Custom Keto Diet Review: Does This Weight Loss Diet Plan Work?

As we run behind a digital lifestyle, our ability to lose weight has become more challenging than ever. As keto diet plans make strides to help people shed pounds, many people often struggle to maintain keto diets due to their lack of understanding and preparation of low carb foods. As those difficulties increase, some brands have developed their own keto custom plan to design an easy-to-follow program that can help people lose weight fast and achieve their fitness goals. But does the Custom Keto Diet truly work?


Today, we’re going to explore the Custom Keto Diet, learn about how it incorporates basic concepts like ketosis and low carb foods and turns it into a Custom Keto Diet Plan that reduces weight gain without sacrificing quality and time. In this article, we’re going to take an insider’s look into how this program stands out among the rest and how the Custom Keto Diet has earned its place among fitness enthusiasts and those with weight loss goals.


The Causes Of Weight Gain And Its Problems


Obesity presents complex problems in today’s age. Due to the amount and quantity of processed foods, digital conveniences, and lack of exercise, obesity has become a global problem in many first-world countries, in particular the US and UK. In the UK alone, at least 29% of the population is obese, while about 36% is considered overweight, according to the Health Survey for England in 2019. All determined by the BMI scale, if excess weight is left untreated, then it can lead to hazardous health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, and cancer.


Because of this, the weight loss industry is worth over £2 billion, as the industry is filled with companies attempting to help people lose weight with diet pills, meal plans, and exercise regimens that also help their business. This is often because the idea of eating fewer calories and exercising more doesn’t allow people to sustain their weight loss over a long period of time. Obesity presents a large number of complications, often due to how our bodies individually respond to the decrease in calories and increase in fitness. What truly determines healthy weight loss is our resting metabolic rate or the rate at which our metabolism transfers caloric intake into energy rather than storing it as fat.


When it comes to weight loss, the best way to achieve it is to find the right diet plan that works for you because there is no one-cure-all diet plan that can help everyone lose weight through the same formula. Our bodies are unique mechanisms, so gaining health goals instead of numbers on a scale. This includes finding what you love, what you hate, and incorporating those things into your daily life. This may also mean diet plans, such as the keto diet, may work for you depending on what you’re looking for from your health goals.


Why Do People Choose The Keto Diet?


Among the various diets out there that people can follow, the keto diet has been making its rounds as a highly popular, alternative solution to healthy dieting. While often advertised as a weight-loss magic wand, it’s considered a medical diet used for helping people manage some medical conditions such as epilepsy or diabetes. For those wishing to achieve weight loss, the keto diet has been reported by many to help with their goals.


The keto diet is a low carb food, fat-rich diet that, through depriving the body of glucose, or the body’s main source of energy, causes the body to go through ketosis. Ketosis is when the liver produces ketones that act as an alternative source of energy. Through periods of glucose fasting and decreasing insulin, these ketones are used from the body’s fat storage, ultimately replacing energy lost and helping people lose weight. During this diet, people can experience episodes of ketosis, causing headaches, feelings of fogginess, and even flu symptoms. If ketones enter the bloodstream and develop to high levels, it can become ketoacidosis, which can cause severe dehydration and death.


There is no one way to use a keto diet, as there are many variations available for people with different goals. However, popular sources for keto diets state that the total carbohydrates eaten should be less than 50 grams a day, the equivalent of a plain bagel. As for the fat content, those on this diet are recommended to eat about 70-80% fat for their total daily calories, often sourced from foods such as avocados, chia seeds, coconut, and salmon. As for proteins and fibre, proteins are consumed moderately as eating too much protein can prevent ketosis.


Overall, the research behind keto diets cites that they can provide beneficial metabolic changes, which can assist in weight loss. Most studies for its benefits often are sourced from studies attempting to help treat certain diseases. Keto diets have initially been intended for those who have epilepsy, as children on the keto diet have been reported to have a reduction of their seizures. However, for weight loss, people on this diet for the first few weeks to months would often experience:


Increased Satiety: Those on the keto diet often would experience more satiety due to the high-fat content of the diet.


Reduced Hormones: Hormones that help stimulate appetite, including ghrelin and insulin, are restricted due to the decreased amount of carbohydrates


Ketone-Sourced Energy: The body’s main fuel source for energy would be converted to ketones instead of glucose, which would make energy more sustainable for weight loss


Faster Metabolism: The body’s efforts to convert fat and protein to glucose increase the metabolism’s resting rate to increase caloric energy.


Decreased Insulin Levels: Through these methods, insulin levels would decrease and cause weight loss.


Even with the keto diet’s expenditure to promote weight loss, there are some risks associated with the diet. Ketosis over long periods can be dangerous if not consistently managed. The recommended foods for the keto diet also present the risk of nutritional deficiencies, including vitamin D, selenium, B vitamins, vitamin A, and magnesium. Some would often struggle to maintain the diet not only because of these risks but also due to its intense restrictiveness on certain foods, causing an increased risk of higher LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar, specifically due to the number of saturated fats found in the diet.


Because of these risks, many recommend dietitians to help assist those wishing to be on these diets so they can be used safely. However, the Custom Keto Diet may be a solution you need to help keep those pounds off for good and have a healthy diet.


What Is The Custom Keto Diet?


The Custom Keto Diet is an eight-week keto diet program designed with eating plans that can help people achieve their fitness goals—initially designed by Rachel Roberts, an author and weight loss coach who claims to have created the weight loss plan. The program contains recipes that can be followed according to your lifestyle. The program is intended to help people understand the foods they eat, help people eat foods that decrease appetite, and have low carb foods that are delicious. According to the program, its recipes don’t require the addition of intense workouts and exercises to have successful weight loss. These plans also contain information about planning meals, organising grocery shopping expenditures, and understanding the nutrition behind the foods you eat.


How Does The Custom Keto Diet Work?


Instead of using a one-size-fits-all method for developing the program, individuals are able to customise their plans according to their current health, fitness goals, and other preferences they desire. It contains a plan based on nutritionist and personal trainer knowledge and, when customised, will guide your diet according to your specific caloric needs. The Custom Keto Diet works according to your preferences, meaning that when you sign up for the eight-week plan, you can substitute your favourite foods with keto-friendly alternatives. It also works to provide variety throughout the diet, preventing you from eating the same foods every day to make your meals more engaging.


Within the package, custom preparation videos are given within the plan, containing various elements that include:


Step by step recipe instructions for your favourite foods

An easy to follow grocery list for purchasing low carb foods

A 101 keto diet manual explaining how the custom keto diet works

A fast-food guide for understanding how to eat out better

Multiple meal plan options to help meet your nutritional requirements

Instructions on customising your meal plans for long term use


Many Custom Keto Diet reviews state that many of its users have experienced numerous benefits with this plan. The Custom Keto Diet does not work to supplement nutrition nor requires fitness equipment to make it successful. Instead, the Custom Keto Diet benefits such as:


Customisation: While most keto plans don’t offer customisation, the Custom Keto Diet works with the preferences of its users, making it easy to follow.


Step-By-Step Guides: The step-by-step guides provided work to make preparing appetisers, meals, and desserts easier than ever.


Nutritional Guidance: At the core of this diet plan contains valuable information about customising your keto diet into your life instead and use it long term.


Confidence Booster: Most of all, it’s been reported to help people achieve weight loss, increasing confidence in themselves.


Because it is a keto diet, the plan has some minor risks, especially since it relies heavily on ketosis to convert ketones into energy. There is also the risk of nutritional deficiencies from this diet, including a vitamin D deficiency that can lead to health risks later on in life. By removing glucose from the equation, those on this diet may experience headaches, dizziness, sleepiness, and low energy within the first few weeks. This is due to the body’s attempt to transfer ketones into energy, resulting from a lack of glucose in the plan. However, if any of these symptoms continue for more than one to two weeks, you should speak with your doctor about your symptoms. In cases of symptoms of ketoacidosis, seek hospital treatment if you are experiencing symptoms that include frequent urination, nausea, abdominal pain, and fruit-scented breath.


Does The Custom Keto Diet Work?


Now that you’ve learned all about this diet, it’s time to ask whether or not it works. To answer this question, it’s essential to understand that the Custom Keto Diet reviews for this diet depend highly on the person’s individual experiences with the diet and their overall health. Through the Custom Keto Diet, purchasing the diet plan requires information such as weight, medical history, activity level, and desired weight. This information is crucial towards understanding how the Custom Keto Diet Plan is customised to each person’s preferences. Thus, whether or not the diet works depends on those factors. While Custom Keto Diet Plan reviews cannot be confirmed or denied, it’s essential to speak with your GP about your weight loss goals to determine if this diet plan may work for you. Your physician will be the most reliable source for information about dieting, weight loss, and fitness goals. Your physician can refer you to a nutritionist or dietician to help you further decide on whether or not the Custom Keto Diet will work for you.


However, it’s important to know that keto diets don’t work for everyone. This diet should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women, especially women who have nutritional deficiencies resulting from their pregnancy. If you have a preexisting medical condition, consulting your doctor beforehand can help further inform you about this diet and whether or not it is safe for you. It is also recommended that those under the age of 18 should not be on this diet unless required by their medical doctor. The Custom Keto Diet isn’t designed for minors due to the nutritional requirements needed.


If you are interested in the Custom Keto Diet, then the best place to learn more is through their official website. Click on the button below to be given instant access to the official website for the Custom Keto Diet.


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