notion explains why high-quality supplements like the harmony HB 5 supplement are on the market. Also, they are not as popular as they should be.

The weight-loss industry is a multibillion-dollar industry. Thus it is unsurprising that milk you for your money. Many individuals invest hundreds of dollars in treatments, medications, vitamins, and therapies but continue to be fat.

This is because obesity is not always associated with these factors. According to research, several hormonal blockages contribute to obesity. In this Harmony Hb 5 supplement, we will discuss what makes it work and why it could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

What Is Hormonal Harmony HB 5?

Harmony HB5 is a dietary supplement offered only online at HormonalBalanceNow.com.

The pill tackles five hormonal barriers that obstruct weight loss. According to research, these hormonal impediments are thwarting your weight loss efforts. Also, they induce fat burning and increase hunger. Hence sabotaging your weight reduction efforts causing hormonal blocks.

By taking two capsules of HB5 daily, you can purportedly lose 45 pounds in 60 days. The pill claims to “unclog” your hormones, resulting in rapid weight reduction. The supplement’s name is an acronym: Hb 5 is an abbreviation for Hormonal Block 5. 

The pill works by regulating five particular hormones in your body, thus managing hormonal blocks. That makes it simpler to lose weight. Generally, supplements have little effect on hormone levels on their own. And the supplement hormonal harmony HB 5pills take a different approach.

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Who Should Use Hormonal Harmony HB5?

Although males might enjoy this vitamin, the maker focuses explicitly on women. So, if you are a female having difficulty losing weight or maintaining low energy levels on a low-calorie diet, HB 5 is worth a try.

If you have a problem with hunger and cannot keep food away from yourself, HB 5 can help with that. The harmony HB5 supplement assists the female body in various ways. Some of these include mood enhancement to weight loss.

Yet, the most critical benefit of the Harmony HB 5 supplement is that it restores hormonal equilibrium. So, it results in advantages such as smooth skin, increased energy, and weight reduction.

Does HB 5 Have Any Side Effects?

Supplement hormonal harmony HB 5 is the result of years of study. It is made in the United States of America in adherence to Food and Drug administration directives. The facilities are GMP-certified. So, harmony HB 5 supplement capsules are safe to take since they are free of hazardous ingredients and are not addictive.

As per the official website and Hormonal Harmony HB 5 reviews, HB 5 is a safe supplement with no known adverse effects. The HB 5 supplement is not potentially toxic.

How Does Harmony HB 5 Supplement Work?

When women begin to gain weight, they feel sluggish and concerned. Hence, it could result in a reduced ability to regulate their eating. According to the official website, this may not be their fault since their hormones begin to malfunction. The production of these hormones fluctuates, resulting in hormonal blocks that aids weight gain.

Fortunately, the Hormonal Harmony HB 5 supplement uses a principle. It is regulating and correcting the function of five critical hormones associated with weight gain. The solution comprises substances clinically shown to balance these hormones and aid in weight loss.

“Don’t work out because you hate your body — work out because you love it.”– Anonymous

Which Hormones Does HB 5 Target?

Thyroid Hormones

Your thyroid gland produces hormones such as T3 and T4. These play a critical role in metabolism and energy production. When someone has a thyroid issue, it generally indicates that they are not producing enough T3 and T4 hormones. HB 5 can address this issue by rebalancing the thyroid and speeding up weight reduction.


Cortisol, a.k.a the “stress hormone.” The body produces it in reaction to physical and psychological stresses. The hormone is your body’s survival mechanism. It instructs your body to accumulate as much fat as possible to secure life. Stress affects your weight loss objectives. Harmony HB 5 purportedly targets cortisol, hence making weight loss more straightforward.


Insulin is the body’s reaction to meals. It handles controlling the quantity of sugar (glucose) in your bloodstream. If your insulin levels are out of balance, you will experience a variety of symptoms. Some people report feeling exhausted or nauseated. Others have hunger pangs. 

Insulin levels that are out of equilibrium undermine your weight loss efforts. Usually, diabetic medication (such as insulin injections) targets insulin in the body. But, the HB5 supplement promises to target insulin to aid in weight loss.


Since the HB5 supplement mainly for women, it claims that it targets estrogen. Estrogen is a critical hormone for the female sex. Over time, estrogen and progesterone levels could get out of balance, resulting in weight loss resistance. 

When estrogen levels are out of balance, your body stores extra fat, which is why many women gain weight naturally as they age. Harmony Hb 5 asserts that it targets estrogen through the use of natural ingredients.


Popularly known as the “hunger hormone.”, the body produces Leptin to control hunger. If your leptin levels are out of balance, you may consume even after your body is whole, resulting in weight gain. Many supplements claim to target Leptin to aid in weight loss. Yet, the harmony HB 5 supplement is the only one that claims to target Leptin and four other hormones.

How Does Harmony HB 5 Target Hormones?

Generally, supplements have little effect on either increasing or decreasing hormone levels. Yet, Harmony HB 5 asserts that it targets not one but five hormones in the body. According to the promoters of Hormonal Harmony HB-5, hormonal imbalance is to some extent to blame for weight loss problems.

Fix your Thyroid

Harmony HB5 begins with a thyroid hormone fix. The pill contains natural components that aid in the synthesis of T3 and T4 hormones by your body. 

The HB5 supplement contains kelp that is high in iodine. If you have thyroid problems, you may be deficient in iodine. Although iodine deficiency is uncommon in the developed world iodine-rich diet may help with thyroid problems.


HB5 supplement works the cortisol. Excess cortisol makes weight loss harder. Thus, the capsules target cortisol by utilizing substances such as adaptogenic botanicals. The supplement includes Rhodiola Rosea and ginseng, used in traditional medicine for millennia to treat anxiety and stress.

Target Insulin

The HB5 supplement asserts that it targets insulin through the use of a cinnamon extract. Numerous diabetics and pre-diabetics use cinnamon extract regularly since specific research indicates that it may aid blood sugar control. 

Harmony HB promises a significant difference in insulin levels, cholesterol, and blood sugar management. The effects occur after taking the pills due to the presence of cinnamon extract.

Fix Leptin

Leptin, the hunger hormone, has a nasty habit of sabotaging weight loss efforts. HB 5 targets Leptin by using substances such as African mango extract.

Estrogen Balance 

Estrogen is a critical female hormone. To counteract estrogen, HB 5 contains a compound called Diindolylmethane (DIM). It is a naturally occurring element present in vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower. The official website asserts that Diindolylmethane can help re-balance estrogen levels in the body, thereby accelerating weight loss results.

How Much Weight Can You Lose with Harmony HB5?

HB 5 supplement reviews from a lady claim a significant loss. This woman claims to have lost a considerable amount of weight within the first week of taking HB-5 – only to lose even more weight in the following weeks.

That woman lost 34 pounds in less than 90 days while taking HB5 without altering her diet or exercise habits in the slightest.

HB 5 has not conducted clinical trials to verify these weight loss related statements or reviews., The sales page makes no other claims about weight loss. However, 34 pounds lost in 90 days is significant, especially when no changes to diet or exercise.

Where to buy Hormonal Harmony HB5?

The safest way to buy the Harmony HB 5 supplement is through the official website. Harmony HB5 was not available online originally. However, the company opted to go entirely online owing to high demand and running inventories.

The official website is quite user-friendly, and with only a few clicks, you may get the HB5 supplement. In two to three business days, it will reach your home. However, in some situations, the pandemic scenario could cause a delay.

You should, however, be careful to buy the supplement since several fraudulent sites attempt to earn cash by offering supplements with the same or similar names. Ads appearing on the websites attract clients with misleading promises and dupe them into spending their hard-earned money.

Lastly, the original website offers a 180 day money back guarantee, and you can direct any complaint, concern or question to them.

Benefits to expect from the supplement

Hormonal balance

According to Dr Eric J. Wood, hormonal blocks appear to be why fat migrates continually to the belly and thighs. These blocks impact millions of men and women, resulting in “weight loss resistance.” Harmony HB 5 supplement can purportedly fix the blocks and balance your hormones.


Improve skin complexion

Hormone balance also has many extra advantages. However, the most important thing is better skin. The natural chemicals utilized in HB5 helps to make the skin fairer, smoother and smoother.

Mood and energy enhancement

Another advantage is to improve your metabolism, mood and vitality using the HB5 vitamin. The components utilized in the supplement see in this.

Who Created the Hb 5 supplement?

On the HB-5 product page, there is a story about a woman named Sam. She acquired a significant amount of weight in her late thirties and early forties. She had a sense that her spouse didn’t desire her and wanted to make it make sense.

Sam felt a need for more and wanted to make a change. So, she tried all types of diets and exercise routines. Her efforts were futile since all attempts to lose weight through physical activity, and a nutritious diet came to nothing.

Sam got in touch with Dr Eric Wood through a friend. The Doctor recommended alternative weight loss methods because he believed her hormones were preventing her from losing weight. She lost 34 pounds in 90 days while on Harmony HB 5.

HB5 Dosage 

The suggested dose is three capsules a day, with or without meals, as per the official website. These capsules are tiny, so it should not be a problem to take three at a time.

The complete 30-day supply of 90 capsules includes each bottle of the HB 5 hormonal balancing supplement. With the 180 day money back guarantee, the supplement is for daily use. At least for two to three months, without occasional pauses, to get the most incredible effects.

How long does it take to see results?

As per posts or articles, you should see changes within a week or two. However, with Harmony HB 5 reviews, you should preferably take this supplement for two to three months if you desire the full effects.

In addition, the body of every person is different. Therefore the supplement will respond differently. Some may begin to exhibit dramatic improvements within the first couple of weeks, while others may take six to seven months to see significant effects. 

It depends on how the components of the HB5 supplement absorb your body. Therefore, it is better to keep your body at the optimum level for the nutrients to be absorbed.

HB 5 Ingredients

The ingredients of any product or service are what determines the quality. The product is not famous for no reason; these are some of the elements we know:

  • 500mg of cinnamon extract
  • 600mg of Rhodiola Rosea
  • 150mg of African mango extract
  • A proprietary formula containing kelp, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, vitamin
  • B12, Diindolylmethane, and bladderwrack

Unlike other manufacturers of a product or service, HB 5 makers make their ingredients public. There are about 13 of them. They affirm that the Rhodiola Rosea extract may assist the stress hormone cortisol target. Because of an active component called salidroside, Rhodiola Rosea provides anti-stress, anti-aging and anti-fatigue properties. 

That is why Rhodiola Rosea has been prescribed for generations by traditional doctors. Many studies have indicated that Rhodiola Rosea may assist your body to react to physical and emotional stress. However, it is uncertain if cortisol levels reduce, as HB 5 seems to imply.

More about the ingredients

The African HB-5 mango extract allegedly targets Leptin, the appetite hormone. Many African mango extracts, such as pills that target body fat and fat burning, are marketed online nowadays. Any product or service using such ingredients should have a license for use. African mango extract may help you lose weight, but there is little evidence that African mango extract may increase or decrease leptin hormone levels specifically.

Some individuals use kelp supplements every day to boost the function of the thyroid and even metabolism. A study on kelp supplementation was compared humans to a placebo for thyroid function. The individuals had substantially greater thyroxine levels than the placebo group after four weeks of receiving a kelp supplement. However, the introductory metabolic rate between the two groups did not change.

In general, the components in HB 5 5 hormonal balance supplements can assist in reducing weight loss. Still, there is no proof that they substantially increase or decrease the hormone levels – or that they can reduce weight by 34 pounds in 90 days.


Kelp is a kind of algae packed with beneficial nutrients, including iodine. The short-term dietary supplementation by kelp raises both baseline and post-stimulation TSH considerably, according to a study published on the American College of Endocrinology (thyroid hormones).


Magnesium is an essential mineral for the body’s work. All cells and more than 300 enzyme processes are necessary. Its primary tasks are blood pressure control, immune system support, and muscle and nerve function support. 


Another essential but trace mineral necessary for the health of the human body but does not remain in excess. Hence, making it a fundamental part of the diet.


Selenium is also the “essential mineral trace” that should be present in food. Many essential physiological functions such as intellect, metabolism and thyroid function are required.


For all living creatures, copper is necessary as a trace dietary mineral since it is a crucial component of the complex cytochrome c-oxidase respiratory enzyme. The bone, liver, and muscles are primarily present. Copper supports the maintenance and delivery of Thyroid hormones in the neurons and blood vessels.


Manganese is one of the trace minerals. The body requires it for optimal function and it works as a cofactor in a wide range of enzymes with different activities. Also, it contributes the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, cholesterol and glucose, contributes to numerous body processes. It fosters bone development, blood coagulation, and thyroid function also play an essential role.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 – also known as cobalamin and a water-soluble vitamin that is part of every cell in the human body. The function of the nervous system is essential, but it also has a role in thyroid function.


An iodine-rich seaweed used to treat diseases such as iodine deficit, obesity and thyroid disorders for ages in traditional medicine.


A plant found in the genus Panax has its functions in traditional medicine for millennia. It could reduce cortisol levels and encourage weight loss.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) 

A chemical released when the body digests cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale.

A Tumour Immunology and Immunotherapy report show that DIM causes a positive change in estrogen metabolism. There is also talk of suppressing diet-induced obesity.


It may have a favourable effect on fasting plasma glucose levels. The research found in the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine suggests that cinnamon can decrease blood sugar, cholesterol, and insulin levels. It could also reduce the Body Mass Index in individuals.

About Hormonal Harmony

HB 5 is only accessible online through HormonalBalanceNow.com. You may supposedly drop 45 pounds in just 60 days by taking two HB 5 capsules each day. Related statement or review says you “unclog” your hormones and in a short time leads to substantial weight reduction. Yet, the course of performance usage may vary from person to person.

Hormonal Harmony is a supplementary company based in Miami, headed by Dr Eric Wood, ND. He recommends alternative solutions, including metabolism supplements and other products, to medical challenges. 

He is the author of books like Scientific Fat Loss, Longevity Secrets, The Ultimate Candida Diet, and The Adrenal Fatigue Solution.

Dr Eric Wood is a natural medicine physician and formulator of supplements. Like HB 5, they may be distributed via the websites only.

Media contact 

If you have complaint concern or question about information appearing on the websites, you may contact the Hormonal Harmony HB website. 

5 Customer Service.

Contact Person: Stephen Gomez

Or manager email support hormonal


Millions of women and men across the globe suffer from hormonal blocks. Few people, yet, genuinely are aware of the harmful consequences on our bodies. The hormonal blockages may lead to common issues such as anxiety, brain fog, fatigue and weight loss resistance. So, your entire health could depend on a harmonious hormonal balance. That may be a genuine life-saving dietary supplement, like Hormonal Harmony HB5.

Overall, HB5 looks very promising. A large number of clients have shown good results, which means a 180-day money-back guarantee will also protect you. If you need a reliable source of weight reduction and hormone balancing solution, you can consider it. It is safe, and you don’t have to fear it will burn a hole in your pocket to buy it.

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Frequently Asked Questions About “Hormonal Harmony HB-5”:

What is Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement?

Hormonal Harmony HB-5 is a nutritional supplement that claims to help you lose weight. It works by targeting five hormonal blocks that would often block your weight loss efforts.

Is Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement safe to use?

All the ingredients used to make Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement are safe, so the product might be a good one to try for someone trying to lose weight.

Is Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement effective?

Some reports and testimonies indicate that the use of Hormonal Harmony HB-5 can lead to a significant loss of weight over a few weeks. However, clinical trials on its effectives are yet to be completed.

Is Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement expensive?

Hormonal Harmony HB-5 is priced according the number of bottles. Prices are not expensive but there are shipping costs that might make it expensive depending on where you live.

How can I buy the Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement?

You can buy Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplements from the creator’s official website. It was not available online in the past, but it is now sold by the creator online on their website.

Who created the Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement?

Hormonal Harmony HB-5 was created by a woman called Sam. She had tried various exercises and diets but couldn’t get the results she wanted. Dr. Wood recommended HB-5 and it worked, so she promoted it.

What are the benefits of Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement?

The hormonal harmony HB-5 has not completed the process of clinical trials to determine all its weight loss benefits. However, there is evidence that some of its ingredients are useful in managing blood sugar.

What are the pros and cons of Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement?

Some pros of Hormonal Harmony HB-5 supplement include improved skin complexion, enhanced mood & energy and balancing of hormone levels that affect weight loss. It might, however, be expensive to import it.



– Fosters hormonal balance
-It also makes the skin glow
-Mood and energy enhancement
-The product has a 180-day money-back guarantee
-Potential weight loss solution


Presently, there are no known adverse effects for this product.

Summary: A potential answer to hormonal blocks is the new HB5 dietary supplement with Hormonal Harmony. It has stimulated the attention of thousands of people suffering from weight loss. Honest opinions findings beliefs have fostered faith in the product.

The website does encourage express or implied representation for sales for customers’ protection. Posts or articles appearing on the websites are not sponsored by HB 5.


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