Overcoming Obesity – 120 Pounds Lost!

NAME : Marlyn / BEFORE WEIGHT : 307 / AFTER WEIGHT : 187 / POUNDS LOST : 120

My weight issues have always been around. I remember being very young and not shopping at Limited Too because they didn’t have my size. I was always drinking strawberry milk as a kid. McDonald’s was something I would literally cry for!

How Did You Get Started? 


I simply started watching my calories and walking. Replaced soda for water. I learned how to find a balance and eat healthy 6 days out of the week instead of 1 or 2.

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Did You Ever Want To Give Up? What Kept You Going?  


I kept myself motivated by being around motivated people. Of course there were days I wanted to give in but I would try on old clothes. Look up motivational posts and quotes online. I would write my emotions down and rip the paper up. That always helps.


Did You Hit Any Weight Loss Plateaus? How Did You Overcome Them? 


I kept going. I don’t believe in plateaus. We have to keep going!


How Long Did It Take You To Lose Most Of The Weight? 


15 months


Did You Have Any Non-Scale Victories?  


Dropped over 10 pant and dress sizes. I was able to do so things I never did before. So confident. Able to shop. Wearing a two piece bikini! Fitting in a roller coaster. Buckling the airplane seatbelt.


What Does Your Daily Diet Look Like Compared To When You Were


HEAVIER?  Super emotional eater, always ate fast food. I would eat just to eat. To this day I still have a hard time eating veggies but I lost weight! I am not perfect on the journey but I have not quit.


How Does Your Physical Activity Compare To When You Were Heavier?  I


truly did not enjoy working out at first. I would walk. I never liked running, still don’t.. lol but now I consider myself somewhat of an athlete when it comes to certain workouts. I really enjoy HIIT and weight training.I have a love for cardio too. The treadmill, stair master or cycling!!

How Did Your Weight Affect Any Aspect(S) Of Your Life?


I was always very shy, insecure, quiet. I spent a lot of time alone. Now I am definitely confident and much more social.


What Was The “Turning Point” That Got You Started On Your Weight Loss Journey? 


I got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I had tried many times and failed. I decided I would stop just trying and actually do it! Watching many people do it on social media inspired me to get it done myself. The best part was I was able to make a career out of my journey.





1. Track your calories!!!

2. Plan your day ahead of time. Such as before bed leave your meals and clothes ready.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Results that are meant to last take time.

4. Drink water or eat an apple. If not, you aren’t hungry.

5. Stop watching others do it, and do it too!!


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