Sharon Tay before and after Plastic Surgery 2020


Sharon Tay has attained perfect and sharp features after plastic surgery. The beautifully transformed Singaporean-American journalist seems to be very protective about her personal life. There had been few rumors regarding her marriage in the past. But then, nothing was confirmed.


Did Sharon Tay Have Plastic Surgery?


Has Sharon Tay had plastic surgery? Actually rumor about surgery is very common for someone who is inside the entertainment industry, such as journalists. Moreover, the journalist has been considered as someone who is in the same position as a celebrity. They even appear on television more often, especially when they host a daily show and not only a weekend show. With that constant appearance, people could surely notice if there is something change in their appearance, and this is what makes the gossip of surgery comes to Sharon Tay.


Sharon Tay denied all her plastic surgery allegations


With her talent and eye-pleasing appearance, this beautiful reporter has been ruling the industry for a long time. However, her growing age seems to be affecting her confidence regarding her look. As revealed, 49 years old Tay had taken filler injection and Botox injection. Changes in the shape of her nose indicate rhinoplasty procedure (nose job) too.


Comparing her before and after photos, it is clearly visible that she has opted for the nose job as it appears slimmer than before. Moreover, it seems like she has got Botox injections. Even near to reaching her 50s, she has amazed her viewer with no sign of wrinkles on her face.


Also, her blushing face gives us the hint of filler injection. No wonder, Sharon Tay has gone under the knife of the surgeon to maintain her beautiful and youthful appearance.


The touch-ups on her face have enhanced Tay Sharon’s beauty, but she has not officially confessed any of her plastic surgery . Tay Sharon has always denied all the allegations whenever asked about her changed appearance.


Sharon Tay Nose Job


Regarding the rumor, there is actually some news about the kinds of surgery that Sharon Tay had. The first has happened on her face, and when you see her in the old picture where she has just started her journalist career, you will notice that she has a big nose in her small face. That is why her face looked weird, so she might want to change that. You could see the result from her recent photos where she appears with a smaller nose which have a thin nose bridge and pointy tip.


Regarding this rumor, most people have believed that Sharon Tay has some nose surgery. The reason is that the change that she has on her nose is so dramatic, and it could only be obtained from surgery results. They also said that cosmetics would not make the nose appear smaller even when professional makeup artists do that. So the only right answer to it would be plastic surgery.


Sharon Tay Breast Implant


Another rumor that Sharon Tay has is about her breast, which you could also see on her younger days. At that time, she appears with a small breast, which actually looked normal for someone who has a small and slim body like her. However, now she has bigger breasts which by some people said to be the result of surgery. She must have used some implant since the breast size has now become larger, and it should not be possible for someone who has a small and slim body like her. But not all people are agreed with this kind of rumor. For them, she still has a natural body. And about the breast, they said that she only gets the breast bigger because of her growth. In the old days, she is still young, so her breast has not developed completely. And now, after she becomes more mature, her breast also grows into a more mature state, which makes them looked bigger.


Confirmation from Sharon Tay Regarding Her Rumor


When asked about this rumor, she only denies it and does not want to really talk about it. Actually, her way of dealing with rumor is normal since most people who get this kind of rumor would just dismiss the question. In this way, people would not get an explanation and would only wonder if the rumor is true or not. However, some people would not stop discussing the rumor even when she already said that the rumor is not true.


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