Dealing With Grief Review – Legit or Scam? Here is The Answer!

It is quite normal for a person to feel grief. Many people remain in grief for a long time. The emotion is helpful in healing you both emotionally and mentally. According to a reputed and experienced mental health professional, grief is a natural response of your mind. This emotion may be in response to losing someone or something close to you.

People who feel grief may experience a wide array of emotions. These include loneliness and sadness. Different reasons may make you experience such feelings. If your loved one passes away or your relationship with someone ends, you feel grief. Many people also feel sad if they go through a major loss or major changes happen in their lives due to something.

More about the Grieving Process

If you consult with a grief counselor for grief counselling, you will come to know that this emotion protects a person from long-term damages. However, if you remain in the grieving process for long, it may soon become a problem in itself.

It is important that a person coping with grief, seek support, and if you ignore this, it may give rise to mental health issues and depression. If you experience grief for a long time, it may also give rise to irrational behavior.

Dealing With Grief Stages

Stages of Grief According To Any Mental Health Professional

Your grieving process may take place in phases while you come to terms with loss grief. It is difficult to control this process. Although you may feel overwhelmed, it is better to understand the reasons behind such feelings.


When you come to know about a major loss for the first time, it is quite normal to think that it is not the truth of your life. You may experience a sense of shock and sheer numbness. This is a normal way of your mind to deal with the emotions of sadness. You feel that you have lost everything. This is your mind’s defense mechanism.


Once you get a hold of the reality, you feel pain at the things or people you lost. You may also feel helpless and frustrated. These feelings may turn into anger at a later stage. You may direct your anger towards your family members or your life in general. This is a normal stage while coping with the loss.


At this stage, you think about the things you could have done to prevent the person’s death or any other loss. You may also try and strike a deal with the almighty to prevent the death of a loved one.


Amongst the flow of different emotions, you may feel a sense of sadness while coping with the loss in your life. Sometimes, things or people lost in life may have an adverse effect on your life. You fail to get enough sleep and you look for ways to cope with the situation.


This is the final stage in the different stages of grief. At this stage, you tend to accept the loss of the person who died in your life. This loss may be in the form of your children, parents, or close friends. Although you feel everything in life is lost, you still manage to get back to your daily activities.Dealing With Grief Review – Legit or Scam? Here is The Answer!

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Support Groups Help You Deal with Grief Before It Gets Late

Talk to any support group, and they can help you cope with the death in your family. They can also help you find ways to overcome such a difficult time. Losing your loved ones may be too much for you to bear in life. However, with proper grief counseling, grief coping becomes simple.

Although grief is a normal response to certain happenings in life, it can cause major disruptions. These disruptions may be both long and short-term. It is okay to grieve a loss. However, it is also important to find ways to help you with grief coping.

The Grief of Losing Family Members May Be Killing You From Within

Grief is one of the most intense emotions of the human mind. You tend to feel a sea of feelings that accompany grief. There may be damaging repercussions if your complicated grief remains in your daily life. It is largely dependent upon the type of situation that causes grief.

If you seek professional help, you will come to know that all good memories can help overcome the feelings of grief. Whether it is the death of a close friend or friends, or the pressure of changing jobs, or any other pain, it is better to remember the good old times.

Tips to Deal with Grief Is Not Taught

Talk to any bereavement support group and you will find out that the ways to cope with grief are not taught in school. It does not form a part of any education in any part of the world. You will find people who say that this is not something that you can learn. But, this is not true.

You can overcome the grief that you experience at the death of your loved one or your friends and family. According to world psychiatry experts, you can talk to others about your pain and feelings. It is natural to see your mental pain subside if you talk about your grieve and pain.

Dealing with Grief – What Is It?

This is a book written by David Godfrey. This book helps readers take one step at a time towards overcoming complicated grief. It helps readers get over psychological, emotional, and physical issues. These feelings are experienced by a person in grieve.

The book tells readers seeking support to join a support group as soon as possible. It also encourages people to draw friends and spend time with any close family member or friend. The American Psychological Association also supports this fact.

When a person is grieving, he fails to understand which is the right or wrong way to do things. Many opt for some sort of substance abuse to get over grief. However, it is always better to seek professional help along with additional resources that can help you get over the sad situation.

Things to Learn From the Book

This book by David Godfrey acts as a guide to people with feelings of grief and mental pain. It teaches them how to cope with such grieving situations.

  • Ways to understand the meaning of grief.
  • Things people have done to cope with the sad feelings. Things that have worked for them.
  • What are grief and things you can do about it?
  • For a grieving person, what works and what does not work. Depends on whose death you are trying to subsist.
  • Grieving for the death of children or any loved one in your life.
  • Things to do if your loved one passes away.
  • What is wrong if you are empty of feelings? Discussions on responses that are natural.
  • Why does anybody, grieving, has a sense of dread? Is the condition improving or getting worse?
  • How do you manage when you find out that someone close to you or other people has committed suicide?
  • Funeral Etiquette and eulogies. Other customs that are not taught in school.
  • Dealing With Grief Product

How to Access the Book?

The book is available in the form of an e-book. You need to purchase the book from the official website. Once you do so, you will receive instant access to all the supportive material you need within seconds. You also get the privilege to download the book onto your computer. This saves you from the hassle of long wait times.

The book will teach you that rushing through your grieving process is not a good idea. Nonetheless, you will require proper guidance and support to recover from the situation as soon as possible.


It is normal for people to feel sad at the loss of something or someone dear. However, it does not mean that you will stay in the state of mourning forever as there are special ways to overcome the feeling of sorrow. The sooner you can get over the problem the better it will be for you.

 Longer durations of sorrow may show negative physical symptoms and if you have lost your loved one, it is obvious for you to feel sad. However, even at the death of the loved one, it does not make sense to stay sad for long as you can take part in special events and mix with people to overcome sorrow.

 Death is inevitable, but being in sorrow for long will just harm your health. Thus, even in death, you need to remain happy as this will reflect on your general health, and the tips to overcome sorrow are explained nicely by David Godfrey in his new book.

Dealing With Grief 

Frequently Asked Questions About “Dealing With Grief”:

What is Dealing with Grief?

Dealing with Grief is a book that helps readers take one step at a time towards overcoming grief. It also helps readers overcome psychological, emotional, and physical issues.

What does Dealing with Grief do?

Dealing with Grief tells readers who seek help to join a support group as soon as possible. It also encourages people to draw friends and spend time with any close family member or friend at the time of grief.

Who is the author of Dealing with Grief?

Dealing with Grief is written by David Godfrey to help us heal mentally and emotionally. Once you purchase, you'll be given instant access to all the advice and supportive material that he wrote within seconds.

How much does Dealing with Grief cost?

Dealing with Grief by David Godfrey is reasonably priced at $27. All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And, it's totally secure

Is Dealing with Grief worth buying for?

Dealing with Grief teaches you the meaning of grief and ways to overcome grief. It also tells you when you may feel sad. If you wish to lead a happy life without grief then it is worth a buy.

What is the feedback about Dealing with Grief?

Users who have read the book carefully and implemented whatever is taught to them through the book have witnessed happiness. They have found ways to overcome grief easily.

Where can I buy the Dealing with Grief?

Dealing with Grief is in the form of an e-book that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash and can be purchased from their official website. Produced in .pdf format and available for instant download


Allows sadness to heal you with time. Do not let the situation control your existence.
Manage your daily activities without getting overwhelmed by the needs of everyday happenings.
Helps you with a gradual transition from the feeling of anguish and worry to pleasant memories.
Prepare yourself and those close to you to navigate this tough phase properly.


It is in the form of an e-book. You will require a mobile phone or your computer to read the book.

Summary: The feeling of sadness is a natural process in your mind. You tend to feel sad when you lose someone or something that is close to your heart. It is normal for you to feel an array of emotions, such as loneliness and sadness.

There may be other reasons that may also make you sad. The ways to overcome such feelings are not taught to anybody at school. There is no steady time to mourn or grieve. The days you mourn also depend on the type of loss that you incurred.

The process of grieving depends on several factors. These include your age, personality, support network, and beliefs. There is a great possibility that you may grieve longer at the sudden demise of someone close to you. Some people also mourn for several days at the end of a long relationship.

Time is a great healer. With the passage of time, your feeling of sorrow will invariably ebb away. You will feel happier with each passing moment. However, there may be times when you may feel both sorrow and happiness together. Nonetheless, you will soon be able to return to normality.

The book written by David Godfrey teaches you to overcome grief without letting the feeling take control over your normal health. It teaches you ways to get over the sorrow so that you can soon get back to normality.


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