BioFit Weight Loss Reviews – Dangerous BioFit Probiotic Side Effects Or Safe Ingredients? 2021

BioFit Probiotic is a daily weight-loss supplement that includes a combination of 7 ingredients clinically shown to support healthy gut biohm. The probiotic bacteria begin regulating the gut and preventing digestive issues from occurring, along with its ability to protect the body from future problems; this supplement helps heal the body from existing imbalances.


Formulated Exclusively By Nature’s Formulas AndMade Available At The Official Website

The Even in 2021, the probiotic weight loss supplementation trend saw its largest level of engagement by a mile and people are very concerned about the COVID-19 side effects of being obese and unhealthy in general. But how does a formula like the BioFit weight loss probiotic actually work to produce results just by healing the gut? Can it really replace bad bacteria with good bacteria and start winning the internal war of skin issues, irregular mood swings, erratic deep sleep patterns, appetite cravings for excess sugar or junk foods? How about the common side effects of too much bloating or gas, even constipation, diarrhea, cramping (after meals)? Let’s review the BioFit probiotic weight management support formula to see how Chrissie Miller and the Nature’s Formulas creators prepared this uniquely formulated supplement with over 5.75 billion organisms per serving.

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BioFit Review – Weight Loss With Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that provide tremendous digestive and immunological benefits to the body. they’re usually found in various foods, i. H. Yogurt, kefir, tofu, but also taking a probiotic food supplement is popular. within the body, harmful and beneficial bacteria sleep in harmony and balance the consequences of every other. Any changes in their balance will affect metabolism, immunity, and various other functions.

When the body is lacking beneficial bacteria, taking probiotics from external sources can restore the natural balance. While the role of probiotics isn’t exactly clear, there’s evidence that they secrete protective agents, control immune responses, and protect against many diseases.

Often times, doctors suggest taking probiotics with an antibiotic to stop stomach discomfort from hitting the body. the consequences on gastrointestinal symptoms like gas, gas, constipation, and diarrhea aren’t always related to serious illness. curiously enough, people that consume foods rich in probiotics also are much less likely to experience cold attacks than people.

The BioFit probiotic formula contains the foremost commonly needed strains of bacteria that are liable for all of those benefits. The prepackaged capsules do everything the present probiotic strains neutralize the body. For those concerned about the thought of ingesting live bacteria, there’s no way that these bacteria can cause side effects within the body.

With changes in average weight among Americans, health professionals are concerned about the issues ahead that would hit the country. Obesity may be a disease and a precursor to dozens of diseases that affect quality of life and are linked to premature aging and death. Every obese American is presumably to possess high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, metabolic disorders, and kidney and liver diseases at any stage of life.

A supplement like BioFit Probiotic is straightforward to require and affordable. Plus, it doesn’t take much to start out work, so people of all ages, backgrounds, occupations, and health conditions can easily begin their weight loss efforts with it.

This BioFit probiotic review explains the way to reduce with minimal effort. the knowledge mentioned next is predicated on the official website If you’ve got any questions, the corporate is here to answer you.

What you ought to realize BioFit Supplement?

BioFit Probiotic may be a diet formula made up of seven essential probiotic strains. It comes in easy-to-use capsules that are tightly packed during a top quality bottle. Each capsule contains 16.58 mg of probiotic blend, packaged during a 5.75 billion CFU, which is enough to revive the gut microbiome.

It contains seven essential probiotic blends including Bacillus subtilis (8.98 mg), Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (1.25 mg), Lactobacillus Casei (83 mg), Lactobacillus Plantarum (2.5 mg), Bifidobacterium Longum (1.56 mg), Bifidobacterium Breve (0.63 mg). and Lactobacillus Acidophilus (0.83 mg). consistent with the official website (, all of those ingredients are obtained from top quality natural sources and are therefore 100% freed from side effects.

Based on the web popularity charts and ratings, BioFit Probiotic for Weight Loss tops the list with the very best customer ratings, ratings and proposals. But the reality is it only helps those that understand its function and use it to shed extra fat and have realistic expectations of it. With numerous products on the market, it is easy to fall under a trap and choose something that may not worth investing your money in. But something as highly recommended as BioFit weight loss supplement has the slightest chance of going wrong or of helping any user.

Read all of the essential details about probiotic weight loss during this BioFit review and develop an idea to introduce it into your lifestyle.

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Is BioFit legit or a scam? what’s the truth?

BioFit weight loss pills treat the metabolic problems that make it difficult to reduce. the rationale most of the people don’t reduce is because they are not choosing the proper path. They either starve to death on diet plans and become deficient, or they spend hours doing the incorrect quite exercise without listening to their diet. Any weight loss plan that’s not carefully crafted will produce the fewest results, and likelihood is that it’ll go horribly wrong and cause adverse side effects.

If you’ve got chosen the BioFit supplement to accompany you on this journey to weight loss, you’re in fact shielded from of these problems. It’s an independent formula that does not require you to form abrupt changes in your life. Instead, a special approach is employed. This supplement fills within the probiotic deficiency that’s liable for the slowdown in metabolism and weight gain. It also clears toxins from the body, fights free radicals, and relieves inflammation, all of which are involved in metabolism in a method or another.

The main reason more and more people are switching to the present probiotic weight loss is because it’s pretty simple and doesn’t require tons of effort. People starting out on BioFit probiotic for weight loss usually do not have time to plan meals or attend the gym, and most of them are trying to find something that will not make them stressed about the general weight loss plan. With a family of thousands of individuals, BioFit Weight Loss Probiotic Proof that you simply do not have to follow typical weight loss ideas to urge your dream body. All it takes is that the right strategy and a few time.

Once all underlying metabolic problems are resolved, the body begins to act normally and control all bodily functions. The body absorbs glucose and uses it to make energy that forestalls the body from build up excess sugar. The cell functions are improved and therefore the hormone balance delays aging. As a result, the body feels lighter, more active, and during a far better mood than other weight loss plans.

Reviews and ratings from BioFit customers

Individual results may vary. consistent with, thousands of individuals have used BioFit probiotics for weight loss. Some users are ready to lose quite 20 pounds, which may be a huge achievement, without following a fashion diet, surgery, or hiring a fitness trainer.

Based on these ratings, it’s evident that the time it takes for this supplement to display results are going to be different for every user. Some people that are more obese may lose faster than someone who is simply a couple of pounds above their healthy weight. The BioFit website recommends using these pills for 3 to 6 months for full transformation. And if an individual remains obese, there cannot be any harm in continuing to use these pills after six months. Since this is often a herbal formula, there are not any reasons for love or money to travel wrong even after prolonged use.

BioFit weight loss pills haven’t any withdrawal effects, and it’s as easy to go away as if you were using them within the first place. Some clients share that they use it to take care of their weight after they reach their goal. it’s also possible to use it over and over after a couple of weeks or months to assist maintain weight loss. If you do not take the pills, follow a reducing diet and active lifestyle and you’ll never gain weight again.

Would you wish to read more success stories? Read BioFit reviews and testimonials at

How does BioFit work?

The BioFit Probiotic formula provides the body with the proper amount and sort of probiotics that improve gut health and promote weight loss within the body. The formula helps the body create more probiotic microorganisms within the system to support bowel functions.

In addition, BioFit protects users from stomach problems that result from unhealthy lifestyles and other bad eating habits. supported its formula, BioFit Probiotic increases the speed of the load loss process without changing lifestyle. because it allows the body to balance the amount of probiotics within the gut, it also increases the body’s fat absorption process.

BioFit contains a miracle strain L-Casei, which contributes significantly to the success. When used appropriately, the body can produce more lively hormones and increase energy levels. It relieves users of mental stress and anxiety, and supports heart prosperity.

However, the BioFit formula isn’t limited to only weight loss. consistent with the creators, the formula is so powerful that it can help users get a deep sleep, which is vital even when losing weight.

BioFit ingredients and their benefits for the body

All of the advantages of BioFit diet pills are attributed to their unique selection of ingredients. Obviously, it isn’t the sole supplement with probiotics inside. However, if you compare it to the other probiotic pill, you’ll learn two things.

Most probiotic supplements only contain a couple of strains, but BioFit contains not one or two, but seven probiotic strains, which explains why it offers such different benefits to the body. Unlike other dietary supplements, BioFit pills have a better strength. this suggests that the quantity of strains of bacteria or colony forming units you’d get with this supplement is far above any amount of over-the-counter probiotic supplements. due to this, the consequences show up much faster than the typical time it takes to reduce.

None of this is often possible without an efficiently designed formula of the very best quality. consistent with, the corporate extracts its ingredients from premium sources and doesn’t compromise on quality. While the corporate doesn’t grow these sources, it makes sure it gets them from a licensed distributor. The recipe for mixing these ingredients to form dietary supplements was developed with an adult’s daily nutritional values in mind. the corporate uses an FDA cleared, GMP certified laboratory to form these pills and pack them in sealed plastic bottles.

It’s hard to believe, but probiotic strains can cause weight loss, either through food or through supplements. However, it’s necessary to possess a spread of probiotics rather than just taking one or two to urge the complete benefits. due to this, eating high-probiotic food can not help much in losing weight, as you cannot eat an equivalent food a day. BioFit Weight Loss Supplement solved this problem by selecting these strains and mixing them into a small capsule.

You can find the subsequent in BioFit capsules.

 Bacillus subtilis

 Lactobacillus casei

 Lactobacillus Plantarum

 Lactobacillus acidophilus

 Bifidobacterium longum

 Bifidobacterium breve

 Bacterium lactis

Here may be a brief description of all BioFit ingredients and the way they assist you reduce.

Bacillus Subtilis: it’s found within the alimentary canal of everyone, and it’s sometimes found within the environment, especially within the soil. don’t be concerned about the side effects as this strain of bacteria cannot cause infection. Its presence within the environment shows that it’s also vital for the expansion of plants and animals. within the physical body, it works against chronic inflammation, lowers stress and protects the body from a slow metabolism.

Lactobacillus Casei: This ingredient is usually found within the mouth and intestines. consistent with some studies, it plays a task in breaking down lactose during digestion. For this reason, its presence is required in people with lactase deficiency. Certain elusive food elements and therefore the process of the body are digested with the assistance of this strain of bacteria. it’s often added to dietary supplements incorporated into intestinal health to assist prevent diarrhea or protect against stomach discomfort.

Lactobacillus Plantarum: This BioFit ingredient has the most important genome of any ingredient. it’s a high tolerance and may survive even within the most careful of surroundings. supported some studies, it appears that this probiotic strain can live between the pH range of three.4 and 8.8. you’ll also find its probiotic load in various food sources, like cucumber, sauerkraut-kimchi mature cheese, et al.. Once this probiotic is within the body, it immediately starts removing toxins. It strengthens the intestinal wall and eliminates harmful bacteria that cause disease. It also protects the body from gas and flatulence diarrhea, which are quite common with digestive problems.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus: Although already present within the human gut, its levels are sometimes compromised thanks to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle change. When this lactobacillus train is taken from an external source, it stimulates the assembly of lactase within the intestine. It does better at removing the harmful bacteria from the intestines and has been linked to a spread of digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome and used infections. the foremost common sources of acidophilus are yogurt, but people with milk allergies can’t actually take yogurt for this probiotic, so BioFit capsules are recommended.

Bifidobacterium Longum: The biotic strain offers impressive additional benefits that are demonstrated during a number of studies within the past. It reduces oxidation, clears the body of poisons and improves the liner of the stomach, which helps the metabolism. While sources include seaweed, kefir, tofu, and miso, people with specific dietary restrictions cannot ingest all of those foods to urge B. longum. However, when an individual takes BioFit probiotics for weight loss, they do not got to ingest food sources to urge this strain. As soon because it marks its entry into the body, it starts digestion, lowers the danger of bowel disease and improves immunity, which is extremely desirable for an individual trying to reduce.

Bifidobacterium Breve: This probiotic strain is claimed to spice up the system, but along side other BioFit probiotic ingredients for weight loss, it offers tremendous digestive benefits and improves skin, hair and nails. Some women can also notice improvements in yeast infections while taking this strain.

It is difficult to ascertain that Bifidobacterium breeds in adults because it’s mostly transported from the mother to infants in breast milk. it’s also a part of the essential immunity a toddler received from their mother. In adults, the immune-boosting effects are far more pronounced and necessary, especially if the person has poor eating habits and an inactive lifestyle.

Bacterium Lactis: The gradient within the BioFit formula is that the bacterium Lactis, which is related to the emotional side of weight loss. What is most overlooked is that losing weight has extreme emotional effects that should not be ignored. Without emotional support and help, it’s difficult to stay to the load loss plan, especially if the user has got to use quite 10 pounds and has got to follow a diet plan for weeks or months.

The common natural sources for this puff are dairy products, like cheese cream, cheese milk, and buttermilk, but people that avoid dairy products or have allergies to dairy products cannot get them from food sources. Hence, it’s added to the present formulation in order that no BioFit user experiences emotional devastation or mood swings from losing weight.

It is clear that BioFit capsules have the foremost effective probiotic strains that aid healthy weight loss. All of those ingredients are extracted from the very best quality sources to make sure no contamination or toxins are added. the entire process of developing nutritional supplements is supervised by professionals and therefore the risk of error is on the brink of zero.

The supplement is least likely to travel wrong and cause side effects when used because probiotic strains are safe for everybody. If an individual has any concerns about ingesting probiotic strains orally, it’s highly recommended that they discuss them with a doctor beforehand.

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Can BioFit Really Help You Lose Weight?

While BioFit isn’t your typical weight loss supplement, the science behind it is fairly straight forward. Various studies have shown that a poor gut flora can significantly impact digestion and reduce your body’s metabolic function. This in turn can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a number of other health issues.

Meanwhile, restoring a healthy balance to your gut flora has been shown to improve digestion, immunity, and metabolic function. This process may seem simple but it is incredible important to your body composition and overall health.

So can BioFit really help you lose weight? Simply put – yes it can help you lose weight. Within weeks, your metabolism can operate efficiently and normally to help stop weight gain and to actually start burning fat in your body.

What are you able to expect from BioFit Probiotic Supplement?

Diet supplements aren’t the sole thanks to get probiotics, and that they are often found in fermented foods also. Fermented foods contain a good sort of probiotic mixes, like Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Saccharomyces, and lots of others. However, there are many of us who don’t eat fermented foods like kefir, tofu, kimchi, or pickles, or who have milk allergies. this is often why they like to require the supplement form.

Once you begin taking BioFit Supplement, its ingredients become a part of the intestines and start to grow, creating colonies of bacteria. The user experiences the subsequent effects within a couple of weeks.

Improved metabolism

As its role suggests, BioFit probiotic acts on and improves digestion in order that excessive sugar doesn’t float within the body. The user can feel this improvement after ingesting foods that might be digested within a couple of hours. His bowel movements would become regular, and regardless of what he eats, his body will function an equivalent way.

Protection against digestive problems

Many common problems like diarrhea, gas, gas, and heartburn can make life miserable during a weight loss journey. they are doing not show any disease, but the discomfort they cause is nothing but a disease. And when there’s an underlying disease, these little problems can make life miserable. Regular use of BioFit pills will make sure that there are not any more minor issues affecting your metabolism.

Greater immunity

Everyone knows how gut health is linked to raised immunity, and any change in gut health leads to immunity being compromised. After the BioFit probiotic blend improves gut health, the user will feel noticeable changes within the ir immunity and feel more active and energetic in the fight against any invasion. These benefits make the body ready to fight any pathogen and keep the body safe from a variety of diseases.

Anti-obesity effect

No direct effect, but BioFit diet pills can save the body from obesity and maintain a healthy weight for an extended time. When the key metabolic problems are resolved, the body can easily prevent glucose accumulation. When all of the stored fat is employed for energy, there’s less chance of gaining weight. Hence, the body enjoys natural weight loss.

Mood improvements

Weight loss is stressful and nobody can deny it. BioFit probiotic weight loss pills also cover the emotional side of obesity and lower the extent of stress and anxiety that’s directly associated with metabolism. However, this supplement isn’t a stress reliever supplement or medicine, or it are often utilized in place of 1. If you’re diagnosed with anxiety, you ought to stick with your doctor’s prescription instead of counting on diet formulas.

Sleep cycle

A rather unusual effect of BioFit pills is to act on the sleep cycle and provides the body full time to rest. During this sleep, the body improves hormonal response, controls mood swings, and repairs any damage that a digestive disorder can cause. Therefore, a day with the BioFit pill, the user wakes up fresh with full energy and stamina to start out the day.

Emotional food

Many people tend to eat more once they are anxious or struggling. it is a normal body stress response, but it isn’t something to be pleased with. If you’re already worried about your weight, then there’s a requirement to require better control of your body and not eat unnecessarily. More importantly, you should not eat food because it would make it harder for the body to process those extra calories. BioFit Probiotic Blend puts the body on top of things of appetite and cravings by regulating hormone control so you’ll eat without guilt and still reduce.

Improved skin, hair and nail health

Not many of us know, but probiotics even have effects on the health of your skin, hair, and nails. All BioFit users will experience clear, elastic and glowing skin with strong hair and nails with little effort. These changes in appearance will make him safer publicly deals and interactions.

These are just a couple of of the consequences, and therefore the actual list of BioFit benefits is vast. confine mind that individual results and benefits can vary, and you’ll only experience these benefits if you follow the rules. These results can take a couple of weeks to seem, but once you see them there’s no going back. A full transformation would take a minimum of three months. prepare for your fitness journey with BioFit pills. Click here to find out more about BioFit Deals and Discounts.

Where to shop for BioFit Pills at the simplest Price

The BioFit probiotic supplement is merely available on the official website ( you will not find it anywhere else, either in physical stores or in online sources. the corporate values direct purchasing to avoid online fraud. the corporate processes all orders itself and delivers individual orders to every customer’s doorstep.

BioFit pills are less expensive than other weight loss options. However, some people may find them expensive compared to other probiotic strains. it is vital to understand that these inexpensive probiotic mixes are low in CFU and only contain a couple of strains.

If you would like a multifunctional probiotic blend that covers all of the areas which will be a drag with losing weight, the BioFit supplement is much above the other option. Here are the pricing details of this supplement.

 Bottle of BioFit probiotic – only $ 69

 Three bottles of BioFit probiotic – $ 59 each

 Six bottles of BioFit probiotic – $ 49 each

All new BioFit customers also receive some gifts with their orders, including:

Gift no 1 – “The Truth About Dieting.”

It’s an eBook explaining differing types of foods and eating habits that improve weight loss with BioFit pills. This information is provided within the simplest of terms, using layperson wording to form it easier to know for people of all levels of labor and education. With this basic information about diet and food sources, the user can make better health decisions for them.

Gift number 2 – “Favorite Recipes”.

It’s another eBook that features easy-to-cook, low-calorie, and dietary recipes that anyone can make reception during this BioFit weight loss journey. These recipes are created by professional chefs so there’s no compromise on taste. It’s just that the corporate wants to form sure that no user overeat their daily meals.

Gift number 3 – access to the private members area

The third gift is that the platform access, which unites all new and old BioFit customers under one roof. With this login you’ll ask people who use BioFit dietary supplements for weight loss and receive tips for faster results. Hearing each other’s success stories can motivate and encourage people to get on this weight loss journey. However, this is often not required so as to interact with other members. you’ll skip it if you do not want to.

There is no got to check in for these bonus items as they’re automatically passed on to all or any new customers.

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BioFit Customer Satisfaction and Refund Policy

Nature’s Formula, the corporate that creates BioFit, recognizes the issues and concerns related to shopping online. many of us abandon this online shopping option because they fear losing their hard-earned money. But it isn’t fair to deprive someone of this supplement, which may make their life tons easier. due to this, the corporate has put in situ a refund policy whereby any user can get a full refund for his or her money if they can’t see changes in their weight despite following the recommended usage.

The time to request this refund is 180 days from the order date. this is often enough time to undertake BioFit Supplement and choose on its use within the following weeks. the corporate has active customer support to answer all product-related questions, information and help. If you’ve got any questions on the refund policy, please be happy to contact them.

GoBiofit’s contact details are as follows:

Phone: + 1-866-460-6008


You may got to return the used, unused, or partially used BioFit bottle to the corporate to proceed together with your refund request. Mention your order details with this return package therefore the company can tell that it came from you. within the meantime, get in-tuned with the customer support team and allow them to know of your decision. No questions are asked and therefore the money reversal only takes a couple of days.

Note: the corporate doesn’t pay the return shipping fees and therefore the customer will likely lookout of it. There are not any additional costs for the return.

In addition to the BioFit pills, every new customer receives the subsequent items freed from charge.

Gift no 1 – “The Truth About Dieting” (eBook)

It is a digital book that explains dietary changes which will improve the consequences of BioFit pills.

Gift number 2 – “Favorite recipes” (eBook)

In this book, you’ll study various food recipes that are dietetic, tasty and don’t require any cooking skills.

Gift number 3 – access to the Private Members Club

All new BioFit customers get access to their members’ club, where they will interact and chat with existing and new members and listen to their weight loss success stories.

Final Verdict: Is BioFit Probiotic Right For You?

BioFit supports the digestive system in a way that typical weight loss remedies don’t. It deals with the potential underlying cause of weak digestion while simultaneously supporting the user’s health to protect them from worse damage than other weight loss supplements. All of the ingredients are naturally found in other foods already, with a high concentration allows users to target their gut effectively.

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In closing, the seven probiotic strain ingredients found in the natural BioFit formula for losing weight, burning fat, optimizing digestion, enhancing immunity and reducing bloat are a must have for anyone dealing with junk food cravings, unbalanced weight gain and digestive issues. The three free bonuses, the 180-day money back guarantee, the high quality sourced ingredients free of side effects and the fully transparent company make today’s order of BioFit probiotic supplement a simple choice to make. Act now and take complete advantage of this exclusive deal while supplies last with special limited-time pricing right now.

BioFit FAQ

Nature’s Formula products have been endorsed by pediatricians, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, acupunctu­neo­paths, and osteopaths. As a leading gut-healing probiotic, BioFit surely has raised the curiosity of potential customers who might be asking "How does it work and what is it capable of?". Here are the most often asked questions on BioFit:

Can you assure me that it's safe to use BioFit?

Nature’s Formula claims all their products are 100% pure and organic, the BioFit official website says. To be honest, of course, like with all supplements, there are potential benefits to take advantage of, but of course, the manufacturing company must be honest in telling the user how safe their product is. Anyone who is or may become pregnant, or who is breastfeeding, should check with their physicians before using this product.

Does BioFit contain any allergens?

As the product’s official website says, there are no allergens in BioFit. The supplement is produced in a facility that still uses milk as a raw material. Thus, people who are allergic to milk should be cautious about using it.

How should BionFit be used?

BioFit is recommended for the treatment of obesity and being overweight. People can take one capsule of it every day with 8-ounce water.

What are the supposed benefits of using BioFit?

BioFit might assist with digestion, help minimize bloating, speed up the weight loss process, and boost immunity, yet this only when used regularly.

How long does a bottle of BioFit last?

One serving of the whole BioFit bottle is equal to one tablet, so a bottle with 30 capsules is supposed to last the customer 30 days. In most situations, a 3-month supply of the supplement is just enough, but if you suffer from a more serious digestion condition, use more and as your doctor indicates.

Is there an expiration date BioFit?

There is a manufacturer's stated date on the bottle, which indicates that BioFit has a shelf life of 2 years if properly stored. If you can't find a contact date, please contact customer care.

Is BioFit available in other countries?

Currently, only U.S. and Canadian consumers can order BioFit. This delivery will take 5-7 days.

Who Is Chrissie Miller?

Chrissie says she’s a typical 43-year-old woman and a mother who struggled to lose weight for years before coming across the BioFit formula. On the product’s website, she’s quick to point out that she is not a nutritionist or doctor and has no pretense of being one. She lacks weight loss credentials, medical certifications, or personal fitness certifications. In other words, she is just a woman who lost significant weight. Rebecca, Sophie, and Chris are the names of her children.

Chrissie weighed 182 pounds after the birth of Sophie, and she fought tooth and nail to get rid of all the extra weight she was carrying. She had a 42-inch waist and experimented with a variety of weight-loss diets, including those based on organic food, low-calorie ones, low-carb, vegetarian, no-carb, as well as with cardio. These assisted Chrissie in losing weight temporarily, but she quickly put it all back. To summarize, Chrissie together with her husband began studying weight loss solutions, including holistic treatments and grass-roots scientific research. And she found her weight loss solution when participating in an anonymous biohacking online forum.

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She started following the recommendations included in this forum post, achieved success, and now she wishes to share the curriculum with the public through BioFit. Chrissie lost 1 pound after 3 days on a diet in which she ate what she wanted. And the weight loss went on for years. In only 4 months, all her baby weight was gone, plus an additional 5 pounds. She'd lost 221 pounds and didn’t diet at all, all thanks to the magical ingredients she used. Let's take a closer look at the weight-loss ingredients Chrissie used and that are present in her BioFit probiotic recipe.

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