Affiliate Millionaire Review – Should You Buy it or Not?

 Hello, welcome to this review. Do you find yourself financially stressed? Are you in need of extra sources of income? Do you want to work from home and make the big bucks? Are you searching for something to do that would require less work and more money? Do you want to begin making money online? Or are you an affiliate marketer (maybe a ClickBank affiliate) looking for better strategies to help build your empire? If so, then congratulations, for you have come to the right review.

This review is about the “Affiliate Millionaire” course. This course provides information and knowledge that are helpful to those interested in making money online. It helps guide you on how to become an affiliate marketer who generates a large income online.

What is Affiliate Millionaire?

Affiliate Millionaire is a course that provides a complete guide that takes you from making $0 to making $500+ daily with affiliate marketing. It provides information and knowledge on internet marketing and online business.

This course is aimed at making its users millionaires. This course talks about a lot of different marketing strategies not only for affiliate marketing but also for various aspects of online marketing.

The strategies in this course work for all niches and would help the marketing of any type of digital product.

What Is The Affiliate Marketing Business?

Affiliate marketing business is the business of promoting other people’s products or businesses in return for a relatively small commission per sale. There are multiple types of affiliate marketing, and each of them has its unique advantages and disadvantages. One of the most popular affiliate businesses is Amazon Affiliate Business and Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Business.

Affiliate marketers are people who practice affiliate marketing. Affiliates can be either single individuals to entire companies. An affiliate marketing business can produce a few hundred dollars in commissions each month or tens of millions of dollars.

It’s where the marketing happens. An affiliate promotes one or multiple affiliate products and tries to attract and convince potential customers of the value of the merchant’s product so that they end up buying it.

The Creators Of This Program

Two marketers created this course, namely Thomas Owen and Chris Fox. Andrew Fox is well-known in the marketing industry. He has done a lot of astounding projects. He is the writer of multiple bestsellers such as Zapable, My Super Affiliate Builder, DNA Wealth Blueprint, and so on, amongst others. Andrew Fox began his journey with nothing financially then worked his way up to the position he is at currently.

Thomas Owen was a traditional 9-5 worker. He was seriously overworked but underpaid. However, all of this changed when he had an awkward fall and punctured his lungs. Scared for his life and his family members’ wellbeing, he decided to look for a way to make money online while at the hospital. He tried making money through online ads, but the result didn’t meet up his expectations. This was when he came across affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing worked out so well for Thomas Owen that he made over a million dollars during his first year, making him one of the wealthy affiliate marketers in the affiliate industry. After seeing how profitable this business is, he decided to find a way to share h0w he runs his own affiliate campaigns with others who were ignorant like he previously was. Thus, he and Chris Fox create the Affiliate Millionaire course.

Affiliate Millionaire Review

This program was created by someone that can be classified as a ‘non-guru’ – Thomas Owen. Owen was just a regular guy when he made over a million dollars through affiliate marketing; he cracked the affiliate marketing code without being more than your regular everyday guy then decided to make this guide.

“There’s no point in getting into affiliate marketing if you can’t monetize it, and you can’t drive traffic and sales. You’d just be spinning your wheels.”

Like the quote above says, driving traffic and sales is a crucial aspect of affiliate marketing that can be daunting to beginners and some experts alike. However, this course reduces that difficulty by a lot by using Owen’s secret that he used to make over a million in a year.

Affiliate Millionaire Review – How Affiliate Millionaire Work

This complete guide on affiliate marketing has been broken down into a total of seven affiliate marketing processes called modules. In each of these modules, you would learn specific information that would take you a step further in achieving the goal of making thousands weekly off digital marketing. Here are the models;

1 . Research

This first module is about picking your hot proven offer. IT teaches you how to locate the hottest niches or verticals that are currently selling in the market. It shows how to spy the actual hot offers affiliates are running legally, so while they spend their money, all you do is snipe. This module also shows which trusted affiliate networks have the highest payouts and best conversations; it also shows if they have steadily paid out on time for over ten years.

The module introduces you to the best funnels that would provide the opportunity for you to earn up to $203 on commission. You also get to save your time by getting a “holy grail.” This grail shows you A-List Offers that have been proven to work, thus saving you from the stress of searching.

2 . Landers And How To Create The Perfect One

In this module, affiliate millionaire explains to you what landers are, and it also teaches how to create the perfect one just for you. It explains in detail the three types of landers that convert like crazy that can be run compliantly (i.e., splash, quiz, blog-style). The module also explains in detail the four questions used by the product creators to boost their click-through rate by 9%. These questions have been proven to generate over thirty-five thousand dollars of profit in a week. You’d also get to learn about the blog style lander, which results in four hundred percent cheaper click rates, and the splash page that has been proven to result in $1.73 EPCS.

3 . Power Tracking And Funnel Tastic

The third module of this course would teach you how to create the optimal email follow-up sequence proven to generate between $500 – $1000 daily. It also teaches the right way to install the pixels to track accurately and how to place pixels in click bank’s new system that helps skyrocket conversion rates. A way to work with Vendors exists that is guaranteed to get you the ultimate lookalike audience, and this method will be explained in detail in this module. There is a hidden golden standard of ad tracker, which costs pennies on the dollar, and it shows the winning 237% profitable campaigns. All this would also be taught in this module.

4 . Targeting And Campaign Set-Up

This module covers the testing phase of your account. It explains targeting, audience targeting, ad ‘az’ structure, and campaign structure in great detail. It also explains the perfect testing formula for all this and how to warm-up ad accounts by using the German handshake method that results in penny clicks on Facebook.

5 . The Perfect Ad Copy And Creatives

In this module, you’d be learning about the perfect outlets used for the hottest converting images to use in your adverts for as low as $5. You’d also be learning how to create the ultimate ad on your smartphone for free. This module also shows how to make do without expensive designers and how to manipulate the angle of ads to double the conversions. It also shows how to use the number one Facebook and Copywriters in the business then repurpose to get 5 to 10x variations.

6 . Launching A Campaign

The sixth module is all about budgeting. Using statistics shows you the best time to turn your campaign in to avoid money loss. It shows how an experienced affiliate marketer uses a secret tracker to discover when to launch a campaign and get the best conversions. It also introduces something called Dayparting Software.

7 . Optimization And Scaling

The final module in the program teaches how to study your winning campaign to recognize the perfect time to scale. Thus making it possible for you to max out your earning. Apart from that, this module also explains a couple of things which are;

  • How to recognize the best time to run ads then leave them on autopilot.
  • How to use campaign budgeting to optimize your scaling fast.
  • It explains manual bidding and how to know the best time to try it out.

Affiliate Millionaire Review- The Bonuses

Apart from the modules listed above, this online program provides four bonuses to its users. This is the list of bonuses;

  • Winning AD and Landing Page
  • “The Holy Grail – A-List Offers” playbook.
  • Ad Account Closure Prevention: The program comes with a video explaining how to get your ad account, or Facebook accounts back by following a 3 step video.
  • Access to a private club where questions can be asked, and other members of the creators themselves would give an answer.

Affiliate Millionaire Customer Reviews

There are multiple “Affiliate Millionaire Reviews” online left by users. There has been no record of a user of this program claiming to have seen no results. Instead, all user’s Affiliate Millionaire Reviews are positive. Most of the customers recommended using the Affiliate Millionaire digital program to gain high profits through affiliate marketing.

The Affiliate Millionaire Review – The Upgrades

Most users tend to want more from the program after they’ve completed the basic plan of the program and have gotten to see how well they can profit from it. Thus, the creators of this program added a couple of higher-tiered versions that should only be bought after completing the basic plan and getting satisfactory results.

Note: These upgrades of this online program are different from its bonuses (i.e., winning ad, landing page, etc.)


This higher version of the program costs $97. This higher-tiered version helps save your time by providing strategies and campaigns that have been proven to work. All you’d need to do is simply copy and paste. It consists of a total of 5 campaigns which are:

Campaign 1 – Dental Niche: While this isn’t always talked about, it is one of the most profitable niches out there. If finetuned properly, it could generate revenue daily. The campaign also reveals the EXACT product being promoted.

Campaign 2 – Weight Loss:  This is a high-risk, high reward niche. It has a higher possibility of getting your ad account closed. This comes with a detailed case study that reveals the rights and wrongs of setting up a campaign in this industry.

Campaign 3 – Feet Related: Feet-related products are one of the hottest converting niches there is. In this campaign, the creators of the program explain exactly what is working for them, so it can just be copied and pasted.

Campaign 4 – Water Freedom System-Survival: Due to the recent pandemic and lockdown, people are more on high alert than ever before. This campaign sells due to that. It teaches people how to survive and provide for themselves if they are forced to.

Campaign 5 – Altai Balance-Blood Sugar or Diabetes: This is not just an evergreen market; it is a growing one. Due to that and some other things, this niche is very fragile. Thus you would have to take extreme care with your wordings and language when promoting these niches.


This higher version of the program costs $97, and it comes with five bonus templates. Users can instantly deploy a simple ‘point n click’ affiliate millionaire software that would get them great conversions within three steps:

Step One – Copying The Winning Funnels:

This helps you to build your Super Affiliate Friendly Page easily.

Step Two – Generating Traffic:

There is no affiliate marketing without clicks. Thus, this step helps you get ultra high-quality clicks using proven winning ads.

Step Three – Amazing Conversions:

This step gets your leads into high-converting specific email sequences.


This higher version of the program costs $47 each month. However, it comes with a thirty-day free trial. This monthly campaign provides a couple of services to users. The company team would research and test the latest affiliate campaigns monthly then share the successful campaigns with every user for them to copy. Thus there are always constant winning campaigns coming in regularly. The team also provides the ad copy and images from their test that ranked the highest. They also share the interests that are converting to copy.

Affiliate Millionaire Review – How Would It Work For You?

Affiliate Millionaire has been proven by users to work extremely effectively. To make this business model work, users, especially beginner users, would have to follow these steps carefully:

Step 1 – Purchase.

The first step of this process is to purchase the front-end plan. It is best to purchase the most basic plan at first then grow from there.

Step 2 – Study.

The second step is to study the lessons carefully. After purchasing the product, it is best to begin watching it and taking notes to find out more later. The aim behind purchasing the product is to make an earning. Thus, it is better to take your time to learn all that the product can teach you. This also leads to better results afterward.

Step 3 – Practice.

The best way to own all that Affiliate Millionaire teaches is to practice what you’ve learned right away. The Affiliate Millionaire is really easy to learn and practice. The best habit would be to learn, practice online, then come back to give a review of how much you’ve progressed as an Affiliate Marketer. This way, you’d get to own the strategies taught in this course.

Conclusion -Affiliate Millionaire Reviews

In this detailed Affiliate Millionaire Review, we have discussed the Affiliate Millionaire program and the approach it takes in improving a person’s financial worth. We’ve discussed the features of the program and how it gets you into the Affiliate Millionaire mindset. We have also discussed how this program makes users earn like expert affiliate marketers.

We’ve discussed how this program can help you earn over a million dollars of profits in a year. We have also discussed the Affiliate Millionaire Pricing for the upgraded versions. After careful consideration, our final thoughts are that this program is definitely worth it. The program has no real drawbacks. It rather has a lot of benefits instead.

If you, by chance, decide to return the product, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which can serve as a fail-safe. So, our honest thought is that you should definitely this product out, seeing as there is nothing to lose by doing so. Neither does it result in any additional cost to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About “Affiliate Millionaire”:

What is Affiliate Millionaire?

This is a course that provides a complete guide that takes you from $0 to $500+ daily with affiliate marketing. It provides information and knowledge on online businesses.

Who is the creator of Affiliate Millionaire?

Affiliate Millionaire was created by both Andrew Fox & Thomas Owen. They both generated over one million four hundred thousand dollars in 2021, all by being affiliate marketers.

Will Affiliate Millionaire help with my financial problem?

Yes, Affiliate Millionaire would help boost your financial capability. It provides the proper guidance, brilliant strategies, and materials to help you jumpstart your affiliate marketing career.

Is Affiliate Millionaire legit?

This course provides you with brilliant strategies that have been proven to work. All strategies used have been used by multiple users who all gave positive reviews. So, YES, It is legit.

How can I access Affiliate Millionaire?

To become a user of this program, you need to first purchase the front end of the Affiliate Millionaire course on its official site.

Who is Affiliate Millionaire for?

Affiliate Millionaire is for anyone interested in making money online but does not know where to start. It is especially good for retired people who want to earn extra cash.

What are customers saying about Affiliate Millionaire?

There are multiple reviews online from customers of this product, and every one of them testifies to the change this course has brought in their lives.


The Affiliate Millionaire program is easily understandable.
This affiliate marketing program can be practiced easily.
Affiliate marketing produces fast results.
The Affiliate Millionaire program is suitable for all levels of sellers.
Affiliate marketing focuses on getting commissions.
The creators of this program, Andrew Fox and Thomas Owen, are expert Affiliate Marketers.
The teachings and strategies of the Affiliate Millionaire program work for all niches.
The Affiliate Millionaire program has multiple reviews left online by users.
Affiliate Millionaire program teaches how to make a commission of up to $1.5 million in just one year.
The program teaches which affiliate network can offer the best profits. It also teaches how to become a successful affiliate marketer.
The affiliate marketing strategies found in the Affiliate Millionaire program can not be found elsewhere.
The affiliate Millionaire program is digital; thus, it can be used anywhere.
The Affiliate Millionaire program offers 24/7 customer support.
When compared to other industries or programs, the operating expenses of the Affiliate Millionaire program are almost non-existent.
Affiliate Marketing can always serve as a secondary source of income or a side job.
Affiliate Millionaire program introduces performance-based income, which rewards hard work.
The Affiliate Millionaire program works with Click Bank’s money-back guarantee.


A pc is needed for the Affiliate Millionaire program and affiliate marketing.
There is a need to spend extra on ads placement.
The Affiliate Millionaire program introduces affiliate marketing, and with affiliate marketing, you can’t establish a customer base.

Summary: Affiliate Millionaire is an online course which teaches the fundamentals of making money online using affiliate marketing. Included in the course are knowledge on internet marketing and online businesses. Though this course has a lot of benefits, the major one is that while it teaches unique strategies of how to make money easily it still possesses a Click Bank money back guarantee to protect it’s user’s interest. It’s major disadvantage however, is that it requires the constant use of a functional PC. Affiliate Millionaire has thus been determined to be a course that is very much worthy of it’s price and the time invested into it.


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