Full Power Stretching Review – Works or Just a SCAM?

Did you know that stretching can do more than just improve your flexibility? Well, stretching can boost your overall health and help you lose weight. In fact, when done correctly, it can leave you feeling younger and vital.

Well, Dr. Nikki Zevende understands this, which is why she created the full power stretching program. This program can help you improve your flexibility using some scientifically proven methods. So if you want to make proper yoga poses and improve your athletic performance within a month, please read on…

Why do you need to stretch before working out?

Stretching is one of the most underrated components of an athletic program, recovery, and fitness. But when done correctly, stretching can help increase your range of motion. And this will let you reach your full potential in any sport and your normal daily life. In fact, stretching can replace foam rolling as a means of releasing muscle tension.

Well, we all know the key benefits of stretching, but creating time for stretching can be quite challenging. So you can split your workout routine by doing static stretching before the exercise. And then do static stretches after working out and dynamic stretches while warming up. Unfortunately, stating out can be complicated for some people, but you will be safe with the full power stretching program.

What is the full power stretching program?

Let’s be honest, most of us can never become gymnasts, but with this program, you’ll never feel athletically inadequate. The full power stretching system, also referred to as potastetic stretching by some people, was developed for everyone. This program is a set of scientifically-proven stretching workouts that target every part of your body. This is the outcome of Dr. Nikki Zavende’s years of experience as a fitness advisor and coach.

The Full power stretching method is a blend of dynamic and static stretching workouts borrowed from some old practices. This program borrows from different yoga techniques, especially vinyasa yoga. It also borrows from the Asian martial arts and the ancient Roman and Greek cultures. Using Martial arts and yoga techniques, Nikki created a versatile tool that can help you stay strong and flexible. The full power stretching method comes with a 120 minutes instructional video with routines that you can do within 15 minutes.

Who is the creator of the full power stretching program?

The creator of the full power stretching program is Dr. Nikki Zevende. Dr. Zevende is a professional fitness coach with more than 20-years’ experience in fitness training. And as an expert in human physiology, Nikki’s interest in how the human body functions started at an early age. Dr. Nikki has traveled all over the globe and inspired many people to live healthier lives using simple exercises.

How did Nikki create the full power stretching method?

Her curiosity led her to discover the Plenum Potestatem archaic exercise routine. And using what she learned, she selected the best techniques for full power stretching. Nikki opened a yoga practice studio and started teaching people how to take care of themselves. Since she didn’t have a research and editorial team, Nikki continued doing her research alone.

Nikki understood the difference between static stretching and dynamic stretches. So she combined what she had learned from other professionals with her experience to create the power stretching program. Initially, she was offering this program exclusively in her online sessions and studio classes. But after experiencing huge success in her classes and increased demand for her services, she decided to create this program.


How does the full power stretching program work?

The perfect blend of modern and traditional practices that scientific facts have supported. This is what makes this program powerful. All the routines done in this program are safe and efficient in providing many health benefits. Doing these stretches in the right sequence and periodically can help you live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Doing these stretches will help with muscle recovery, improve stamina, and reduce injuries. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of stretching with little investment in both effort and time.

What’s inside the full power stretching routine?

This full power method includes scientifically proven and expert guidance workouts that are easy to follow. This 120 minutes power stretching program contains the following short videos:

Casual morning stretching

Stretching regularly every morning is an excellent way to wake up and get your metabolism ready for the long day. Morning stretches are easy and ideal for beginners; plus, they can fill your mind and body with the energy for the day. Morning stretches are perfect for people who want to lose weight. And that is because it will leave your body fresh and ready to burn more calories.

Crow-pose challenge

Crow pose workouts will help strengthen your abdominal, back, and arms muscles. This routine can also increase your self-confidence and improve your coordination.

Upper body stretching

The upper body workouts are ideal for people who spend long hours in front of the computers. Stretching must be done daily as it is essential for releasing body tension. These stretches target your neck, shoulders, and back, plus it takes only 9 minutes. And the only thing you will need to improve your muscle mass is a mat.

Lower body stretching

If your lower body muscles get stiff or tired thanks to your sedentary lifestyle, then you need this program. The 9 minutes long lower body stretches will enhance the flexibility of your lower body. This will also increase nourishment absorption and release muscle tension. It can even improve your pelvic floor muscles.

Headstand challenge

Do you always find it difficult to focus or feel stressed out? Well, you’re in luck. The headstand poses will help you get rid of what is stressing you. It will teach you to be here and now while focusing on what you’re doing. But you must keep your leg straight and maintain a constant feet shoulder-width at all times.

30 days front split challenge

The 4-week front split challenge will help make your hip flexors and hamstrings elastic. These are the most appealing yoga poses that are achievable to some people. So make sure you pick the workouts in the right sequence and order for maximum effect. Doing these workouts daily will help you feel relaxed and also reach your weight loss goal faster.

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Does the full power stretching program work for everyone?

This program only includes stretching routines that have been proven effective and safe for everyone. Therefore, it can improve the health of anyone irrespective of their health conditions, gender, and age. But if you have any physical condition that can prevent you from stretching, then you can’t benefit from this program. Many people have experienced tremendous improvement in their mental and physical health.

What sets this program apart from the other workout programs in the market?

Scientifically proven results

Dr. Nikki Zevende spent thousands of hours studying the experiments and papers written by the best sports scientist. She even experimented with some of these techniques for years in her studio and confirmed that they work. Plus, her knowledge in strength training, fitness, and kinesiology is valuable to everyone. So you can use her proven techniques to increase your energy levels, relieve back pain and improve posture.

No equipment needed

You can stretch anytime, anywhere to feel good. So there is no need to spend lots of cash on costly workout gear. For Dr. Nikki’s technique, you only need a mat, T-shirt, and a pair of shorts, and you’re good to go.


The full power stretching program is a valuable investment for folks everyone. This program features carefully selected stretching exercises that can improve your entire body. After all, with static and dynamic stretching methods in this program, your body will be back to shape in no time. The full-body stretching routine will also help with weight loss and improve your muscle mass.

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Frequently Asked Questions About “Full Power Stretching “:

What is full power stretching?

The program is a unique fusion of static and dynamic stretching designed to improve your athletic performance. This program borrows from ancient toga and martial art cultures.

How does full power stretching work?

By using the correct sequence of dynamic and static stretches, this program can improve your health. Plus, the system uses scientifically tested martial art and yoga exercises.

Who created the full power stretching?

The full power stretching system was created by Dr. Nikki Zevende. She is an expert in human physiology and a professional fitness coach with over two decades of experience in fitness training.

How much will it cost me to access the full power stretching?

The full power stretching program has 6 workout packages, all worth $194. But currently, you can get lifetime access to Nikki's program for $29.

How can I access the full power stretching?

Generally, this program has lots of videos that can be accessed online after paying the lifetime access fee. All you need is your visa, master's, or credit card, and you're good to go.

Is the full power stretching for everyone?

Yes, Dr. Nikki selected the most effective and scientifically proven stretching techniques. Therefore, this product is ideal for everyone, irrespective of gender, age, and body weight.

Does full power stretching work?

According to most of the reviews that I have gone through, this program has helped thousands of people. In fact, most of the customer reviews are satisfied with the guidance and results of the program.


It comes with a 60-days cash refund policy
Ideal for everyone
Scientifically proven effective and safe techniques
Lots of health benefits, but make sure you eat healthier meals
Lifetime access to Nikki’s programs
To guarantee physical fitness, each routine targets a specific muscle group


Some workouts will require more time
Must train regularly
Only available for online users

Summary: Stretching is one of the oldest routines that have been in most of our workouts, and scientists are not discovering its benefits. Stretching can help with blood flow, pain relief, and even building stamina. In fact, this is what drove people like Dr. Nikki Zevende to create a unique stretching program. Her curiosity about how the human body works is what makes her findings and programs stand out.
The full power stretching program is a unique product that has been designed to improve your physical and mental health. It includes over 120minutes of effective stretching techniques that can help you lead a healthy lifestyle. The full power stretching program is a blend of Asian martial arts, yoga poses, and other routines. Nikki created a unique system that can help even advanced athletes regain mobility and flexibility.
The stretching program includes some of the best techniques that can work on all the muscles in your body and improve muscle memory. For example, if your physical therapist told you to work on a certain muscle group, this is the best option. The full power stretching program does more than just make you flexible. This program improves your cardiovascular system and lowers your blood pressure.
This program teaches you how to work out one leg and where to place your left or right knee when stretching. It also shows you the benefits of extended legs when stretching and whether to start with the right or left leg. Power stretching makes you more flexible and increases your muscle strength. Dr. Nikki offers sound medical advice, but this program is not even remotely a substitute for real medical practices.
But for better results, it’s always ideal to place your feet flat on the floor with an extended leg when doing some routines. Such placement of parts of your body can guarantee you the maximum benefits of stretching. And the good thing about it is that it comes with a 60-days refund policy. So you can ask for a full refund if regular stretching doesn’t improve your body and mental fitness within two months.


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