Discover Over 165 Lost Herbal Remedies Hidden on Your Backyard

That can Replace Your Medicine Cabinet

Those Herb Can Help With Inflammation, AutoImmune, Wound, Virus Infection, etc. Become Expert Herbalist and Doctor for Your Family Instantly.

But first of all, let's get to know the author...

Hi! I’m Dr. Nicole Apelian, I’m a herbalist and I study plants and natural remedy for the past 20 years. I graduated with a degree in Biology from McGill University in Canada and have a Master’s degree in Ecology from the University of Oregon. I also earned my Doctorate through Prescott College while working as an anthropologist and ethnobotanist in Botswana. I am also the author of “A Reference Guide to Surviving Nature: Outdoor Preparation and Remedies”. I have spent years living in nature with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, one of the last indigenous peoples who still live as hunter-gatherers.

She has helped thousands of people treat themselves naturally by following her holistic wellness advice and by using herbal remedies. The remedies you’ll find in this book are not, by any means, exhaustive. But she has selected some of the best for people who want to treat themselves naturally with what they can grow and harvest where they live.

Dr. Nicole is known for her powerful remedies for people with….

Autoimmune disorders

Taking pills with little effect

Tired of the side effects of drugs

Don’t want to pay Big Pharma anymore

Want to be prepared for a crisis

Live a healthier life

Here's a Glimpse of What You'll Get Inside

Cattail. You’ll find out how to make a powerful painkilling extract using a common backyard weed. This plant acts directly on the central nervous system to lessen the feeling of pain. This extract is documented to have been used in World War 2  (page 149-150).

Do you know what happens when you pour salt onto a cabbage and cover it with water? It offer some of the best protection possible for your digestive tract while regulating your bowel movements and preventing both diarrhea and constipation.

Have you ever heard of a plant called Boneset? This plant can be easily turned into one of the most powerful antipyretics. This means that it drastically reduces a fever (page 51-52).

I’m sure you recognize this common driveway weed: it’s a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps wounds heal a LOT faster. I’ll show you how to make a poultice out of its leaves and use it to dress your wounds or cuts.

This plants is the Cowboy’s Toilet Paper. If you’ve ever touched its soft leaves, you understand why. If you ever get an infected wound or cut, just apply The Frontier Poultice. It heals wounds faster and better than any modern bandage.

Senega, another weed you’ll find in your backyard. During the 18th century, the used it to cure deadly snake bites. A Scottish doctor observed it and it was effective for pneumonia and lung disease

plant too. It grows in most forest glades. Use it to effectively treat not only common colds but lung infections as well. Breathing in the steam from leaves that have been boiled in water will also calm any asthma attack. This is why 100 years ago people with asthma didn’t die from it.

If you ever walk through the edges of woodland, and get some sticky burrs attached to your clothing… The best way to deal with this annoying weed? Eat it! What people don’t know is that this plant is a strong diuretic that you can also take for poor blood circulation. If you’ve ever felt a tingling and numbness sensation in a limb in certain positions, you probably have bad circulation.

You’ll also learn the little things you need to look for in order to be 100% sure you’ve got the right plant and not a lookalike, and color photos for easy IDs. Also, many of these plants are edible and can provide you with precious nutrients in a crisis.

3 Teachings That Will Change Your Life Forever And Put You on The Path To Heal Yourself:

1. Don't take your HEALTH for granted.

Dr. Nicole received Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis in early 2000. “I remember it very clearly. The year was 1999. I was thirty years old. I felt a spec of something in my eye, my eye hurt and my field of vision now had a spot in it. When I woke the next morning my vision in my left eye was almost gone. A large black spot was in the center of my eye and I had only some peripheral vision. My balance was off due to my lack of vision in my left eye so I started to wear a black patch. I was on drugs to combat muscle spasms, drugs to combat fatigue, drugs to counteract drugs. And I just kept getting sicker and sicker.

I woke up one day and realized that I wanted more. I wanted to have a child. I wanted to get healthy again. I decided it was time to make a change. So I took charge of my own health. The foundations for my self-healing Multiple Sclerosis are rooted in my diet, my vitamin levels, the supplements I take, and herbal medicine, as well as lifestyle and exercise. I also put a lot of focus on, mind-body connection, nature connection, and personal cultural repair.”

2. There is a DEVIL in your medicine cabinet.

You might not realize it, but the only thing that heals you every time when you got sick is your immune system. That’s your inner doctor. Many people thinks that your drug that cures you. But they’re wrong. Drugs help you, but it’s your inner doctor who heals you.   Whenever you take a pill, or another synthetic medicine, you help your body for the short term. But there’s a HUGE price you pay each time. Many pills are making the doctor inside you becomes weaker.

Your immune system is also in charge of clearing away dead cells and repairing the damaged ones. If your inner doctor becomes lazy, your organs will deteriorate a lot faster.

For example, when someone has HIV your inner doctor becomes very weak to the point that every common cold is life-threatening. No matter how many powerful pills that person takes, when their inner doctor becomes too weak, their fate is sealed.

3. Taking charge of your inner doctor.

Most of the times the recommendations will treat your symptoms, but not the root of your cause. Anti-inflammatory medication doesn’t treat the cause of inflammation, painkillers don’t treat the cause of your pain. All these pills may have devastating side-effects if taken over long periods of time. Killing your own natural ability to treat the root cause.

But, there is something that can truly help your inner doctor. Dr. Nicole’s life changed from being bedridden to travelling around the world. She managed her multiple sclerosis using a specific combination of nature provided nutrients, minerals, and most importantly 3 simple tinctures that she take almost everyday.

This became her life’s mission and the main reason for writing this book. In it she poured over 28 years of plant knowledge and her first-hand experiences of making her own poultices, tinctures, decoctions, salves, infused oils, and other herbal remedies.


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