Ho’oponopono Certification Review – Can You Be the Change?


Do you ever feel that you just can’t be happy with life?

Is there an event that has left you with anger or negative feelings?

Most likely, everyone will answer yes. It’s essential to be able to recognize those internal processes and face them without fear. Historically, there have been many ways to do that. Almost always, there’s a wise person or a therapist involved…

However, you can start by healing on your own!

We all have mental problems like fear, anxiety, and frustrations. Memories or currently bad situations may cause these feelings. If untreated, they can lead to self-harm thoughts.

It is vital that you approach these feelings to promote your wellbeing.

Unfortunately, most aids to our mental help can be expensive or dangerous. Did you know prescription drugs pose a threat to your health if unsupervised?

So, I decided to write this Ho’Oponopoo Certification after a year of having my life improve.


Well, it’s not like I don’t feel bad anymore. However, now I’m not paralyzed or overwhelmed. My relationship with my family has become peaceful, and great friends have entered my life.

Now, I have the tools to deal with the world and make it better for me.

What is Ho’oponopono Certification?

Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation.

In ancient Hawaii culture, it is believed that whatever happens to us is caused by our actions. However, this is not meant to finger-point or guilt people. What does this mean?

You can actually participate in improving your life.

So, with ho’oponopono, you can change your life from a user perspective.

Make things better from day one

This won’t make anything worse

You can only improve

No need for special equipment

Results that last forever

This will help you to reignite the positive energy that may have been present in your life before.

For me, this practice was all I needed to start changing my perspective. I came from a stressful home situation and hated my parents. However,  as I got older, things began to get more difficult for me.

It became obvious that it was because of all the trauma, and so I hated them more.

But, it was obvious that they wouldn’t be able to fix these issues at some point. Also, in the end, I was the one having a hard time.

This was the best way to address this problem.Ho’oponopono Certification Course’s Process.

Details About the Creators

Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon created the program.

These guys paired up to modernize the ho’oponopono technique in this program. They conducted in-depth research, put together many techniques, and created this guide.

Ho’oponopono is now accessible to individuals.

Historically, this could only be approached by a wise person and the patient. However, it is easy to get access to it without having to spend a month in the jungles of Hawaii… it wouldn’t be bad, though.

The authors created a certified program to help people all over the world!

First, the creators documented all the improvements they saw in their patients. Then, they consulted experts on how people could do these exercises without a teacher.

We always need guidance, but you can do many things by yourself.

Personally, I never lost sight that there was a lot to learn. However, this Certification for beginners was the best remedy for my internal angsts.

Grab Your Copy Here

An Insight Into the Program

It is an e-book that you download instantly to any digital device.

The program goes from the most basic practices to the more complicated. It’s important to take things one step at a time.

Catching myself in the moment. Then I remember facts are just facts, circumstances are merely circumstances. Whenever I can catch myself having a negative thought, I do Self-I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono by saying to myself the phrases “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” “Please forgive me,” “Thank you” in any particular order.” – Graham Shiels

When we’re trying to heal, we have to go progressively.

Identify exactly what is going on with you

Learn how ho’oponopono addresses such issues

Start healing

Gain insight

Learn how to help others

Also, it comes with 40 minutes of video that help you learn more about the ho’oponopono techniques.

Mental health can be loosely compared with exercise. Some people find great results going to the gym, others might sports, and others go to the Olympics. All of them could be practicing the same sport.

The Ho’oponopono Certification is one of the many paths. I found it useful for me, and I hope it can be for you.

What does Ho’oponopono Teach?

 In Hawaii, we have something called Ho’oponopono, where people come together to resolve crises and restore peace and balance.” – Duane Chapman

This learning depends on Universal Laws. The Ho’oponopono Certification Course primarily teaches that our thought shapes our reality. We can embrace peace If we let go of unnecessary traumas and karma blockages. This is what the human spirit looks for, but it is often difficult to achieve in most cases. The creator Vitale and Dixon used this technique among several individuals with impressive success before they compiled it into a course for everyone. As a result of their work, they have helped a wide audience who are seeking the teachings of Ho’oponopono. According to them, comprehending this course depends on how we better understand the universe around us.

Ho’oponopono features a concept of controlling our realities and telling us that we are responsible for everything around us. So, we must ask for forgiveness from the universe to clear our karma. This will help us clear our roles in what caused our pain. To fix internal issues, it Is important to show a strong sense of faint and repentance for what we have done.

According to the creator, it will help you release negative patterns that may arise into life, resulting in repeated similar problems. You can then work to clear those things that no longer serve you by addressing the patterns. You can do this by releasing everything that dwells on your subconscious level. It will be very difficult to ascertain the root causes when you are consumed by what it is. So, to break free is possible, and this can be achieved by religiously following the teaching of Ho’oponopono.

What Is the Course’s Process?

The guide is divided into sequential steps. So, there’s no way around them.

At first, you will learn more about a theoretical framework. Why?

Since this is quite new for most people, it’s important that you know what you’re doing and why.

Unlocking the Power of Ho’oponopono.

Learn the ways you can get this Certification.

How you’ll build tools to help you on your journey.

Finally, how you’ll use those to help others.

Traditional Ho’oponopono Practice.

Discover the historical foundations of this technique and its power.

Get a solid understanding of its origins.

Understand the words and concepts you’ll be reading and hearing about.

Who Was Morrnah Simeona

A brief history of this modern history.

How she brought ho’oponopono to the west.

Why we’re learning her techniques.

Modern Ho’oponopono One-Step Further.

Learn how the creators adapted this wisdom to these times.

Discover a little about the code of ethics

Follow the creators in their healing journey.

Remember, in the end, this is Certification, which means that this will help you help others. To do that, you need to know what you’re talking about.

After learning all of this, I was ready to start healing!Ho’oponopono Certification Product.

The Technical Part

In a nutshell, this is more than teaching you Ho’Oponopono. It’s a map of the inner world and how it can be fixed in people. That world is not based on the senses, but they affect it. So, it’s important to prepare both in mind and technique.

The World’s Most Unusual Therapist.

Follow the journey of Joe in discovering how an unusual therapist healed people without even meeting them.

Learn the basics of energy.

Video Instructions.

Dr. Vitale and Dr. Hew Len guide you through excellent videos.

Learn all the techniques you’ll have to work with.

Start practicing on yourself with their help.

Zero Limits Answer Book.

Ho’oponopono is broken down to answer any questions you may have.

No stone goes unturned with this great book of answers.

What’s the Right Way to Clean?

Find out the best cleaning process using five steps.

Get the precise movements to allow things to go right.

Don’t rush; follow the program, and you will get solutions to each of your concerns.

If you could address things by rushing, we wouldn’t be here, to begin with.

What Is Contained In the Videos?

The videos are a sequence of technique training. As you progress, you’ll see how they connect with each other. So, in the end, you can put everything together.

My advice is that you practice slowly, without aiming for perfection but slowly. Then, as you start using them on yourself, you’ll learn how to them better and more naturally.

These techniques manifest differently from person to person. But they all come from the same place.

Your Introduction to Ho’oponopono.

You will learn about the 4 phase mantras that will help you focus on yourself and others.

Attention is everything, you’ll learn to make it work for you.

Zero and the Void.

Learn how to get into a fully present state of mind.

When you’re there, past and future get cast aside: that’s the void.

Here, your healing and insights are maximized.

The Mechanics of Cleaning Tools.

Learn how to make your mind a house of positive and healing thoughts.

Identify its connection with your own divinity.

Connecting to Divinity.

Here, you’ll learn how to align mind and divinity.

Explore your mental limitations and understand them.

Sometimes, they are OK to keep, and sometimes they need to be broken.

Cleaning Tools in Practice.

This deals more with future thoughts, thus helping with anxiety.

Get the tools to relief from the future, without falling into hopelessness or nihilism.

Perspectives on Zero.

New 4 ho’oponopono practices that address the past.

Their primary function is to deal with anger and rage.

You can still hold people responsible for their actions, but you don’t have to harm yourself.

Attracting People Who Need Your Help.

How to open your inner space to others, with care and love.

Discern who can be helped and who won’t benefit from you.

Perfect Creation.

You will learn about your responsibilities as a Ho’oponopono practitioner.Ho’oponopono Certification Creator.

Do You Get Bonuses

Yes! You get access to a seminar of Zero Limits

Once you have finished the main course, you learn new techniques to help with mental blockage.

As humans, we all share the same essence, and dealing with it can be quite similar in people who are willing. However, other people might benefit from different strategies. They are not so common, but they exist.

Learn how to do that here!

Never be caught off-guard!

Final Verdict

Mental and spiritual health are common issues. However, in the past, some people dismissed them, others would scam, and others were healing in silence.

Now, we start seeing many available options. Moreover, ancient traditions such as Yoga have arisen with millions of people benefiting from them.

Ho’Oponopono Certification is a great way to start your journey. Heal yourself and heal others in the process.

In the beginning, I came to it in despair of my feelings and thoughts. However, I was able to help myself and learn how to help others in the process.

Now you can too!

Frequently Asked Questions About “Ho’oponopono Certification”:

What is Ho'oponopono Certification?

Ho'oponopono Certification is an online program that offers you all resources to learn the skill and knowledge required to practice Ho'oponopono at home with your family members and friends. It'll help you live without stress.

How does Ho'oponopono Certification work?

Ho'oponopono Certification features a step-by-step application of several examples of how you can use Ho'oponopono in your everyday life and with others, in person, and as well as remotely to enhance your experience.

Who created the Ho'oponopono Certification?

The Ho'oponopono Certification Program was designed by Dr. Joe Vitale and Mathew Dixon. In their program, they use the modernized form of Ho'oponopono. Before creating this program, they conducted a lot of researches.

Who is the Ho'oponopono Certification for?

The Ho'oponopono Certification Program is for everyone who wants to learn the ancient Hawaiian technique to practice Ho'oponopono at home with their family members and friends. It'll help you live without stress.

How can I buy the Ho'oponopono Certification?

To purchase Ho'oponopono Certification, visit their official website via the link on this page to help you ensure you buy from their website to enjoy benefits such as a money-back guarantee.

How much does Ho'oponopono Certification cost?

The Ho'oponopono Certification Program is reasonably priced, and it cost only $39. It means you will not have to travel down to Hawaii to spend a few weeks there for the training program.

What are the pros and cons of Ho'oponopono Certification?

The Ho'oponopono Certification features a wide range of pros, including a few cons. This includes the fact that the program is well detailed, high-quality videos, keeping track of progress, limitless, and many more.


• If you are not happy with how the program works, you can ask for a 100% refund. The program has a 60 days guarantee that you can claim.

• The program is well detailed.
The guidelines are explained into finer details, thus ensuring that no information is left out.

• High-quality video.
The videos are crystal clear, and audio lessons are of high quality. This ensures that you are able to learn fast without any hurdles.

• Keep track of your progress.
You can check the progress that you are making by taking the test that accompanies the program.

• Join a community of healers.
There is proof that the program works, and the results are achievable. A lot of people have used this program to make a change in their lives.

• There are no limits.
You can use this program at any time. The guide is available for the user at any time and at any geographic region.

• It works without any damage.
It is safe to use. There are no harmful health effects that may arise from the use of the techniques provided. The technique is natural and healthy.

• The best certification out there.
It is simple to use. The program is outlined into several videos in which each video contains certain teaching, thus making it very simple to understand.


• Mostly online
The books can be downloaded. The rest of the program is found on the online platform; hence it cannot be accessed by people without an internet connection.

• Requires discipline and commitment
You will not get the results that you desire if you do not follow the guidelines of the program keenly.

Summary: The certification is a self-healing process and a program to help others in their healing process.
If you wish to reconnect with who you really are, see anxiety and rage reduced, and then help others to do that, then this is the program for you.
Get taught by some of the best in the field. You’ll learn everything you need to know and more!

I really am very happy with the product.

on 2021-03-05 10:41:53

I would say, the program has actually shown me how to properly perform the steps, though those four steps are very easy to do, but you need to know when exactly you should use it and also what to do in order make maximum impact on your inner mind.


Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2021-01-10 10:23:47

Thanks for this article . I bought the product and saw all 8 modules. Do you suggest that I wait for sometime before registering fir the exam ? Looking for this feedback pls.

John Sparks

Rating: 5
5 /5 stars


on 2020-07-22 12:59:32

A deeply moving experience having already read Zero Limits.

Interestingly, I await my exam grading, having passed the multiple choice part, but still to hear about the “essay” part.


Ho’ Oponopono will form a reassuring and highly supportive base to my Wellbeing platform.


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Great course

on 2020-05-11 08:30:40

This course is amazing!

Connie Lajoie

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Easier for you to learn

on 2020-03-26 21:40:31

Learn this technique that will help you release all the negative energy. You can easily find the process anywhere so learning won’t be a big deal. But doing it in practice requires certain techniques and methods.

Bobby Jones

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on 2019-03-23 04:53:13

The first thing is that it is very quick. And the second thing is that it is easy to work with. I am impressed by the performance of this system. There is no doubt it is worth buying.

Jacob Soto

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A Worthy Course

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it is a course that is worth using. it is a course that i have no problem using because it is working better than i have ever thought. Easy to go through. The lessons offered here are better than anything.


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Definitely work using

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There is something specific i like about this product. The first thing is that it is very affordable. Another thing is that it is very clear since it is organized into step by step manner. Making it possible to easily understand it.


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Well-accomplished art here

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It is not an easy art to accomplish but i can see it has been done in this part. The truth is that this is the best program that i have seen talking about this issue. It feels so good because it is well made with clear instructions.

Kimberly J.

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on 2018-03-13 08:53:43

It will teach you to learn all the real-world evidence of modern Ho’oponopono’s remote healing power and the properties.


Rating: 5
5 /5 stars

on 2017-11-14 13:00:09

Mental peace is what we are all looking for! We need a break from what the life has for us including all the stress and all the emotions that can cause a sudden triggering of hormonal secretion. This guide is about mending all those wounds from the anxiety disorders or from any emotional stress in life! I would recommend this to one and to all!

Becky K. Minton

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Great work.

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Kelly Jensen

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This practice is effective. You just have to be at least 18 years old to be enrolled in this program. It helps you heal, forgive and set your mind fee from all boundaries.

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high quality work

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I have used this product. At first I thought it would not work. But for sure I was wrong. Actually I was surprised by how effective the program could be. It is affordable and easy to use by everyone.


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